Zembro bracelet: your personal alarm system (short EN)

Anna 76 is the proud mother of Sophie and Mark and grandmother of eight wonderful grandchildren she lives alone and is still very independent her children and grandchildren however often worry what if something happens to her a bad fall or slip in the shower and what if there’s nobody nearby to help her because they know grandma she definitely won’t bother her children with futilities now they have the perfect solution the Zen bro bracelet this smart wearable keeps Anna always linked to her family wirelessly using the corresponding smartphone app for the family there is always someone close by even when there’s nobody around a quick glance at the screen and the family knows that mother is fine Anna received the Zen bro bracelet as a gift from her children it’s so easy to use unbox it charge it and put it on ready it actually looks like a trendy watch easy to operate lightweight and water-resistant thanks to the battery life of at least a week Anna can wear it all the time this loyal companion accompanies her when shopping on holiday in Spain going to bed and even in the shower it works everywhere in case of emergency Zen bro notifies the family through the app and the family can call the bracelet if needed it can also be linked to the Zen bro 24/7 alarm service you too could be as reassured as Anna and her family discover the advantages at Zen brokaw m– and share it with your family you

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