What is in my camera bag 2019

Hi John Tisbury here. In this particular
video I’m going to update a previous video that I did, link above, which is
what’s in my camera bag. I did that in 2018 with Nikon gear
I’ll swap to Sony, it’s 2019 so I thought I would update it. Let’s run the intro
and I’ll see you in a bit.Hi welcome back. This is a update video
as I mentioned in the intro, updating a previous video that I’d done around
what’s in my camera bag. Which I’d done in 2018. So in the middle of 2018 and at
that time I was shooting exclusively and Nikon gear and had the holy trinity
of the 3 lenses and took you through all of those particular lenses. And I
found when I was doing YouTube videos I was always at a bit of a disadvantage
with the Nikon as it really struggled with autofocus. So I upgraded towards the the mid to last quarter of 2018 to the Sony. The A7 range and been so so pleased with them it’s the best decision I made. And I thought well now it’s time to update
that video. So this is what’s in my camera bag 2019 with my Sony gear. So
incidentally I’m recording on one of my Sony cameras and that was a bit of a
choice that I needed to make because I had bought as I said the the Sony A7iii super duper camera really really pleased with it. The video work is great
autofocus is untouchable as far as I’m concerned at the moment and for what I
was doing was when I was sort of demonstrating this and using this on the
videos then I was having to record the YouTube video on on the Nikon. And I
found that the Nikon was a little less to just be desired in terms of focus
accuracy there’s a lot of hunting and bits of in focus and our focus content
so the only way around this is to buy a second Sony body so I have two now. So two mark threes. So that’s what’s recording at the
moment on on the new one in fact giving that a bit of a run for its money.
Lens wise on there I’ve got the 16-35mm F2.8 G Master lens which is a beautiful lens. Really really pleased with that and
we’re running this at 2.8 so wide open aperture and it’s focusing. I am
confident that it’s focusing. That I know it’s focusing. What else have we got.
I bought, at the same time, I bought a second lens the 90mm macro lens again
Sony lens G master lens with the optical stabilisation in it. And that’s a really
nice lens as well for close-up macro work and as a standard sort of portrait
lens if you like. I’ve also got another G master lens which is the 24-70mm again F2.8 and both of these G master lens is the one that’s currently on the
camera the 16-35 and the 24-70 a real workhorse lens. When I had the Nikon gear, I keep looking over there because it’s all
piled up over there waiting to be sold. When I had the Nikon gear I always
bought the best quality lenses that I could afford and I bought those lenses
15 years ago and you know they have they’re still awesome lenses for stills
work but not up to the.. and the camera body in the lenses, are not up to
video work. Which is predominately what I do now. What else we got. Oh yes, and
there’s this little diddy chap. This is a 28mm F2 Sony lens FE lens and I bought
this because a) it’s compact so it is a really short small lens and it’s ideal
for lightweight work when you want to put it on a gimbal for instance. Whereas
the heavier lens struggle a bit with a gimbal. Well the gimbal struggles
a bit with a heavier weight lens is probably more accurate. And so I
generally use this one when I’m doing vlogging to camera, piece to camera. So
that’s it on my lenses. Very happy with those. I’ve got things like some spare batteries as well, always buy an extra
spare battery so I’m gonna rotate around as I’m using them. The other gap that I
then had in my equipment was flash. Previously with the Nikon I’d had the SB800, two of those, and they obviously didn’t work with the Nikon. So I bought, with Sony even, they work with a Nikon, not the Sony. So I bought two Sony flashes. I went with the Godox after reading loads of reviews they were
extremely well priced competitively priced these are the theV860, the
marked twos. Very very pleased with those and in what I’ve used them for. I use
them a lot for outdoor location shoots so wireless triggering a flash on it on
a camera light stand, or flash light stand, off to the side. And they’ve worked
really really well. And that coupled with the new Godox XPro wireless flash
trigger has been really really useful as well. I love this is just so
simple to use in terms of the interface. And getting each individual flash to do what you want it to do. So yeah really pleased with that
little setup. Probably the only other thing to chat about is the little
device here, the inverlometer. I can never say that word. The Sony doesn’t have that built in unlike the Nikons which do. So I bought a nice cheap one
just in case I need to use it. By and large haven’t used it too much to be
honest because I’ve used the iFootage equipment and that’s got built-in invalometer, oh I said it then! built into the app so I tend to use that over the little handheld device there. But £15 it was worth
getting and having in the camera bag just in case. And looking down to see if there is anything else. Batteries and cleaning cloths and you know general
sort of stuff. I got Lee filter holders and adapter rings those kind of things
and ND filters. And you know general sort of stuff. But they’re the main things. So the Sony great is really what the
video is about. So that’s it. I hope you found that useful. If you have then give it a thumbs up, or thumbs down. Drop a comment down below with what
gear you have used, you know what your go to bit of gear. Always
interested to know what people use. And hopefully I’ll see you on the next one.
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always handy. And yeah thanks for watching and see you again.
Take care, bye.

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  1. A new year, a new camera, a new brand even! Moved form Nikon D3 & D810's to Sony A7 III. Loads to learn about the new cameras, but love the video mode and the autofocus is sublime for both stills and video. I miss the Nikon it's like an old friend. I started with Nikon some 25 years ago and stayed with the brand. However, it now can't keep up with the smaller, lighter and in my opinion all round better Sony Alpha ranges. What gear do you miss, or still hand onto out of fond memories, or because it still works for you? Let me know below…

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