Voice Activation in Focus – Emerging Technology

Technology for me is really important it helps me stay connected with everybody really Using my mobile phone now I have it on my chair I have a new system that I’ve had adapted ‘answer’ and having a Bluetooth headset that connects to that ‘hello’ I can now answer phone calls. I can make phone calls So that sort of technology is really helpful for me. My voice activation program that I have on the computer is Dragon Naturally Speaking ‘Independent Living Centre’ It helps to activate the computer and open up the programs ‘Drag mouse right’ It writes and dictates whatever I say into the computer in a Word document or in an email you can use Dragon for just about everything I have an infrared smart hub that is in the
theatre room and that is connected to a smart speaker I can just go into my theatre room now ‘Turn on television’ I can just give it a command and it will turn on to my favourite channel that I like watching everyday They’ve made a huge difference to my life
just being able to go in and turn the TV on myself it’s massive to me. It takes the stress off my parents I live with You know before I had to get them and, ‘oh turn my TV on, change the channel, do this and do that,’ So now I can just do it all myself I think being able to use my voice to activate all these tools is absolutely amazing
how far technology has come along It would be interesting to see how far it is going to go in the future Yeah it really is amazing having all these
smart homes for everybody with disabilities it really does improve their lives immensely so I think technology is fantastic

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