Woman Put Hidden Camera on Her Breast to See the People Who Look at Her Breast

It’s amazing the crazy things people do
to get attention. Gone are the days when it was rocket science
to get people’s attention. In those days, you really had to do some crazy
things, perform magic or even go diabolic in order to command attention. To even disseminate valuable information was
no easy task. You either had to use traditional equipment
like going to go round the community, shouting on top of your voice or light fire to get
the attention of people. With the advent of technology, there are one
thousand and one ways to attract people’s attention and disseminate information. Whitney Zelig, had an innovative way to go
about breast cancer awareness. She had the brightest idea to wear a hidden
camera on her chest to capture everyone who ogled her cleavage as a cheeky way to raise
awareness for breast cancer. Whitney Zelig is a 29-year-old woman living
in New York City. She hid a small camera in her low-cut tank
top before taking a walk through Manhattan with her sexy cleavage on show. Predictably, she got plenty of stares from
men, women, and even an excited dog in the neighbourhood in a bid to promote the significance
of doing breast self-exams. At the beginning of the clip, Whitney can
be seen adjusting her cleavage cam and making sure it is secure before leaving her apartment. Immediately she steps out of her building,
her chest attracts the attention of a waiter as well as the woman seated at his table in
the restaurant’s outdoor patio. Walking through the park, a man is seen sneaking
a peek at her cleavage while holding hands with his partner, who also takes a glance. The woman quickly realizes he is checking
out another woman and gives him a small pat on the arm. Continuing her walk, Whitney’s chest entices
one man to turn around and stare while a panting dog also seems to be a bit smitten with her
cleavage. Whitney continues to get gawks and double-takes
as she makes her way through the crowded streets. A stroll through a marketplace found one employee’s
jaw drop as she walks by his counter. She couldn’t help amusing herself at the
situation by picking up two melons and holding them up to her chest. She then makes her way to the 14th Street–Union
Square subway station, where her concealed chest camera captures one man staring as she
makes her way down the escalator. Whitney gets a few more stares in her direction
before she gets off the subway in Times Square. Men and women continue to gaze at her frontal
endowment, including people who are in costume. She gets stares from the Statue of Liberty,
Batman, and Cookie Monster. The one-minute clip finishes with an important
reminder: “Ladies, don’t forget to check out your own breasts, too. Early detection saves lives.” According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation,
one in eight women in the United States will develop breast cancer in her lifetime, and
early detection increases chances of survival. According to Whitney, her awareness stunt
came from a personal aspect – her mother is a breast cancer survivor. She made the hilarious montage with her brother,
Chris Zelig, and their best friend CJ Koegel in the hope of raising consciousness for breast
cancer and early detection through self-exams. Adult women of all ages are encouraged to
perform breast self-exams at least once a month. John Hopkins states that ‘Forty percent of
diagnosed breast cancers are detected by women who feel a lump, so establishing a regular
breast self-exam is very important.’ This is why women are encouraged to carry
out self-examination at least once a month. Some ways of checking for breast cancer include
feeling your breasts for lumps. Also, you can stand in front of a mirror and
look out for any changes in the contour, any swelling, or dimpling of the skin, or changes
in the nipples. You can also squeeze the nipple to check for
discharge and lumps. Not just breast cancer awareness. In the past, Chris and CJ had created a similar
video 5 years ago to promote awareness for prostate cancer. The clip displays a woman wearing a “booty
cam” to catch strangers checking out her bottom. The video has since racked up more than 14
million views. Chris and CJ created a similar video in 2014
to promote awareness for prostate cancer, and it has since received more than 14 million
views. Interesting, right? While she was able to pass her message along,
the means by which she was able to achieve that was rather a bit extreme. Don’t you think? Yes! I know it was all for a good cause, but “does
the end truly justify the means?” It’s just like deciding to do a campaign
that condemns the use of condom by capturing a video of where two lovers, who are not yet
married, actually making love with the protection and then finding out months later that either
partner had contracted a disease or the female counterpart is pregnant, despite using contraceptives. Catch my drift? Well, what’s your own opinion?

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