Vlogging Tips! Best vlogging camera, editing software. Opening up as a Youtuber with My PI Dream.

Yeah, 3 months, Yes. Speaking about professionalism. Our first objective when we started this channel,
is that we are not going to anyhow take videos just for video sake. You need to have quality. We want a content that is good. And we also want our content to be of value to the people. Once you have these things, that’s when you translate to doing your video. You make sure you have the things that the subscribers want to see. So we actually use Final Cut Pro for video editing. But we started with iMovie. She’s the one who actually used iMovie before. iMovie is very easy to use. For starters, you only take a maximum of 3 days. Even if you are not IT savvy, you are not a techy person,
you just take 3 days to adjust to everything. And try to pick up the shortcuts. Because the shortcuts, especially those that you use frequently
for almost all videos, will help you to speed up your editing. And when you transit from iMovie to Final Cut Pro,
I had a little bit of a moment. It’s so powerful, there’s so many things in there. Yeah, that’s the good thing about Final Cut Pro,
you can actually do colour correction and colour grading as well. Colour correction means that if you are overexposed or underexposed,
you can actually manipulate it there. And it’s already part of the built-in features of Final Cut Pro. We actually use software that is free. One Note from Microsoft which you can download
from your Mac. You can actually create your script, whatever things
you want to. It’s basically like a scrapbook. You can put all the plans like going to Palawan. Once you have the plan, you can also write your script
behind it. Hapon! I really miss that dog. It’s okay. We get it at home as well. You can’t. I tried it. I tried my best. We have 5 dogs. At one point, we had 7. So it’s a normal thing. Don’t worry. We had dogs and chickens. This is a newer camera which is the
Sony a6400. It’s a mirrorless camera. Mirrorless means that in a DSLR world, they use a mirror to capture the image
from outside to reflect into the CCD or Charged Coupled Device. Now, they call it image memory. Sony came up with a new technology that
doesn’t use mechanical things. The lens directly hit the CCD, one less mechanical mirror
to do whatever effect that DSLR was doing before. Now they can do 4K video, that’s why it makes
the video clearer, and true to life. Yeah, we call it cat whisker or something. Oh yeah, it’s quite similar. But for us it’s not because of the joke,
mostly it’s like we don’t look nice in this particular video. then we try not to put in inside the video. But if it’s something like this video makes sense
because of the flow, then it’s okay even if we don’t look nice. But if it makes sense because it makes people laugh,
then it’s still okay. So it depends on how we actually see it,
it’s basically criticising ourselves in the mirror. Yeah. It is! Not so glamourous. That’s how foreigners feel at home here in the Philippines. Yes, that’s happened to us when we were in Japan. We were in Anime Town in Osaka. I was filming only the cafe. They stopped me from filming.
So I am just like, ‘Okay, yeah, I won’t film.’ But they made sure I leave the place.
Which is fine, you just have to accept it. Basically for Filipinos watching a channel
that is based in the Philippines, It’s like we normally watch it when we missed home. There are but not that many. But there’s a lot of Filipinos in Singapore as well. She’s actually involved in
one of those communities in Singapore. There’s a group of Filipinos that I have met online. They are called the Singapore Content Creators. These are all Filipinos, I am the only foreigner there. And they are clogging about Singapore,
whereas I am vlogging about Philippines and overseas. And here’s a shoutout to the Singapore Content Creators. Thenk you very much for
opening your house to us. Happy to see you in person,
the two of you. We want to thank James and Ness
for accepting our invite. We feel very privileged and honoured
to be able to come here. Awesome Summer channel, please subscribe,
like our video, like their video. My PI Dream, is one of my favourite channels here
In the Philippines. So, please like their video and subscribe as well,
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  1. Hello Tony & Karen ,this is good that you put this video on your channel ,the content is very interesting and helpful to those wishing to learn more about vlogging .:)

  2. This is very helpful especially for like me a newbie in vlogging 👍🏻 Can't wait for your El nido vlog to come out🙌🏻

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