What is the best camera? (2019)

So the title of this video was going to be how to annoy a photographer but I thought more people are going to look for what is the best camera for whatever and This is one of the more annoying questions that I get because on top of that people always ask me What do you think of X and X camera is it good for low-light is a good for Street? It’s just good for a blah blah and you know I’m a photographer. Yes, but that doesn’t mean I know Every camera that’s out there, you know So I don’t want you out to take it the wrong way I mean I am flattered that people would ask me for my expertise But my standing has always been that I’m just a guy that takes halfway decent pictures So let me start off by saying that there is no best camera. I mean there’s different cameras for different uses and Obviously, there’s gonna be a difference between like the professional and the noob I’m going to assume most of you guys out There are noobs Just trying to get into photography and if you’re a professional watching this video, I don’t really know why you’re watching this video Okay, like if you’re a professional you already know there is no best camera alright like a Well-seasoned photographer already knows this and you don’t need me to tell you that and I already know which watching this video But thank you for the likes and the views and please leave a comment subscribe a while back I made a video about street photography with my DSLR camera and I was using the Canon 60d now keep in mind the Canon 60d came out like in 2011. Okay. We’re in 2008 But you know people who look at my Instagram, they don’t know it came out in 2011. No one ever points that fact out and I try to explain that. Yeah, I know it’s an old camera, but you can still get good pictures, but Everyone or people in the comments were like, oh, yeah. I mean, it’s a DSLR blah blah blah of course, you’re gonna get good pictures and then I made a video about shooting with my Fuji x100s a mirrorless camera, you know, of course and Then people started writing comments. Well, I can’t take pictures like that. It’s it’s a mirrorless camera I mean bah-bah-bah as an f2 aperture. Keep in mind this camera came out like in 2012 you know, it’s it’s still really old camera So, alright. Okay. Let me take it up a notch people keep making up all these excuses So I made a video about shooting with my smartphone. I shot with the iPhone 5 This camera. This phone came out like in 2012, I believe so comments Well, it’s an iPhone of course is gonna be a good camera My phone is not as good as yours, but la disc this phone came out in 2012 I mean what camera is not better than the iPhone in from 2012, right? So I thought okay. This shit’s getting ok. Sorry for the vulgarity this getting really annoying I’m going to make a video about shooting with a film camera So I shot with a Pentax k1000 using the Sigma zoom master 35 to 70. Okay that gears from like 1975 alright, and you know what people did they complained? Whoa eyes cuz I Don’t have a lens that fast ba ba ba. Okay, this cost less than 100 this setup costs less than $100 It’s shot on a film camera and people are still finding a way to complain that they can take a good picture So it just occurred to me that No matter what you do People will always find something to complain about they’re always gonna make some excuse that their camera is just not good enough alright now that’s just the reality of things like I want to I want you to ask yourself how Good is good enough for you? Alright like when is the camera gonna be good enough? That you think it’s like the best camera is gonna help you. It’s never gonna be the best camera even now 2019 People are always gonna be looking to the next year or next year’s camera is gonna be way better than mine I’m being way better by then You know, it’s uh, I’m sorry, it’s it’s all bullshit now if you want my honest opinion About photography. I think first of all cameras have been had they reached a point where any camera that you have is just It’s just really good. I mean that’s just the plain reality of it every year some new camera comes out, but all the changes are like Incremental, you know, like very small changes not that much better I mean you can argue about 8k or 4k or in body image stabilization and all that shit But keep in mind the legendary photographer start Henri cartier-bresson. They were shooting like what the 1930s? Come on, you gotta tell me your camera is not better than what he was shooting with Take Ansel Adams. Okay, that guy was shooting with a pinhole camera You’re gonna tell me your camera is Not better than what he was shooting with. All right, I even have a quote for you guys, and I have i written down So here’s a quote for Ansel Adams** Knowing what I know now any photographer worth his salt could make some beautiful images with pinhole cameras, I Mean come on. So yeah Basically, you can have the best everything you have the best gear You can have the best lenses the best model all that But if you don’t have like the proper skills or the knowledge Like basic composition or just your way around the camera. You’re not gonna take good pictures So yeah back to my point When is a camera good enough especially for like my style photography? I do a lot of night pictures. Let me tell you these days Cameras, go up to like ISO 45 450,000. I mean, when are you realistically ever going to need that ISO? The highest ISO I ever go over is like 3,200 all right, and that’s why I like I shoot with like really old camera. I use the 5d Mark 3 which I Think came out in 2012 I’m not really sure. I was using the Fuji x100s I came out in 2012 Yeah, and I’m still using those cameras, you know, like they’re really really old cameras I never go over ISO 3200 now I know there’s some pro photographer thats gonna say it’s better if you get the image to no image at all. Yes, that’s true So that’s useful at the time. But let’s be honest most of you guys watching this video Just want to take nice Instagram pictures for your blog or to show your friends. All right And yeah, I do so prints, but you know what my highest selling prints are Actually shot with my phone the iPhone 5 now Ask yourself this our other professional photographer is going to be buying your images. I mean, do you think people care? Okay, do you really really think people are out there look at all I’m not gonna buy that pictures got some lens fringe-ing right there. Oh shit I see some noise in the shadows ba ba ba na like I Know the prints I saw have some of that because they were shot on the phone but like no one ever notices that shit No one ever talks about that on Instagram and yet people are always like oh, I’m not gonna buy that camera It’s got a little bit of Lens curvature blah blah blah. Oh, I see some fringing on their own better Not buy that you know, that’s only like the pixel peepers. That’s like Not gonna I don’t want to offend anyone but like the people who always write that shit are really just like trolls online They don’t they just like reading the specs on the computer. They don’t actually go out there and shooting I mean, yeah, and then there’s this whole mega pixel race, you know, like every camera wants to have more and more megapixels you Do know that the more megapixels the camera has the lower its low-light performance is going to be right. I mean Earlier, I was talking about how my camera on like I never go over ISO 3200 Or even most of the times I’m shooting automatic with my phone and people never notice But like I think I remember somewhere you only need two megapixels to print out a billboard Okay for me the sweet spot is 12 megapixels, like most of the cameras I use have 12 megapixels But people always want to go higher why To crop. Okay, I’ll give you that. Sometimes you have to crop But if you rely on cropping too much I think you gotta rethink your stance as a photographer like I personally don’t like cropping like ever and Instagram does crop my images, but For the most part. I almost never crop and I use the old style Which is you just walk closer to your subject or further away you so yeah, I guess that was kind of a long rant, but That’s what you get for asking me. What is the best camera? All right, like It really bothers me when people think you only take good pictures because you have a good camera All right. My good camera is from like 2011 So I don’t know what you guys are waiting for out there I don’t I don’t know. What kind of camera you think is going to solve all your problems Because good gear is not going to solve your problems. Okay, it might make you better but To be honest, most of the people out there buying your prints and your pictures They’re not going to notice these small things like oh, there’s a darkened corners. Oh, there’s noise in the shadows, blah blah It that’s that’s just the reality of it. Now if you are professional and you’re still watching this video for some reason like yeah I understand you need a camera that shoots 20 frames a second. You know, you need like the sharpest image Because you do wedding photography or whatever. So yeah, you’re a professional Of course, you need these things. But most of you guys out there watching this video. You’re just starting out in photography or you’ve been at it for a while too like an amateur you Think a new camera is going to solve all your problems. It’s not I’m telling you that right now. I Mean you guys watch Digital Rev. They have like those pro photographer cheap camera challenges and Yeah, I mean You have to rely more on your skills than the gear itself so Actually, I feel much better letting all that out. You know, I’m sorry for some of the profanity in there. It’s just This shit pisses me off. You know, why do people think that you only take good pictures because of your camera? I mean you don’t ask for example a writer. Hey, which which computer do you use to type up your book or like which typewriter use, you know, you never ask writers that So why do people think oh, yeah, what camera do you use to make those pictures that camera must have been really good. It’s It’s nonsense. Alright. Anyways, thank you for watching this rant. I hope you didn’t unsubscribe But you know I’m here to lay down the knowledge on the noobs and this is something you have to get to your head It’s not the camera. It’s you you have to come in terms of You

28 thoughts on “What is the best camera? (2019)

  1. Well said! I understand why people ask the question if they're clueless, but so many of them get caught up on the specs and forget what the camera is actually used for…taking photos.

  2. Rather than wanting to unsubscribe, you deserve more subscriber man… what have you just said in this video really got me. Just like you said yeah sometimes i still thinking that better camera better picture. I know that is wrong but i can't help thinking like that, that's why i still need to learn a lot about photography the composition, angle, etc. Thank you Noe you really help me ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I can't find your last live video. I got a notification but I was busy at the time so I decided to watch later. Was it deleted?

  4. Hey Noeal. Great video. Important message. I completely agree with everything you said. The only slight caveat I would add is that different sensors, lenses, etc. will provide slightly (or radically) different aesthetics. So every camera can take a great picture (this is determined by the photographer and the situation/subject). But not all pictures will necessary look the same… and if we can imagine Saul Leiter walking around with a Sony A7 III, his images – although similarly composed, etc. – will look very different to the beautiful tones and colours he got from his equipment back then. I shoot with a Fuji X-E3 and I don't need anything "better". It's perfect for me. I enjoy the pictures I get. If you're interested, I uploaded my favourite 100 images of 2018 to my youtube channel, a few weeks ago. Feel free to check it out ๐Ÿ™‚ In the mean-time, I look forward to your next video. Keep up the great work ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers! Tim.

  5. #GoodRantsAreWorthIt #JustGoShoot ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘ Invest on your passion for imagery first, your skills to follow on that passion second, and the tools that best make for an extension to your eye and your vision third. It doesn't start with the gear, it starts with you and how you feel about what you see.

  6. well said… itโ€™s the chef that bakes the goodies not the oven he use… thatโ€™s just the tool he got at that moment…
    iโ€™m buford.t.shutter on instagram… rock on..๐Ÿค™

  7. I do just night photography, using a Fujifilm X-T20 with the 23mm f/2, which is similar to what you use. And of course, you are right. What matters is what you shoot and how, not exactly what you use for it. Not to say that my camera is great fun to use and takes excellent photos, but, technically it's not the best in the market.

    On a side note, I like your night photo style, wished I had a bit more neons where I live.

    Instagram: the_night_camera

  8. I like that your workspace has the same aesthetic as your (very lovely) photos… (Also, re DigitalRev cheap camera challenges – it's so true that the pros mostly take amazing pics on the most primitive cameras.)(What, I can't just buy talent? I've got to work at it? Fzt.)

  9. I agree mostly BUT, owning the same old x100 I must say that this camera inspired me to go out and shoot, much more than the ones I had before. Not because of the specifications, but I quickly knew it inside out, was super comfortable with it and it became an extension to me. It taught me 1. that I need a viewfinder, 2. that the vintage style controls suit me most (because I understand them) and that I need a proper sized camera, not a mini-one. Oh, and the look of a bigger sensor helps a bit. But that's all. Well… it's really pretty too. I never upgraded it, and alongside it I use mostly vintage cameras. But I have to like them, they must have a certain something that makes me want to take it everywhere. So, to me the camera matters, but not the tech specs, I just need to be comfortable with it.

  10. Like your way of thinking. Totally agree.
    The most important is to have a camera that inspire you, that you are comfortable with and who make you want to try things and get out and shoot ! ๐Ÿ‘

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