WaPo: Four Officials Raised Alarms About Ukraine Policy Before, After Trump Call | Hardball | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “WaPo: Four Officials Raised Alarms About Ukraine Policy Before, After Trump Call | Hardball | MSNBC

  1. Fishing out ones enemies requires bait . For instance, Schiff's CIA Clown 'Whistleblower' Eric Ciaramella, Former Obama NSC actually accompanied VP Biden on a few trips to Ukraine, so he already knew he was a person of interest in DOJ / Durham's 2 + years investigation into Ukraine / DNC / Russiagate / Burisma / Biden / Crowdstrike … oop's! Imagine one little innocent phone call could cause all those Fish to immediately react and start biting the bait, including those Stinky Fish in 'The Peoples House' and their latest coup attempt. Bring it on Schifty, bring it on!

  2. I’m beginning to think that Ol’ Rudi might expect to be woken in the middle of the night by feds at his front door…

    After all Trump has already started saying “talk to Rudi. He’s my lawyer “

    And Michael Cohen did warn them all that this would come to all the minions

  3. WHAT?? I cant believe our ''president " would DO that,
    this has to be a total misunderstanding…..maybe they heard wrong(?)

  4. Big dopey tangerine fool is tearing apart America's reputation around the world with his useless actions without any plans. I can't believe anybody still thinks this giant buffoon has any competence. Flush this tandoori turd to get rid of the bad smell.

  5. When the levee breaks, there ain't no place to hide. The next year will be absolute chaos in Washington and even if Trump escapes conviction,,and he probably will, There is no way Fox News can keep all this from his fans forever.

  6. And the winner of the Nobel Peace Price 2019 is not the lunatic racist Trump but the black Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed.. LOL, LOL, LOL.

  7. Cohen: hey Manafort grab the soap.
    Manafort: hey Flynn get the soap would you?
    Flynn: Hey Rudy do me a solid, bend over and grab that soap right there

  8. Four national security officials, two whistleblowers, and four propaganda media ministries. What's going to come out of the woodwork next. I'm sorry, Hil-liary showed up too. Now what's next?

  9. You just have to sit back and chuckle at the irony here. In 2016, Trump absolutely crucified Clinton for allegedly hiding evidence of criminal behavior on a secret computer server, which she didn't do. Then Trump turns around and ACTUALLY hides evidence of criminal behavior on a secret computer server! And now he's getting impeached for it.

  10. If the republicans senators were concerned re trumps phone calls to Ukraine, why havent we heard about it until now. Trying to get on the right side of the impeachment hearing?? What cowards. If the whistle blower hadnt come forward, they would NOT have done or said anything about this case of TREASON. BY TRUMP.

  11. Cuz Trump thinks he's the Godfather!! It don't work that way in the real world Donny Boy. Daddy isn't here to clean this one up for you now.

  12. Well you have the liers helping trump AN NOW THE LIERS HAVING CONSPIRATORS UNDER HIM. OMG!! How much more corrupt can it get. This is unbelievable. The WH needs to take back its authority and stop this corruption. Vote trump out an GET AMERICA BACK AGAIN

  13. Jesus turned to one sinner next to him on the crosses and said, "I ask my father for your forgiveness?" You were starving, and you stole food!

  14. The irony of this is, trump wanted dirt fabricated on Biden but in the process he and his goons broke so many laws, it will rightfully get him impeached and thus forever be in the history books as the most corrupt president to date – regardless of whether or not his senate accomplices will vote to remove him.

  15. The Emperor has no clothes, his illicit Presidency is crumbling in real time before the world, hip hip hooray! The slime ball racketeer has committed Treason, Bribery & Multiple High Crimes & Misdemeanors but he’s still afforded every doubt of American justice. Impeach Now & off with his head. Hey Rudy Ghoul li ani the bus 🚌 is waiting for you to be thrown under, would you prefer head or feet first. Bowls in or bowls out? Pence, Pompeo, Barr, all Republicans etc will suffer greatly for your complicity & betraying all Americans & your oath of office.

  16. Too bad the media has been so insanely biased the past 4 years or i could take all this news at face value. Now i've got to go do reasearch to make sure you guys aren't crying wolf again. You guys have been targeting the guy with basically no evidence for 4 years, but now i'm supposed to buy all this? At this point i'd trust the actual boy who cried wolf more than the MSM.

  17. Poor lil donny and his cult! See y'all at the civil war. I'll be defending the constitution. Y'all will be defending your supreme leader and savior. Julius caesar a.k.a Agent Orange.

  18. What are all his supporters going to say once he is in jail? They should all be ashamed for voting a failed rich pathetic cry baby and useless “celebrity “ into high office. He is an embarrassment to humanity


  20. Put a call in "highly secure vault" is a bad thing??? I guess you'd rather have him just send it to his home server? Got it

  21. Little, by little, republican support for this lawless administration is falling off, DJTs time has run out on this one, When public opinion changes, which it has, then these republicans will follow, they really have no other choice!

  22. The first Bush told Assam that he could go ahead and take Iquate. The first Bush betrayed Iraq. How are we relearning this by of the Kurd's. Let's keeping the children to be stupid?

  23. Donald Jr. has said his dad switched from a dem to a repub because the repub's was a way for him to win because the repub's were stupid?

  24. I have been questioning my faith, and I think Mary needs to be slapped. How dare she allow the men in her life to act like they did?

  25. Trump will be impeached and/or prosecuted and/or indicted .
    The Whistleblower cannot and must not say his or her name and address

  26. When a lawyer participates in the cover-up then they stop being covered by attorney-client privilege and start being co-conspirators. This includes suggesting moving evidence to a secure private server. Not reporting a crime is a crime and is not only criminal for a lawyer to do but grounds for disbarment.

  27. Trump, Rudy and Barr are the three stooges of crime… It really makes you appreciate the professional criminals, like Cheney… He was a horrible horrible person, but he didn't embarrass us at every turn…

  28. Manufacturers are predicting a major shortage of popcorn, as millions and millions of Americans sit back and enjoy watching the end of this administration.

  29. Why isn't the State Bar of NY looking over the representation of these criminals and funds used to pay his legal fees? Disbarred is a way to stop him.

  30. Literally impossible to have a cover up that stays hidden. At least in the White House. Far too many people with their own agendas.

  31. So when many of the prior and, at the time, current, National Security officials screamed at the top of their lungs how President Drumpf is the biggest threat to America's national security, no one wanted to listen. These revelations of how self-serving and indifferent Donald Dump is towards America's best interests being validated has met the consensus expectation. Drumpf is and never was fit for the Office of the Presidency.

  32. The Free Press is INDISPENSABLE to Democracy. … They deserve our THANKS, and Gratitude for the
    Pulitzer Prize winning INVESTIGATIVE Journalism and diligence to

  33. I think you don’t understand that what was happening was that Fat Donny was trying to milk the enormous proceeds from Ukranian gas resources. He wanted to exploit the billions derived from these in return for military aid. The ‘Bidens ‘ are a red herring to divert attention to the real plot. Follow the money!!!

  34. Trump will never protect anyone but himself…..Republican or Democrat…..Trump faithful, or not…..Trump is only for Trump.

  35. American government has been compromised by foreign agents amazing Comey and Mueller were clueless We have traitors in at the highest levels of government

  36. Apparently they are running a "shadow government."  So that explains why Putin's Agent Orange has been sowing distrust of established government institutions like the FBI, CIA, and independent law enforcement agencies like the SDNY.

  37. Also, EVERYONE needs to listen to Lindsey Graham's floor speech he gave concerning Clinton's impeachment. That needs to be run everyday. Republicans are morally bankrupt hypocrites who are enabling an insane demagogue!

  38. oh dear, I think trump is totally screwed! just a matter of time before the rest of his gang come tumbling down, such idiots! LOL

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