What are Secure Shell (SSH) Keys? | JumpCloud Video

Hey, it’s Vince with JumpCloud®. Welcome to another episode of our what is video series. In this episode, we’ll be talking
about SSH keys. So, what are SSH keys? SSH keys are an access credential that is
used in the SSH protocol. The SSH protocol is generally used to log in
remotely from one system into another, especially with respect to remote
servers. Its strong encryption makes it ideal to carry out tasks such as issuing
remote commands and remotely managing vital system components. SSH keys always
come pairs and every pair is made up of a private key and a public key. A private
key remains on the user system that is attempting to access a remote server, and
should remain private as it is used to decrypt information that is exchanged in
the SSH protocol. A public key is used to encrypt information, it can be shared, and
is used by both the user and the remote server or system. SSH keys are an
authentication method used to gain access to this encrypted connection
between systems. However, the added security of this approach can be
undermined when SSH keys are not properly managed. Fortunately, the JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service platform can provide IT with
one central place to manage SSH keys. In fact, the Directory-as-a-Service platform
can centralized user authentication to systems, applications, files, and networks – including SSH key access to remote systems – and all from one comprehensive
cloud-based solution. Contact JumpCloud for more information about SSH key
management with Directory-as-a-Service. You can also sign up for a free account
at https://jumpcloud.com to get started today. Your first 10 users are free forever. If
you would like to learn more before you sign up, subscribe to our YouTube channel for more JumpCloud videos. And, of course, you can always contact the JumpCloud
team to answer any questions.

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