Zhavia vs Evvie: THE BATTLE OF THE SEASON!!! | Finale | The Four

my lover It makes me wonder Somebody I put that that wrong What they drink up Now it’s your turn to try and observe Zhavia’s performance and knock her out of the competition Tonight we want to know who the star is Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone In just a moment our panel will decide whether Evvie or Zhavia will be moving on to the final battle of the night But first let’s see what the panel thinks Khalid I swear, let’s unknown both y’all was amazing man. I’m proud of y’all Tobiah You came the sound class and he took them shoes off immediately I was like I Wouldn’t want to go against no Evvie I’m not doing that you said and she stood up with her own style wrap up pom-pom and all that you’ve said I’ma run out of horn You’re saying and the popcorn came out. I don’t know what to do oh no what maybe can you still hear me? I’ll let Diddy choose. That’s his thing Okay here we go. Zhavia, I’m proud of you man. Because you knew what we missed from you and you brought it that second time, thank God You took those boots off because you were dancing all up in there that was amazing Evy Even though I miss all your dance moves I still obsessed with you And I still had to stand up and felt like my heart was exploding great performances by both you It’s gonna be very tough for us I Think both you guys Gave fairly good performances Evie we have a voice as strong as yours and when you’re playing in a chess game Sometimes you have to make more subtle moves. There was a lot of Overcompensating I think for me it wasn’t your best performance Zhavia, I think that you came back really strong But I felt you were struggling you have a very very unique tone because you still have to develop Both of you guys gave very good performances, but I have to weigh a lot of decisions now. It’s very very very close Congratulations to both of you Khaled the show cannot go on without you. You said it was Billy and Diddy so Billy can’t leave Diddy Right you guys I would never leave nothing like All right Zhavia, Evvie you both made it this far But only one of you will be moving on to perform in the final battle, and the other will be going home panel Please take one final opportunity to discuss who you think won the challenge Today the decision It’s teachable title artist I would survive I love both Laughs as if I’d done is curious majority I like to hear them true, and then I make it Like that Only one can win the whole game Remember there’s four people and only one gets away with us. You know that, right? Ok panel it’s time to see who you think won our first head-to-head challenge Okay. Yo Khaled, I need you to stand firm, and you have to make a decision I already made my decision. I love Both of them, they’re two different artists, I feel like it can be a tribe man. We can’t have a time Because this is three people We are we have to vote I follow no rules and it’s new rule alert so what’s up. Y’all kicking me off the show some Info, it’s bothering me. Hey. We gotta go come on Okay panel you’ve all voted Diddy have you guys finally agreed? Yes. Hey check this out We have two incredible artists that I did The winner of this challenge is Evie It’ll be congratulations You will be in the final battle of the season and you’re one step closer to victory Bowie from your seat This what I want to say to you Sometimes a win is not in the wind I promise you you will be bigger Because of the heart that you’ve shown the commitment that you shown in the grace that you show Congratulation. Thank you I just want to say thank you for this platform for me to be able to you know show myself to the world and what? I’m capable of and I just can’t wait to get to this Studio and get out some music to my fans because I know they’re waiting Sivaiah sadly, it’s the end of the road for you walk your path I started off as a challenger where not a lot of people know about me and throughout the show I’ve gained so much love from People around the world that enjoy listening to me sing I thought this whole competition has been wanting to support my family and change their lives as well as mine. I Feel like this would have been a lot harder if I didn’t have my mom here with me we’re never gonna stop supporting each other But I’m the same world wasn’t all the way ready Abby Congratulations baby, how you feel? You

100 thoughts on “Zhavia vs Evvie: THE BATTLE OF THE SEASON!!! | Finale | The Four

  1. Naw believe it or not zhavia’s voice is extremely forced tbh pretty common I’ve heard plenty of people sing like zhavia her voice might be uNiqUe it what ever but evve ( I think I spelled it wrong oh well) has a better voice and has better control zhavia might be popular but evve is the better singer sry not sry🤷🏾‍♀️

  2. Lets be honest zhavia can’t really sing! Her voice sounds always the same and it’s like she is forcing her voice to sound like that! Close your nose and sing! That’s what she sounds like! This is also the reason why she is not successful

  3. To me zhavia is the winner of the show… She's the best of all.. To be honest I watched this show just because of her.

  4. Zhavia got the looks and the voice bro she is gonna be one of the future stars and i can't wait for it 🤣💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  5. Wow that was some competitive performances 2talented ladies, well done, bt evie yes u deserved ds one & ur dad was truly proud even b4 he passed on he knew it& said it so Stay blessed👏👏sometyms u need 2winners jst in ds show dz only place for one

  6. Megan won't crying when Zhavia lost to Evvie!!!! Even though having a look in the end was sucessful instead of pure talent which Evvie had!!!!

  7. Evvie was great BUT Zhavia I believe is what the world wants and she just has it all – the looks, the voice … everything. She’s just an artist!

  8. How did zhavia get back on? I didn't watch the show, only the clips and the last episode she was voted off. Also I hate the song she picked. I like her but I think Evvie deserved the win. Her voice is 🔥. However, Zhavia has more star power. DJ khalid is nasty he wanna eat her feet

  9. I can’t stand Zhavia’s voice. She sounds like a man with a smoking problem. Zhavia is gorgeous though.I love Evvie’s voice.

  10. I mean .. people, all of them have incredible voices but aint nobody added their own style on the song but zhavaia! i don’t understand why she didn’t win

  11. Sometimes decision are stupid! There both amzing but evvie's voice has already in the industry… unique is all we want… but they are both amazing..

  12. About what these ppl here in the commens are talking about!????? Zhavia has make this Show popular. Through her the whole world has also noticed the other singer. Anyway noone is still interested on them. But that was the best advertising for them. Over many hundred Million Views !!!!! Nice greetings from Germany 👍🙂

  13. Can see why Evvie won!! The 16yr old is good but doesn't come anywhere close to Evvie at all 2 different leagues… I would buy both albums though they both are special!

  14. Khalid – chews popcorn frantically

    No one – ………………

    Meghan – I’m on a low carb diet 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Zhavia can sing that too! ,She can do it,why did she didn't win this battle. I didn't know that there is a show "The four" when Zhavia didn't joine here!🥰

  16. This is so ironic, everyone talking abt this zhavia n i never heard of her since now like literally…. i love her unique voice tho

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