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Q:your coach said he hope your can hold back a little bit because you seems too excited. Q: So is it a good skate today? S: in the beginning, we were quite nervous. We had some problems in the level of the death spiral Otherwise, if we don’t have those two level problem, we can make it to 80+ points. But I think we skate pretty well today. We had some issues during the training at home. we have been trying hard. For tomorrow’s free skate, we will do our best, and try to fight for better programs. Han: (Nodding) Q: We are still very concerned about your health condition. Did that affect you today? The commute (between the arena and hotel) is pretty long for the last couple days. I try to lay down as much as I can because my back is affected from sitting up too long. I also did some relaxation and treatment after each training session. To adjust myself in time. It’s not in our best condition right now but we will fight with our best spirits for this competition. Q: Cong, what do you think you should pay attention to for tomorrow’s free skate? Han: Just do all of our elements , and perform our best as we can. then I will be satisfied.
Sui: Level, it’s level. Sui: Level, Bro! Q: so overall, are you satisfied with today’s performance? Han: I am very satisfied today. We have a very smooth skate and I enjoy it very much. We can see that we made it to present the whole program. So I am relieved and very happy. Thank you! News after free skate TV commentator: In Saitama Super Arena, standing ovation from all of the audiences for Sui Wenjing and Han Cong. Sui and Han completely sold the programs to almost 20000 audiences in the arena But people rarely know how much they suffered from injuries before the Four continents in February. Q: The third time after coming back ( from injuries) , does it make you more confident for the competitions? I don’t want to have the 4th time anymore… Time went by so fast, the last time we competed in Saitama was in 2014. And turn around , it’s been 5 years already. What does five-year means? It’s not as long as 10 years, or as smooth as 7 years, But for the 24-year-old Sui Wenjing, it’s a very important time that she will never forget. Because of the foot injuries, Sui and Han was not selected for the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Because of the surgery, they missed the 2017 Grand Prix series. And because of injuries again, they gave up (almost)all the competitions in the 2018-19 season. Falling down for three time and came back for three times. Every suffering make them stronger. In 2015, they captured the silver in the world championships. In 2017 , after coming back , they finished on the top of the podium. In the Four Continents in February, they claimed the title for the fifth time. All the difficulties and challenges became her tears. After saying good bye to the foot injuries, the challenges didn’t stop. There was a accident during the training in February , which made their trip to the worlds more difficult. Sui twisted her lower back which kept her from training for a while. We were not prepared very well before we came here. We have many issues, including the injury. I couldn’t train for 10 days and I almost laying down on my bed for the whole time. Our coach and team helped me a lot. They gave us a lot of relief We just need to do our best and overcome ourselves. We know we can do it. If we skate clean, we can win the world champions. Before the freeskate, it’s shown on the screen that Sui/Han need at least 149.23 points to become the first. But their season’s best is only 136.92. The 13 point difference means they need to fight against their injury and themselves. But they did it. They got 155.60 points which made them back to the top again. In the ceremony, Han Cong carried Sui on and off the podium. It seems like her injury is still significant. But seem like they are always the “no one like you” for each other. just like ” no one like you” The features of our program is just like the song chosen by Lori for us— “No one like you”

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  1. Thank you so much. It's wonderful to hear their comprehensive thoughts on their magical performances. My favorite part was when they asked Wenjing about her injuries: "I don't want to have the 4th time anymore." 🤣

  2. A pair of Bose QC 35 ii (or 25) headphones should be provided to them so that they could have a quiet environment to have a rest.

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