Yale Smart Living – How to install Yale Smart Home CCTV – Yale CCTV الذكيه – كاميرات المنزل الذكية

Yale Smart Living – The smarter way to
protect your home Introducing the Yale Smart Home CCTV
system perfect for home security Yale Smart Home CCTV system delivers a
high-definition live streaming solution direct to your device.
Home or away, day or night, protect what you value the most. Set up your CCTV system
in five simple steps. Step one what’s in the box? Depending on which package
you’ve chosen there’ll be two or four bullet cameras along with in NVR and all
relevant cables plus a mouse and charges Unpack all your items and study them and
the manuals in order to understand the work ahead. We recommend starting up the
system and connecting the cameras prior to installation to get the best
understanding of the camera view. This ensures best location planning before actual installation. Step 2 NVR Set up. Locate the NVR in a dry safe space that
is within reach of the cameras if wired the router and the selected computer
screen or TV. Connect the wired cameras using the HD BNC cables and at the power
cable to the mains in-socket. Connect the ethernet cable to the back of the NVR and to your home router. Connect the HDMI or VGA cable from the
NVR to the back of a screen or TV and switch on the power. Connect a mouse to
an NPR USB socket. Set up your system password and follow the on-screen
instructions for Wi-Fi camera pairing. Ensure all camera signals are being
received Please note, cables connections to the
NVR are for wide cameras only. Wi-Fi cameras need only the power cable after
pairing or a parallel Ethernet cable to the router if the Wi-Fi is unstable in
the targeted location. Step 3 Download and configure the app. Download the View App and control your system via your smartphone. Follow the on-screen setup
and create your new account using strong passwords for your own protection. Scan the QR code and sync your NPR to your phone. Change the username and confirm
that you can see your camera live view You have access to several settings on
your device and screen to make the most of your system. Step 4 Positioning and affixing the cameras. Before beginning installation
check you have the necessary tools required to complete a successful setup. Please note for Wi-Fi cameras they must be paired using the NVR installation
wizard before being mounted outside Locate your cameras to cover high-risk
areas such as driveways or backyards and adhere to the law in your country. Drill the main hall for the CCTV camera cable. We recommend installing the cables
internally to avoid exposing them and ensure that the main hole is wide enough
to pass the cable through. Please refer to the manual. Line up the CCTV camera to the drilled hole. Using a pencil mark the positions for the fixing screws. Drill 6 millimeter diameter holes into the wall and attach the camera if using the
fixing screws and plugs provided. At installation make sure you seal any
openings made in the wall. Seek advice if you’re not sure. Attach the CCTV cables
to the wall and ensure you have sufficient cable to easily reach between
the camera and the NVR for wired cameras Step 5
Viewing on the targeted screen With the help of your device or the NVR screen
adjust the camera angles for optimal coverage We also recommend testing
different settings and detections in order to understand and protect you in
the most optimal way. Please reset to factory default if you wish to start
over. Your installation is now complete. The CCTV range has a number of
additional features including 30 meters enhanced night vision. Face search
Multi-channel playback and the possibility to expand with additional
cameras. Visit our website for more information Please refer to the QuickStart guide in
your kit and online CCTV menu operations manual. Part of Yale Smart Living – The
smarter way to protect your home

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