3 thoughts on “What Are The Rzuceks Hiding! Armchair Detective Crowdcast Live Stream Review

  1. Hi I Love love love all your YouTube videos because of the truth and facts 💯🙏 I have spent many hours over many months hearing all I can about this case and a few others… But I must say your the very best!!! I have been waiting for someone to say what I think is so important and obviously really what was meant to have happened…. But it hasn't been said by anyone yet … It may sound crazy 😬 because it is… I believe NK pre planned to use Chris maybe even NK and Jim planned to use Chris and they planned to blow up the oil site and destroy all evidence of the murders and somehow getting a payouts from oil company but planning failed thanks to NA and how quickly they were missed… My concern is NK may try again to learn from this and actually get away next time or even at this point make money off her own book or movie deal and especially if there is a son Chris jr. So what are you thinking about this motivate???

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