White House Apologizes for UK Surveillance Claim

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54 thoughts on “White House Apologizes for UK Surveillance Claim

  1. only thing tapped is Trump how much more does this guy have to do to shows he is simply not up for the job

  2. The Trump treason continues. The fact that people still support him shows how shockingly stupid they are.

  3. The Egocentric Demagogue, could only wishes to be a bit loved and respected as MERKEL is around the Globe .

  4. FOX = The FAKEST NEWS. They are funded by Saudi Arabia and always push what the defense contractors and the chamber of commerce want. This is just another example of the constant lying that comes from FOX so-called "news".

  5. I've never distrusted America in my 40 years of life! But since the 2016 election I've never felt so unsafe being only a border away from them! When the nukes start flying we will be fucked and we aren't even Americans! Trump owes the UK & Obama an apology and being flippant about what he has done by blaming it on Fox News is so unbelievably juvenile for a so called POTUS!

  6. Well, according to the FORMER State Department expert on Russian affairs, their ideal goal is to "bring the U.S. down a notch in the global community". And what better way to do that than to have the President of the United States act like a TOTAL BUFFOON??!! And what better TIME to do it than NOW, when half the country is educationally bereft enough to dance along with him?!

  7. If I was Obama I'd pull a Drumpf and sue. This is a text book case of defamation of character, and a guaranteed slam dunk for any lawyer.

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  9. Trump is telling America and the people the TRUTH here, with his expression. Merkel is telling a lie with her expressions. SEE what it looks like?

    Trump owes NOTHING to Obama. Every major roadblock was something Obama put in place. he is a traitor to this nation, even if it can't be proven.

  10. The White House should apologize for the death of William "Ryan" Owens. Because if we didn't have an idiot guiding our military, he wouldn't have been killed. Trump must be impeached.

  11. What a disrespectful SOB he is a complete disgrace he doesn't deserve the position he has an i can't wait until they connect the dots an he's out of there he is classless!!!!!รทรท

  12. why do trump supporters still back this compulsive liar? if my favorite candidate or friend or family member spoke this way…I'd drop them quick. why can't they? hate brown folks THAT much? really? I hate illegal immigration too. but I won't sell my soul to deal with it

  13. Why would any sain person support Trump, it's either pure hate, greed, sick partisanship ship, or pure stupidity.

  14. Trump needs to apologize to a lot of people. And governments. And social groups. And immigrants. And women. And celebrities…..and……

    (edit – due to the enormous number of participants who need apologies and the word limit imposed on YouTube, the entire list cannot be published).

  15. So let me get this strait, if trump hears something then it must be true? i agree Obama is deserved an apology. do i believe Obama will ever get an apology from donald trump? no i do not believe trump will ever apologize for anything but will put the blame on someone else SMH.

  16. Everyone knows that Hillary is a terrible liar and is your typical: "Hey Im white and you're not but that's cool im coooool with that" which is by itself hilarious! She tries too hatd!

    But Damn! Good Burn hahahahahaha

  17. How stupid do these people sound saying that they should just ignore what he says and does? If so, why is he even the president? I realize you all don't seem to get it, but the president is supposed to speak for the people of America! This Russia loving traitor continues to screw America at every turn. How much more damage are you republicans going to allow him to do both here and abroad? #Impeach

  18. Trump's goal is to alienate the US from its allies and to aline with Russia because Russia has been alienated by other countries.

  19. His entire campaign was about being a great ambassador and leader for the world. NO ONE LIKES HIM. Japan was a disaster, Germany, Mexico didn't even won't to meet with this orange fuck… he's a failure.

  20. CNN: Keep up the pressure until you know who literally, verbally apologizes to President Obama. I pray President Obama, if proven innocent, sues the current guy for slander. Then all hell will break loose! I already literally saw and heard out of the mouth of one congressman loosely putting that out there. CNN did not make it up. I saw it and heard it myself. All indicators are that, of course, there is no "there" there. However, I'm still skeptical about what's coming out publicly by Comey, et al, on Monday. He/they may say, that can not confirm nor deny any such information. And so the saga will continue until the cows come home.

  21. Well, Trump has now transitioned from "Fake News" to "Psychotic News"!!!!
    Trumpdy-Dumpty has HUGE Cracks in his Tiny Orange Mind, HE MUST BE IMPEACHED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. well I told you all so …."You Reap what you Sow" America ….you voted him in …now you deserve him …all of us people in other countries are still laughing at you for voting him in !!!!!

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