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so in this video we’re going to be
talking about trees but first of all we have a very important job to do so last
month we team that with Hilton to challenge kids to send us their ideas
for hotel room inventions we were sent loads of incredible invention ideas and
we put together five of our favorites for everyone to see kids invent
stuff eight-year-old Luca invented the clap on clap off shower you cut once for
cold water and clap twice for hot water and we love five-year-olds Luca’s idea
for a bunk bed with a disco on the top even has a ball picked and a slide
Dillon centers his idea for a chest of drawers that feeds you it’s got
color-changing glow-in-the-dark drawers built-in speakers and various
compartments that open up to handy food and who wouldn’t want a spring-loaded
bed that you could use to fire yourself up into the air and Riley and I’m sleep
when I lift up the bed I wish I saw a little train trap with
villagers and the pack of trains men my stay the hotel I want to play with it a
massive thank you to everyone who sent in invention idea it was really
exciting we got sending loads of invention ideas so this time around we
actually had loads of invention ideas sent in from Poland and rather room as
well we just get ideas from Poland and Rotherham these are the two main kids
invent stuff locations in fact this time we actually got sent in more
invention ideas from different countries than ever before it’s true yes so
actually we had we had loads weight loads sent in from all around the world
so everyone who sent in an idea not here in the UK thank you oh okay looks
excited I’m excited because I realized usually at this point we say oh but we
can only bring two lives one kids invention idea but this one we get to
say three so here’s the three inventions will bring you to life Oh Evie invented
the converse book bed damn it’s a den that falls out from the bed like a
convertible car inside there are lights and speakers so you have your own party
or you can just use it to hide away from any annoying
and on roos recent family holiday their hotel room didn’t have a bath so they
put an inflatable boats in the shower and used it as a bath so she’s
challenged us to create an emergency inflatable bath invention for hotel
rooms and last but by no means least Connie simply wants us to turn our hotel
room into a rainforest so it’s super excited we breathe life for those three
amazing hotel room invention and a massive thank you again to Hilton for
supporting this challenge thank you guys and we are particularly excited to be
bringing to life eight-year-old Connie’s invention idea to turn a hotel room into
a rainforest why are we particularly see I told you we’ll be coming back to some
trees so you might be on YouTube the whole team trees campaign team trees its
campaign started by mark robot and mr. beast and it’s a campaign to plant 20
million trees by 2020 so they are raising 20 million dollars to plant 20
million trees so every dollar plants one tree and we’re really excited to be
supporting that campaign in this video and with the rest of our invention
challenge so we’re donating to this campaign and we’re joining Lots for the
people Elon Musk has donated lots of you who might have donated but we’re really
excited because I was thinking we the Dashawn are you thinking that she’s not
going to try do a link a really casual subtle link to the rest of the video
gone Rick I was thinking Shawn mmm trees are quite important what would
happen if there wasn’t any trees trees suck up water to create clouds
which make rain so less trees equals less rain and more deserts and if it did
rain that’d be crazy flooding because there’ll be no trees to soak up the
water and it end up in rivers and lakes instead if we lost all our trees then
there’d be a massive extinction of plants and animals and some places would
become impossible to live in as air pollution which is usually absorbed by
trees reaches crazy level so humans would probably disappear but the big
reason that people are talking about trees is that there are amazing tool
that we have to capture the carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels
that’s making the planet warmer and trees capture the co2 and turn it into
the wood that they’re made of so the moral of the story is that trees are
incredibly important so if you can please do support the team trees
campaign if you can and a massive thank you to Hilton for supporting this
challenge thank you very much guys we are very excited to be bringing to life
these three amazing kids hotel room inventions
see you next week don’t forget to Like and subscribe

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