Wyze Cam Review – Live Home Break-In – Protect Your Home With $25- Wyze Cam Vs Ring DoorBell Cam

the last thing I want for you guys is to
have what you just seen happen to your own home when there is simple security
you can buy to cover every room of your home for about $50 and less in some
cases depending upon the size of your home and we’re going to discuss it and
show it to you right now in time you will know what it’s like to
lose to feel so desperately better right but to fail read it just text what’s up everybody you back in the
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better to look at everything that you see in this video is going to be in the
life games Amazon page you can get the glasses you can get the hat and the wise
cam which is this thing this thing right here is like 24 bucks and it provides
you a layer of protection for your home that is just unbelievable you would
think something that’s twenty-five dollars would be sucky and terrible but
I’m here to tell you this little thing is it and when you get it it comes with
this your cord and this everything you need out the Box the only thing you’ve
got to do is go to your phone and download the app now the great thing
about this thing you have to have a plug to plug it in but if you’ve got a bunch
of these you can connect USB to USB and only have one plugged in it’ll cause
them all to work and one of the things I really really like about it is that not
only do you get 1080p camera action but it records for free for 14 days ladies
and gentlemen 14 days of coverage in the event something happened to your home
somebody got in and they took the camera with them that has the SD chip because
you can’t put SD chip in here you’ve got 14 days to get the footage absolutely
free I don’t know nobody else that’s doing that with a cam this good once you
take it out of the box to get it going all you would do simply download the app
hold your phone open up the app they’re going
give you a cue as our code and you would hold your phone in front of this just
like this and it’s gonna see and it’s gonna download the firmware and you’re
off to the races ladies and gentlemen this thing works for night vision it has
a co2 monitor a smoke monitor it even has sensitivity functions so that when
things move if it’s moving too much like if you got in a garage with bugs or
whatever you can turn it down it has a sound sensitivity it has a live link in
microphone so that you can speak to whatever’s going on in your home this
thing is all that so I’m going to jump on the app right now to show you guys my
live feed in my home this is what the app would look like the one that says
wise when you get the device you would download that app and we’ll click ahead
and click into it alright and this is my cam and as you can see it’s real-time
that’s my hallway count that’s my backdoor cam and the one that has the
pan function is my hallway so I’m a clicking there show you guys what it
looks like alright so as you can see me and you can hear the echo a little bit
this is how you could talk to someone and tell them to get the hell out your
house so you see it’s got the sound to record the speed take a photo all that
stuff but look you can pan it and remote simple as that and now I’m gonna get out
of Dusan and take you to the other one the cheaper version which I’ve got
looking at my back door so we’ll click in there there it is looking at the back
door this is not the one with the pan feature but I just want to show you guys
let me see here when you go into settings this is how you would
manipulate your alert settings as you can see it’s got your motion it’s got
your sound and I’ve got mine off so let me turn on my motion for a second that’s
how you can manipulate the sensitivity and as you can see you can do the same
thing with the sound with the smoke alarm
I’ve got my co2 and smoke alarm on cuz I do not want this house to burn down so
that’s just a quick overview of what it looks like in the app and as you can see
both of it indicated that I have an SD card in place this is a great thing for
you guys to have to have some security over your home when you’re not around
so that was my live feed what are you guys waiting for
go ahead and show up your home right now and the customer service with these
individuals has been outstanding they’re based in Seattle Washington a US company
and when you call them if you have any questions or you can’t figure something
out they work with you to get your thing going
just like that so ladies and gentlemen if you think that this can help you for
I’m talking $25 going ahead and get you one tested out my link is in the video
description don’t delay go ahead and get you some camera play in your home for
all the protection you need that’s gonna do it for this video don’t forget to
like my video comment and subscribe go get yourself that life game going ahead
and protect yourself ladies and gentlemen there’s no need not to have
this kind of security with the technology we have that is so affordable
in today’s society and until the net sex is hell video I’ll see you you

16 thoughts on “Wyze Cam Review – Live Home Break-In – Protect Your Home With $25- Wyze Cam Vs Ring DoorBell Cam

  1. When you have motion does your app open? Also if I purchase more than one will they all work together? Thanks for all the info you out there

  2. Awesome video brother LAMONT. Much appreciated. Thanks for sharing. Keep the awesome content coming. Love ya brother

  3. Hey I got about three or four of these they work very well the only requirement is I recommend that you get the lowest price of the cloud that they offer so u can record the videos for you to play but it does work very well. But I give it five thumbs up very good for the price

  4. Awesome awesome review @Lamont Tyson, I've been looking for a camera for my home and this is worth a try I think, thanks bro!!!

  5. How is the 1080p and can you detail faces? It's a little difficult to tell over YouTube videos and compression. Thanks!

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