WiFi Solution for Garage Doors

Did I left my garage door open? hmm if
you ask yourself the same question every Day when you leave to work, so you’re not
alone. just like me there is so many People out there with the same question
every single day… why, because we do Things automatically, we do things and we
tend to forget, and locking the garage Door just pressing the remote button,
something that you do automatically Basically just like pressing the remote
to unlock your car, it’s something that We forget and honestly most of you guys
just like me you wanna make a U-TURN Just to be on the safe side, make sure
that your garage is locked. now in this Video today I came with the perfect
solution so all of you guys can rest Assure that your garage is locked and
you are on your way. the solution coming Up next, Stay tuned. Okay guys if you new to my channel my
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bell so yous don’t miss anything. okay With these out of the way. nowadays with
all the new home automation gadget, there is the perfect product it’s called NEXX
Garage, so the next garage basically it’s a Wi-Fi Garage Remote Controller that
will allow you to download an app and Basically remote control your garage
from anywhere in the world. you can be in an island, a remote island somewhere
doesn’t matter, and also you can be in Another city, you can be New York, New
York?! you can be in Italy Really, you can basically be anywhere in
the world no matter where as long as you Have internet connection and you’re
using the app. basically you can remote Access your garage you can open it
remotely, you can see if your garage is Locked or open, you will get push
notification through your smartphone and Also one of the best options with this
remote controller it will allow you to Program it to lock automatically after
certain amount of minutes, so basically That way even if you forgot to lock it
with your smartphone and you basically Were distracted like always, your garage
will lock automatically even if you Forgot to do so, and on top of it it will
send you notification so that product is My recommendation and that’s what i installed in my house. now I also share a link down below where you
can purchase it and also read review and There is another link right after that,
that will show you guys all the list of The garage motors that basically can
work with the NEXX Garage Wi-Fi Controller, and there is another test if
you don’t find your actual garage mortor in that list, there is a test that you
can do to check if your mortor will work With this product. I also share that
video to show you how to make the test it’s Very simple, takes only a minute coming
up right now. okay so to check if your Garage opener is compatible with the
NEXX Garage, what you will need to do is To use a small test wire and locate
where the wires coming from the ceiling and in my case they’re right here, so you
will need to touch both connectors and See if your garage is activate. works
just fine That’s it, that’s how you make the test
and mine is compatible. you can do the Same test for you guys, make sure that
your garage door opener is compatible With this awesome product. okay so now
you know how to check if your garage Opener will work with this awesome
product. and basically guys installation it’s also very simple, there is
instruction link right below in the Description and also I share some videos
in the description as well and That’s pretty much it. guys if you have
any questions about this product, please Just write a comment down below, I’m
always happy to hear your concern and Questions any time. make sure to like my
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about “how you can fix a door that Doesn’t latch. and I will see you in my
next one, thank you so much.

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