Xiaomi XiaoYi Security Camera 720P- Greek Unboxing+Eng Subs

John here, back with another video Today we are going to unbox as you saw in the tittle a Xiaomi Camera As you can see it’s the YI cemera, it’s not an action camera, it’s a security camera Meaning it’s a surveillance camera Let’s see what’s inside and how it works Let’s check what inside because I haven’t opened it so I don’t know what’s inside A simple box like every Xiaomi box On the front it has a logo YI On the back it has some info in Chinese From what I can understand, it says something about Android, its power supply, it accepts micro sd card That is 720p…The rest we are going to check them later Let’s check the inside Here we can see the camera lens We are going to leave it aside for now Let’s first check the rest Here we have a instruction manual that is in chinese because I bought the Chinese version now there is also a global version I don’t know why but I like the little bags that Xiaomi has, they feel like high quality Here we see a cable from micro usb to usb which they way it feel in my hand it should be more than 1.5 meter It is over 1.5 meter for sure White colour And here we have it’s power supply Which is at 1 A, 5V 1A The power supply isn’t for Europian power slots, it’s for American or Chinese because this version is for China I wasn’t expecting it to have an adapter and it didn’t have And here we have the camera which moves like that so we can either place it on the wall like that or on a table On the back we can see a QR code which most likely is to scan it and place it somewhere The base has some kind of metal so it will be placed better on the table because it is a little bit heavy On the front we can see the lens from what i know it also has infrared We can’t see them Let’s take out the sticker maybe we will see it better No we can’t see anything we can only see a light sensor it has On the side it has the slot for micro sd and on the bottom the power cable which is for micro usb That’s all it had inside the box This camera doesn’t connect with a wire only wireless And only on a cellphone It can store photos meaning it takes photos when there is movement and it stores it in the micro sd and we can see them from our cellphone There is no way to connect it on the PC, I have read on some forum for some programs that can help but this camera is made for cellphone only Of course we are going to check the camera on action After a little bit of searching because the camera was the Chinese version and not the international By upgrading the firmware etc we managed to make it work You are going to need to check the Greek community of Xiaomi because there is only one way make it work and that way is on the forums I don’t know if there is another way you can make it to work Let’s check out the camera It’s not as simple as it looks The camera has a really good quality It gives us the option to digital zoom in The camera has wide-angle lens to allow us to see a lot of things in the place it’s set Although I have placed in a way so you won’t be able to see many “things” right now Here as you can see the resolution is pretty good, let’s put it on full screen Here as you can see the resolution is pretty good, and here you can see by having a micro sd card it shows the points where it has taken a photo or a video Here by pressing this key we can talk and transmit it to the camera (testing) You heard the camera, it has an echo since we are at the same room We close the sound You can see that it has a good quality A very good camera but I would suggest you take the international version so you won’t have any problems setting it up If you have some general knowledge with PC and cellphones you could take the Chinese version since it’s a bit cheaper around 10 euro But with the international you can avoid having any problem This was the camera I hope you liked it We suggest you take the international version And we will see you on the next video Don’t forget to subscribe, like and share so everyone will see the video
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