WILL THEY CHEAT? – Hidden Camera Games

If you can guess how many marshmallows are in the pot I will give you a BIG DONUT. Okay? Hi, my name is Jai. I am Anjali and Jaxon’s dad. Today on Anjali Says I set up a little challenge to see if my kids would cheat. Let me explain. I saw a video recently on a channel called dad V girls where they set up games for kids to see and when left alone would inspire cheating. Here’s what I did. I opened the bag of marshmallows and I put them in a pot on the table and then I brought my kids in and I said it they correctly guessed how many marshmallows were in the pot they would get a huge donut. Now the rules were simple. They couldn’t touch the pot nor could they touch the marshmallow. Pure guessing. Right before I asked them the number I said I had to do something and that’s when I went upstairs and left them for five minutes. When I came back I asked them the number. Jaxon went first. Do I think he cheated? No, I don’t but let’s find out. Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. I’m just going to eat a marshmallow… a marshmallow. And just like I thought Jaxon didn’t cheat. He’s a very follow the rules kind of kid. Now, it’s Anjali’s turn. Do I think she cheated? I’m guessing 93. Oh I’m scared. I’m so scared.I’m so scared I’m going to get it wrong. Daddy. Dad. Is eating a small piece of marshmallow considered cheating? I mean let’s be real. It was this small. I actually give her credit for not taking a bigger chunk. I did tell him not to touch it and I also asked her to repeat the rules back. Can’t touch the marshmallows and I can’t touch the pot. Ok It almost looked like as if she was enjoying the marshmallow more than she was trying to cheat on the game and that I love because Anjali loves Loves marshmallows. So this challenge for her was torture. Side note. I love how when I asked her if she ate a marshmallow, she acted as if I was foolish for asking that question. No, you said not to touch anything? No, you said not to touch anything? Meanwhile she snips a piece off. I mean you’ve got to love that. Am I looking for my kids to be perfect? No, not at all. I’m actually looking for them to strive for perfection. Which is a huge difference. And I don’t know how that’s going to turn out but it was nice to see that my kids really did play by the rules for the most part That, that was really nice for me because um as a dad as you guys know parenting is tough. So thank you for hanging out with me today, and I look forward to seeing you again soon. We are going to do this again. 93? 93 it is. That’s right. Oh my gosh. Congratulations Lolis. 95? You’re kidding me? 95? Good answer. You’re right. i am? Yeah!

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