100 thoughts on “Woman horrified by north Phoenix racism caught on doorbell camera

  1. She's got cameras but she needs fences. Those racists should not have. even able to just walk in her backyard. It's a shame they are intimidating her in her own home and they have nothing better to do than harass a single woman living by herself kicking in her door, messing with her breaker box and now calling her racial slurs hoping for her to see it on film. They really should be arrested for harassment and in a hate crime.

  2. You know sometimes, it's NOT the parents fault. You can have good parents and their kids still be influenced by other ppl/sources. So, instead of blaming the parents why not try to find out who they are and meet them??

  3. That broad need to read a book about white folks then she would know that whites has always been and always will be racist hate filled devils. I guess she thought because she could afford to live around whites that racism was a thing of the past.

  4. Their faces should be shown. If this was a home with a white Israeli being called a slur they would be charged with a hate crime. This is an assault causing mental harm.

  5. I was born and raised in the south, in Arkansas, and while most of the stereotypes about this state aren't actually true. The one stereotype that is an unfortunate truth that makes us all look like ignorant hillbillies, though, is that racism is prevalent here and people are so comfortable with it they even use slurs around folks they just met, as if they already know they won't be offending anyone – the assumption is that if you're white then you must feel the same way the racists do. Well, thank goodness THAT stereotype isn't true and there are a few of us peppered in here and there who absolutely despise those types and are very loudly oppositional when we encounter it. Thank the sweet heavens for my mom because during my childhood she fiercely shielded me from any and all potential racist influences. She did not tolerate hate speech or the use of racial slurs in our home and she was quick to show the door to anyone who did not respect themselves enough to "grow beyond generational ignorance" and who proved it by speaking the language of "racist idiot". I was 10 before I ever even heard the 'n' word. Seriously, she was FIERCE in her determination to raise me without learning to hate. Anyway I heard a friend's dad use the word and I was clueless so when I got home I asked my mom what it meant and she was LIVID that I had heard it and she said "it's a word that people use when they want to tell the world how ignorant they are," and then she just sent me off to play. Later that night she sat me down and told me it was a mistake for her not to tell me the real history of that word and then she laid it all out for me and I remember thinking how incredibly stupid anyone had to be to feel any type of way about another person just because their skin wasn't white and I remember crying because at my Catholic elementary school we only had 2 kids in our class of 20 that were black and I couldn't understand why anyone would hate them just by their skin color because they were my friends just like most of the other kids in my class. My mom told me to always be willing to say something when I saw it happening. I am thankful for many things in this life, but I am most grateful that I had such an awesome mom who cared enough about me to let me live in a hate free world as long as possible and that when the time came to finally see the hate filled reality, I was already prepared for battle armed with the love she taught me to give and the strength to see any backlash as positive as the trash taking itself out. My kids were brought up the same way and if people would just teach love to their kids and never influence their minds with hate and bigotry, racism would end within one generation.

  6. It's time for the Black race to separate from this 4oo + year old enemy. REPARATIONS, MEANING OUR OWN LAND, OUR OWN COUNTRY. 8 to 10 states and a good send off.

  7. If they said that in South Africa they would have been locked up and the public backlash would have been horrible. They would have received death threats and they would fear being necklaced.

  8. Police say no crime was committed by the white boys. Lol that's US policing in a nutshell. Had those been black boys…do I even need to finish this sentence?

  9. So, it's ok to call ignorant white people racist for using slurs but when ignorant people from their own race call them it what it is ok? That is reverse racism. That is much worse because you are saying because someone is part of a race that join in. Calling someone the "N" word with either the "er" or much much worse the hard "R" is bad no matter what your color is. #ALLLIVESMATTER

  10. That's because white people still dont like it when black people are doing better or have mice things they probably think black women need a man or all black women are on welfare anyway so. But I bet you if she opened her door and shot them she would be in trouble but they were trespassing anyway sge didnt know if they had a weapon or not

  11. This is another prime example of the behavior of some racial prejudices that we are faced with, and as long as this is allowed to continue it will! Especially in the area in which it took place.

  12. I question if mopality is even taught much any more In America and to think with so many churches in America hate is still an every day practice.

  13. When you look at the stats that are not there~ What does a big fat black woman have to say~ Beans is all~ does she work for ABC!!!???. Those kids Even white!!??. Most common word used nowadays is the N word – by blacks themselves ☻☻☻☻☻

  14. Those kids are almost adults. The fact that they are behaving like that isn't automatically their parents fault.It's incredibly common for teenage kids to act out and rebel against their parents. Just like many kids used to say cuss words with their friends when
    their parents were out of earshot. Now that cuss words have largely become normalized, maybe to these kids, racial epithets are their way of acting out and rebelling. Saying that it's automatically some reflection of parenting when the kids are that old is just shortsighted. If the kids were 8 or something, ok maybe but this old? Nope.

  15. This can’t be Texas bcuz if it was they should have been shot down like the dogs they are and you would have the Castle Law to stand on for the trespassing and vandalism. SMH 😤

  16. Blame the parents? Some of these fucked up teens are raised by great parents! Their hardheaded asses just choose to go in a different direction.

  17. A little black boy got shot at when he knocked on someone’s door to ask for directions. The woman yelled “are you trying to break in my house” the husband runs downstairs, thank god the little boy started running and with his back turned the man shot at him two times… Then you have situations like this smh

  18. I didn't understand why this is even news tbh. Teens said a bad word. Ok no crime was committed, ok, don't let them distract you from the real issues. We want Epsteins client list .

  19. Someone has been deluded by MSM.

    You don't believe they learn this word from watching a Chris Rock or Wanda Sykes video or listening to 50% of rap songs (produced and paid for by MSM)?
    Vanessa Fraction on Def Comedy Jam (EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)
    Bruce Bruce – Young Boys Don't Play 

    Or, maybe they were watching my neighbors…black guy called a white woman the same thing in front of my house.

    Isn't it racist that one race can use the phrase indiscriminately but other races are prohibited from it?
    (The answer is yes.)
    Find a white comedian or entertainer who regularly uses this word (you can't), find 3 that ever use it.

    Edit- watch Dave Chappelle here…i think he only uses it 2 or 3 times…i meant 2 or 3 HUNDRED times.

    It's time to make it a multi- racial word so we can all use it without fear of backlash… No…i left out the 'l'.

  20. Wonder if they would have uttered that to a 250 plus pound Black man to his face. I don't advocate violence but if she resides there by herself I would invest in a firearm because I advocate protecting yourself and the property that you worked hard to procure. No place in this society or world for xenophobic propensities regardless of the individual/s perpetrating that type of vile act.

  21. I love how they blur the faces of white kids to protect their identity, and treat black kids the same age like they are armed criminals

  22. Bottom line is racism is alive and well. The media shows us everyday how the rules and laws are different for whites. When will my black people wake up and stop the kumbaya love master forgive my enemies bull. Nothing will change cause we keep doing the same "I have a dream" when the dream was really about the alphabet group, but cloaked in a march for afro Americans. But we still blinded by lies and deceit.

  23. One day African Americans will come to the realization that Caucasian Americans are a product of their ancestors. Their ancestors were murderers thieves racist and liars.The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Wake up people.

  24. Doesn’t everybody know that they are more brown n darker hue on earth than there is pale skin. So how can u feel as if you are better than people of brown hue and darker hue when u r out numbered u can’t stand in the sun without getting burned by it, you get old quickly, not as sexually active as us, your consciousness is very dim you rely on collective knowledge and other peoples works… this is why they play with our food n our water becuz they know they are at a disadvantage so they use food and psychological attack’s on us… the truth is no one is better than the other unless it is in good deeds.. the I’m better than u complex is weak energy n it’s really out of jealously the creator blessed us like he did to Adam n wen the creator told the serpent to bow down to us he said no I am better than him.. u guys have the same attitude as that snake u call satan.. really makes me think 🤔

  25. What do I need to do I'm serious keep watching have somebody post their they need they ass whooped once they get they ass whooped from a negro then they will learn they can't say the word or they'll learn to be respectful at the end of the day maybe they mama and a Daddy needs to get they ass whooped to at the end of the day the apple does not fall far from the tree they hear this mess at home and they parents talk to Dad about that mess and they take it outside and think it's cool but one day and hopefully one day soon they will learn they don't get their ass kicked but they will learn today

  26. attempting to incite a altercation is a crime in california
    cant attempt to start a fight and play victim like these types always do.

  27. She really should not be surprised. It's always been going on regardless of what seemingly decent neighborhood is moved into.

  28. This state was the last to recognize MLK day, remember that while you interact with these boston/Chicago/California Migrants.

  29. Those boys are old enough to know better in spite of their parents. They just don’t care. They assume they are entitled and can do what they want without consequences. They don’t need to do research they need to have their little asses beat.

  30. I like videos like this. Where we pretend that black people are not racist towards white people. Then we say "oh no, poor black people. Always the victim." Turn on the tears.

  31. The police said "no crime was committed".

    She can still have a "no trespass" or order issued to these two.

    If they show up again, they'll have to explain themselves to a judge.

  32. And you wonder why they so desperately try to copy the Black culture. They pull up next to your car and they have the rap music blasting. Sorry. But they cannot fool me. Their women love the Black Man's you know what, the big lips, the ass. If their complexion was so beautiful, why do they sit in the sun and go to the tanning shop? Black People love yourselves. Do not let the devil get you upset.

  33. WHOA ! Cute, hot reporter ! He looks great in that red polo shirt and that denim. Bet 'e looks mighty fine out of 'em, too !

  34. Kids…ya have white AND every other race acting badly. Hope you don't hate ALL white people for it; I've been treated badly by SOME black kids, and, cudn help but wonder if this hatred had been learned from someone, mebbe older than they were?

  35. It could be because she is Black or it could be because she's a bia bia. Anyway, once the community and hip hop as a whole stop using it, then maybe others will stop.
    If someone Black or other calls me that, I usually laugh in their face because that's something I know I'm not. I'm more offended when I see people that don't wear belts.

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