Wireless Car Alarm Review & Installation DIY

Hei guys ! Today I want to present you this
wireless car alarm , the box looks like there is a toy inside but let’s open it and see
. Inside I found a speaker which will connect to the car battery , 2 remotes one LCD one
simple with 4 buttons , this device which will stay inside your cabin and it has recahargeable
batteries , therefore they give you a car charger for a 12 v and a usb cable to charge
the device . First I am going to connect this speaker to the car battery ; I am going to
connect the plus and the minus terminal . BEEP ! When I connect the minus terminal the speaker
beeped twice , very loud . In my situation this speaker sits well in there I don’t have
to make any holes or catch it with bolts ; So I am going to place the cabin filter back
. So after I install the siren , I am going to place the battery inside the remote , and
a strange sound is coming from the remote , chinesse sound ; let’s see on this fancy
remote there are 2 usefull things : the watch and the parking time , The parking time will
be calculated once you press the lock button , which is quite usefull if you go in a parking
place and you don’t know how long you’re gonna be there . All right , I found a perfect place
for this device , is gonna stay on this sticky rubber on a dash , now I am going to test
this alarm to see if it works : the moment of truth : I am gonna close the door and press
the lock button which activates the alarm , now let’s open the door and see what happens
and the alarm turns on and it works , great ! I am gonna plug in the charger and the lights
turn on , it meens is charging , All right I am gonna try one more time ; I will lock
it and I am going to test if the alarm will detect any shock of the car and let’s see
.. I just press a little bit the car and nothing happenes . I am going to push it more , let’s
see now … Yes as you can see the alarm turns on and it shows on the screen here like a
little hammer on this car , it meens that the car has been pushed or something .. cool
! On the side over here there are 2 switches which will adjust the sensitivity of the shock
detection and the sensitivity of the air presure ; I am going to take all of them on the low
possition , let’s see …. turn it clock wise both of them . like that . Let’s check now
with a low level of sensitivity – the car is locked , I am going to open the door and
yes , it works . For the last test , I am going to leave this remote inside home and
I am going to the car , open the door and of cource activate the alarm , hoepfully is
going to activate the alarm as well on this remote so therefore I am gonna be assured
that even if I don’t hear the alarm from the car ,I can hear the remote inside the home
, so let’s do this ! , I put for you a watch over here and I am going to the car right
now ! Let’s see ! The alarm should ring ! So yes guys I am quite happy with this new alarm
, I am going to post in the comments bellow how the alarm is doing after a while , if
you are new to my channel , consider subscribing and I will see you in the next video , Bye

17 thoughts on “Wireless Car Alarm Review & Installation DIY

  1. Thanks for the video, very informative.
    If the thief destroys the main unit, is it correct to assume that the siren will stop sounding? If so, wouldn't it be better to hide the main unit instead of mounting it at a very visible location as shown in the video?

  2. My brother can I charge the main system from my USB port on my computer, I don’t wanna leave my key on for two hours

  3. My cell phone has the same size battery in the charger is in 2 to 3 hours so I’m gonna leave it on the bank for three hours

  4. The unit is supposed to beep 1 time when arming it, and 2 times when disarming it. Mine always beeps 4 times when disarming it. According to the instructions this means that the alarm went off, but it does it always even when I arm, and immediately disarm it.

    Wayne Sallee
    [email protected]

  5. Hi
    Have u tested the alarm box while hidden from view (glove box, under the seat, etc)? Wondering whether it has to be positioned in an open space to pick up opening of the door/moving of the car.
    Also, was thinkin, would these key fobs be universal, so anyone with one could disable any given alarm box?

  6. My key fob is already falling apart.

    There is a clear piece that slides over to keep the battery door from sliding open. That piece disappeared, exposing the circuit board inside, so I had to repair it. I took it apart, and placed some blue tape to cover the hole from the inside, put it back together, and put some acrylic with solvent into the hole filling the hole with clearish plastic.

    Wayne Sallee
    [email protected]

  7. The key fob has a button on it that allows you to check the status of your alarm connection. So if you are away from your vehicle you can see if it is able to communicate. But when you press that button, not only does it tell you that it is able to communicate, but it also clears the alarm status, and stops the car siren, giving a false pretense of everything being good. Though that function does have the advantage of being able to quiet the key fob without quieting the car alarm, though the car alarm does not sound very long anyway.

    Wayne Sallee
    [email protected]

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