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You can take the lens off and supe it up with a longer lens, a wider lens– With entry level cameras. So I’ma take you to the streets. Actually, we’re gonna take the subway. To 34th and 9th, ’cause we’re making our way over to BH. This is the Toys R Us for techies. It is paradise. You have your lighting equipment, you have external hard drives… But today we’re going to go to the photography department. And go over some entry level cameras. Are you ready? There are so many different types of cameras available on the market–so I gotta break it down. There are 4 types of digital cameras. We’ve got SLRs, single lens reflex, mirrorless interchangeable lenses, compact digital, and bridge camera. Now this is what the professionals are using. This is awesome because there is interchangable lenses. This is what I use and this is how I film my videos. Now you will notice that is a fancy price tag. And the lenses can be even fancier. But when I say interchangeable lens, this is what I mean. You can take the lens off and supe it up with a longer lens, a wider lens– Boom! There you go. So now, my pick would be the Canon T3i. A lot of YouTubers are using this camera to film their YouTube tutorials. And what’s awesome about this is the flip screen. I wish my camera had this. So there you go. So when you’re sitting in front of the camera, you can see what’s happening through the lens. Now the second one up is the mirrorless interchangeable lens. So you’ll notice these have giant lenses, like the SLR, but the bodies are small like a point-and-shoot. That’s a huge lens. My pick would have to be the Sony Alpha NEX-3N. This puppy right here–It’s a good price, it’s great quality. I was fiddling with it and what was awesome was this flip screen. Again, perfect for you guys interested in creating videos for YouTube. The photo and video quality was great. Next up is digital compact cameras, commonly referred to as point and shoot cameras. These are what they look like. Small, compact. You’ll notice the lens is built into the camera. And there is the manual settings. But, these ones that I’m fiddling with don’t. There are your manual settings right there. And this one actually has a view finder. My pick for this department would be the Nikon Coolpix P330. Or the Canon S110. I played with both of them, they were both awesome. They’re both the same price bracket as well. But what I did like was that Nikon had a 1.8 aperture, which means it’s awesome for night time photo and/or video. And the price is competitive for this type of point-and-shoot. Moving on! Bridge cameras. Okay, so this is what it looks like–it looks like a miniature SLR camera. Now, the main difference is the price, for one. It’s less than half the price of an SLR. And the lens is built in. But again, the price is awesome–$369, you don’t have to buy any extra lenses. You’re set to go. I hope this video helped you guys figure out where to start looking. This was filmed at the camera store, BH. It is definitely a New York landmark–and if you’re ever in the city, you need to stop by and check it out. Make sure you watch my previous photography videos, and make sure you like, comment, and subscribe! Music by my homeboy Jay Ellyiot. Aw, yeah! See you guys next week!

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  1. I learn so much from your videos! I just purchased a bridge camera the cannon sx530 hs. I want to get some better lighting for photos. But my camera doesn't have a hot shoe to attach a flash or macro ring light. Any suggestions?

  2. HELLO ! I just want to shoot Still Objects , model photoshoot , which is best dslr amongst these: NIKON D5500 , CANON 70D , CANON 750D OR SONY A6000 ?

  3. im actually trying to buy a new camera for my mum since her birthday is coming up but I rlly dont have much money! She used to be obsessed with a nikon D800 (if im not mistaken) but then my brother accidentally broke it. I need a good quality camera that takes fab photos but at the same time is rlly affordable. HELP

  4. Awesome video Maya! Thank you for being a cool and inspiring person. I have one question though: what camera category would a GoPro fit in? Thank you and have a great day😊

  5. Hey, I want to get a camera to take nice quality photos for Instagram. If you have any recommendations that would be great!!

  6. i started with the sony a58 but i'm trying to try the best to get the setings right cose if you would yust see.. When i'm filming i do'nt really have that glowy look that all youtubers including you have please help me

  7. This video is real huge help to what camera to get for videos and photos , I would love to have a famous YouTube channel like yours but I don't know what to do it on

  8. how long can the canon eos rebel t5i record in one period? i wanna record events of a wedding of a relative so I was wondering how long of a video can the t5i can record in one sitting

  9. After watching a couple of your videos I know which cameras/lenses to buy to film my Web Series. Thanks for the info regarding the store.

  10. I know nothing about cameras but I don't want point and shoot. however my budget is around 500 sgd. any suggestion for good quality cameras with good lens at this price point?

  11. I'm wondering I'm a small YouTuber and would love to up my camera game&not use my laptop camera. what would be a good recommended beginner friendly camera? my maximum price would be 450$

  12. The biggest question Maya is which of the choices you've shown is simple with uploading to your computer so that we can edit the film? I have a Canon vixia hf r600 and it is horrible. no eat way to upload not even with an sd card reader. my Sony Handycam which no longer works wad way to plug into the tower and pull the video. Simple.
    I love your choices but am truly intimidated by the Canon now.

  13. I love the idea (and price) of the bridge cameras. I'm really just starting out in the photography department and I really enjoy making YouTube videos and short films. Is the one you recommend good for shooting close-up beauty shots in video and photo?

  14. Hey Maya!!!
    Loved this video was wondering if much has changed or if your willing to comment me a couple of more current options?

  15. this was so helpful… I keep prolonging doing videos because I want it to look nice and my camera just doesn't do it for me, so I want to get a new one.. thank you

  16. I have a Fujifilm bridge camera but it does not come with a charger it's battery operated would that be hard for me to film videos because of the battery life?

  17. Groupon has a deal right now for the Canon EOS Rebel t5i! I just got mine in the mail and it comes with all the accessories https://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-canon-eos-rebel-t5i-1080p-camera?deal_option=b616d63a-d407-11e5-bdea-002590980a5a&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=US_DT_SEA_GGL_TIM_TTT_PADS_CBP_CHP_NBR_g*gg-canon-eos-rebel-t5i-1080p-camera_productpartitionid*19885995157_campaignid*342430861_adgroupid*33668727101_prodtarget*19885995157_productid*44935552_d*Goods-Product-Ads_mobile*true_keyword*_adtype*pla_merchantdid*10018412_c*162469283759_k*_m*_target*_adposition*1o1&mr%3AreferralID=0c15ec36-d15a-11e6-bac4-005056941669&gclid=CjwKEAiAkajDBRCRq8Czmdj-yFgSJADikZggUqznZRmV1J1R1fgriy4CcsliHIlLMEKMbh3EQoIsgBoC5Ivw_wcB&fallback=true

  18. Before even watching your video, it was suggested to me to look at the Canon T3i as a starter. I am very happy I took the time to watch this because this further confirms the recommendation.

    Thank you!

  19. These videos are still relevant and helpful today! I really hope you start a membership like some of the fitness influencers but for tech! 😀

  20. I would love to see an updated version of this, I see you commented that you will be doing another one, any idea if it will be soon, looking to buy in the next month or so. What is the best way to contact you if this video is not in the works yet? Thanks! ♥

  21. thanks so much for this been wanting a new camera and the small nikon camera at 110 is about my price range right now helped me pick out one better. 😊

  22. omg I can't believe, in 5 minutes I learned so many things that i really wanted to know! I'm 16 and I'm really interested in photography, and i'm still learning the basic things

  23. Thank you so much. I have a much better understanding of what I want. Working on taking pictures of food for my cookbook. Just need to work on budget. ❤

  24. i just got my first dslr 🙂 i got the canon rebel t5 and i really reccomend it if you wanna be ballin on a budget lmao!!! i got it from amazon with the kit lens for $354 on amazon and i also got a 55 mm f/1.8 lens for $125.the camera doesn't have a flip screen but it does have an application that allows you to view yourself through your computer screen. some people might say it's better to get another camera but i'm only 15 and at minimum wage it's not realistic lmao! thought i'd share because i'm super excited about having a nice dslr.

  25. i am planning on buying the Canon EOS 1300D DSLR Camera Black With 18-55mm DC Lens is it good for youtube and photography is it good ? should i make the purchase ????

  26. hey maya i want to start again with my channel… im a singer songwriter so i need good quality for video as well as audio… no buzzing sound when you sing too loud or too high… but I'm also starting out so not that expensive… what would you suggest? with a flip screen!!

  27. I am using my phone to take photos, but I decided I need a real camera to upgrade the quality I don't know whitch camera to get I am thinking of getting a nikkon but I don't know what type is suitable for me…

  28. Very cool vid i havr the cannon g9 (2007 model) i love it so much for what it is ,it has alot of options when it comes to shooting raw and some exposure settings and i can buy a telephoto amd wide angle lense to mount onto it. My dream is to get a dslr

  29. Which camera would u suggest for 2017? What is ur opinion on mirorrless cameras? Can you do a video about that pleeaassee??

  30. Hi Maya
    I'm not into photography, I just want a nice camera to take pictures while traveling. You did this video in 2013 do you still recommend the Nikon Cool Pix P330. I'm thinking about buying this one for my travels.

  31. I'm really hoping you read this. I'm trying to expand my channel and I need a better camera. I make $ from YouTube so I gotta be cheap girl and I'm in Toronto so you know camera's are an arm and leg honey. What advise could you give on an affordable camera for vlogging and will as for tutorials? Love you channel and love you!

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