Whatsapp உபயோகிப்பதால் வரும் ஆபத்து ? | Whatsapp is not Secure? | Whatsapp vs Telegram

Hai Geek!! Hello Jerk!! Is there is any update in our Channel Yes Jerk!! planned to upload Latest Tech News Videos in our channel on Every Saturday Through this, ours subscribers will up-to-date with latest technologies wow!! great Geek !! then what was the hot topic today?? yes jerk!! Telegram Owner Mr.pavel Drouv was told controversial matter Delete Whatsapp from your phone if you don’t want your photos, messages public because, whatsapp listed in snooping app list To spying on users whatsapp is used like trojan horse virus geek ? how to trust his words? is there is any evidence ? yeah!! lots of evidences jerk Recently, 1400 whatsapp accounts has been hacked worldwide its all done by a single whatsapp call you will just get a call from a unknown number it’s not matter if you answered or not The spyware installed along with this call automatically with the help of spyware they can monitor our activities this is all did by istralian organization called NSO because of this reasons, Mr.durov said directly to his members uninstall whatsapp & instead of this use Telegram, conveyed indirectly What are the features and security in telegram more than whatsapp good question!! just listen to me whatsapp don’t have cloud storage, its using only phone storage if you don’t have your mobile phone you’re not able access whatsapp account But telegram using cloud storage technology so you can store all your messages, vphotos & files data in its cloud storage so you can access your telegram account anytime anywhere without your phone by using your pc like gmail having cloud storage feature is big advantage in whatsapp transfer file size limit is 17mb only the transferring file size limit is 1.5GB in telegram There is a feature called secret chat in telegram you can set timer to self destruct chat history will be deleted after conveyed it telegram using three layers of encryption method but whatsapp has only two layers of encryption so comparing to whatsapp telegram is more secure in whatsapp group you can able to add 256 users in telegram you can add users up to 2 lakhs more than that telegram is the most fastest messaging app these all security & features are in Telegram app jerk then, comparing to telegram and whatsapp, telegram is the best app? said by Telegram Owner Mr. Pavel Durov with statistics ohhh For more tech news videos subscribe Geek vs Jerk Thanks for watching

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