32 thoughts on “Wildlife Cameras of Ivvavik National Park

  1. Wow! Gorgeous animals!!! Thank you for sharing this amazing project with us, it give us the opportunity to see the wildlife in their own environment, love it!!!

  2. Do bears and wolves hang out together?

    …or is something else about to happen?

  3. Beautiful , resilient creatures. My hope is for them to remain wild and free and to flourish..

  4. great work, curious to hear what batteries last that long in that cold, mine get eaten by the cold quickly. thanks

  5. What an absolute treat to see these beautiful creatures in their natural environment! I was thrilled to see so many different type of animals…thank you so much!!!♥️

  6. Why not use technology. This is a great video… I commend Parks Canada, for the preservation of Canadian Parks throughout our vast country. I loved that I was able to see what the cameras recorded. I love this country and all the wildlife that we are able to learn more from. I love the vision of our forefathers, in setting aside some parcels of land… and to have them preserved at all costs. Thank you Parks Canada.

  7. I want to visit ivvavik one day! I love the wilderness. Also a trail cam enthusiast myself. Love to see pics of animals doing their thing when i’m not around.

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