WiFi Router Set-Up 🔐 Secure WPA2 Tips

Hey guys, Paul here. Just scored this
D-Link WiFi wireless router for 20 bucks at my local Goodwill and got it
set up it’s working great now; if you’re buying a used router like I have here
today, the first thing you want to do is you want to reset the router and take
like I got a paper clip right here and depress it into the hole and hold that
for about ten fifteen seconds, and that’s going to reset the router to its factory
settings, erasing out any previously stored passwords and account info. You see
on the back of the router the HTTP address: you can access this one’s D-link
router or the 192.168.01 localhost address and it’ll give you the
username and password and the username the default is “admin” and the password is
blank. We want to change that, so make your new
admin username and password and it’s gonna get you into the portal here to
manage your router and you can start to set an Internet connection wizard here secure password, etcetera, and then you’re
gonna have to generate a wireless key, so under the wireless settings, click that
then it will generate a network key automatically assign a network key you
can also generate your own network key, you can mainly manually do that, but this is
distinct from that password that we just set up to manage the router, so when we
changed the default password, remember is empty, when you get your product we’re
gonna make it password for that to access the router settings, but this
generating a key or setting a password for WiFi security is totally different,
and that’s what we’re gonna generate here, and you want to copy and paste that key because it’s really
long… …you’re gonna copy
and paste that into your Wifi connection. Another nice feature when you’re in your
browser settings you can click Status and then Logs, and then down here you can
see all the different things that are happening relating to your Wifi
connection here, there’s me right up there, and yeah we’re good to go, so for a
couple bucks you can get Wifi. Elevate your router off the floor on a bookshelf
or something like that for maximum coverage throughout your house, apartment,
condo, what have you, office… Hey guys thanks for watching, subscribe to my
channel, and we’ll see you real soon.

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