Wall of Shame CCTV Appeal – LOVE ISLAND SPECIAL [2019]

Previously on the Barking and Dagenham CCTV Appeal… One man’s actions has had tongues wagging A couple was spotted doing the dirty And one woman was caught in the act! Tonight, we’re back and we mean business! Man dumps bin bag – heartbreaking! Pack your bags – woman dumps suitcase. Fly tipping is what it is – St Chads tipper! Getting the cold shoulder – couple breaking
up with their white goods! Old enough to know better – bag dumper on
Stamford Rd! Woman dumps bag! Savage! Bottled it! Bottle dumper spotted! Man pies off bag! Driving us mad! Car driver dumps tonnes of rubbish! The sun’s out and Barking and Dagenham has
seen more dumping action this week than the Love Island villa has all series. And while a bit of recoupling can sometimes
be good, we really hate it when our islanders do their dumping on the streets. Save it for the hideaway, or better yet, a
bin! Ah, Sunningdale Avenue, where this guy seems
to think it’s ok to dump this bin bag! Charming! If you know him get in touch on the number
below! Is this woman going to enter the villa and
find love? She’s got her suitcase and, oh, she’s
dumped it. Oh well, now she faces a £400 fine if identified! I’ve got a text! This serial tipper on Shafter Road loves getting
her box off – and dumping them in the middle of the street. She can expect a £400 fine if identified. Live on St Chad’s and recognise her? Get in touch! Ah, this couple work so well together they’d
probably beat Tommy and Molly-Mae in a Love Island challenge. We’d just rather they didn’t join forces
to fly-tip a fridge! Couples that dump together get fined together! Over on Stamford Road people seem a bit confused
about where to put their rubbish – this woman seems to think her waste goes here – wrong
– personal waste should only go out for your allotted collection or be taken to the
tip -not left next to these recycling bins. We spotted this woman too, that’s not where
it goes! That’ll be a £150 fine for her as well! This woman’s very close to getting it right
– if only she’d put her bottle in the bin not on it! Hats off to this guy – he’s bagged himself
a £150 fine and his hat has got nothing on Ovie’s collection. Our head was turned by this guy pulling up
in his car and chucking a bunch of stuff! He’s made his bed, now he can lie in it
– if you know him we’ll be in touch and issue him with a £400 fine! Thanks to the Wall of Shame CCTV Appeal, in
recent weeks we handed out £700 in fines! We gave a £400 fly-tipping fine after a person
was caught on our cameras dumping black bags. And we gave out two £150 fines after a resident
spotted someone on our show littering on our streets! #You’reDumped! Still to come… Sweet dreams! Mattress is banished from the bedroom! Keep it grounded! Man dumps carpet! Where’s her head at?! Woman dumps bag. The dump bits society! Buggy dumping duo on the Heathway! Don’t drop me out – trade waste gets ditched! Things are hotting up – man dumps heater! Putting the dread in Eldred Road, another
bag dumper! Mugged off – more bags dumped! Is this Anna and Jordan getting ready for
another night of sleeping in the Love Island garden? No! This pair of Lodge Avenue dumpers thought
they’d get away with dumping these mattresses in the middle of the night, good thing our
cameras have night vision! Our heads been turned by this mysterious carpet
dumper – the pics are blurry but maybe you know him? Get in touch if so! We’re seriously chived off at this bag dumper
– no excuse for this one, the bins empty! It’s not girl code to dump on others. This pair of fly-tippers are grafting hard
to turn this alleyway just off the Heathway into an eyesore! Please if you know them – get in touch,
they’re only going to dump more! This pair have decided that this alleyway
is the perfect place to crack on with getting rid of a couple of wheelbarrows full of rubbish! Shame that these are commercial bins! Over to Gurney Close now, and I’m not sure
where this guy’s head is at thinking he can get away with chucking all that lot there! He’s taking up loads of space in that communal
bin space making it hard for people to dump their rubbish. What a muggy thing to do! Get in touch if you think you recognise him. We finish up this episode with a couple of
quick ones from Eldred Road. First up, this woman chucks away a bag by
the public bin creating what can only be described as an eyesore! And then this woman comes along and dumps
another bag for life – disgraceful. She’s definitely reaching for a fine. Remember – if you know her get in touch! We hope you’ve enjoyed this special summer
episode – next time we’ll be cracking on with our old ways! You can watch all of the CCTV Appeal episodes
on the Wall of Shame – lbbd.gov.uk/wallofshame

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