Work Experience: CCTV Operator

With between four and six million CCTV cameras in the UK it’s a huge industry of one with loads of job potential. But knowing how to get into the industry, how to get a job or what the job role requires can be a little bit more tricky. We’re going to break that down for you today. So let’s start with what is the job role of the CCTV operative? Your job role is to view live, real world, footage and spot things that could be dangerous or criminal for public protection purposes. Now this can be across a load of different areas as CCTV cameras are everywhere whether this is traffic, public space or even within a shop your job role is largely similar So on a day to day basis you’ll be reviewing that real world footage looking at multiple monitors to see if you can find things before they happen and stop them happening. You’re going to need some communication skills too because you’re going to need to communicate that to its superior or the relevant authorities like the police, ambulance or fire Another part of the job will be your record-keeping if you do see something you’re going to have to write that down with accuracy as this may be needed in court if it does get that far. So what are the main skills of being a CCTV operative? Attention to detail, watching footage. The ability to multitask you might have a load of things going on around you but you need to stay focused on that footage to make sure you are not missing anything. The ability to work independently because you’ll be part of the team but most of the time will be on your own watching that footage. Communication skills to ensure you keep people up to date with anything you might have seen Get Licensed has a large selection of CCTV operative courses around the UK at prices that won’t be beaten, so we’re a good place to start and find that perfect course and getting on your way to getting licensed. So if working in this vital and important area sounds that something you think you’d like to do. Find that course today and get on your way to getting licensed.

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