100 thoughts on “What’s inside Security Tags?

  1. Lol this is ridiculous. No safety at all. It almost seems like you're not taking anything into consideration other than openining this thing.

  2. Even if you did get your hands on one of those magnets, there are sensors in the entrance of the store that will go off if you try to walk in with it.

  3. But how strong of a magnet do you need to take it off and is the magnet the store use just a regular magnet or what’s inside that?

  4. Nice video! But I'd suggest next time, NOT using a big machete next to your son's chest, that could accidentally slip and go through your son. Lol smh

  5. When the knife came out I thought the video was going down the, what’s inside Lincoln. path….. had me worried!

  6. My mom told me to try on a shirt with those on and I did not want to cuz I thought it would break and hot ink will come out so that’s why I don’t try on those types of shirts

  7. Holy moly, I haven’t watched this channel for so long. Lincoln has gotten big! Good to see the channel is still going strong.

  8. The same mechanism is used in some padlocks to keep the shackle closed, except the ball berings are put in place by an actuator and the actuator is turned by the lock loved the vid, always interested to see what’s inside things I’ve always wondered about.

  9. wtf yesterday i bought a blanket and i went home and unwrapped it and they didnt remove the tag. now this video is in my recommendations… but the tag is different cuz its a circle

  10. Most of the time at Tesco they dont work you can walk out the shops then the alarm does not go off or the cheap items they go off but they have like 80 of them and the expensive have one but do not go off

  11. Thanks, you've just taught me how to buy a metal thing off of ebay and be able to get rid of all the tags from my stolen clothes.

  12. We don't have these kind of security tags over here in the province of Quebec… We have the ones that make the front of the store beeping if we try to still…

  13. Mack Weldon ? I thought he said Mack Welding at first and guessed it must be tough clothing for welding, perfect for when you have to cut something open with a grinder as well ! Regarding the tags, I suppose a professional shop lifter could just buy one of those magnets off e-bay. Please be careful with that big machete too, that looked so dangerous, one slip and someone could have needed a trip to the ER. I had to laugh a bit as well, I've watched these videos for years and thought they would be an expert at getting inside stuff by now, but no, still takes a long time as they try different inappropriate tactics. I'm worried he is going to chop a finger off or something. A good first step would be to buy a vice !

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