Violent CCTV footage: Man knocked unconscious and kicked in head on Birmingham street

Shocking CCTV footage from a street in Birmingham,
capturing the moment that a man was knocked unconscious and then repeatedly kicked in
the head by two thieves. One of the pair can first be seen throwing a ceramic plate at
the 51-year-old, prompting him to turn around as it smashes on the pavement. As he continues
his journey home, a second offender appears out of nowhere and punches him in the head,
immediately knocking him to the gutter unconscious. He is then seen rifling through the man’s
coat and trouser pockets, helping himself to a watch and mobile phone, while the first
offender casually saunters around his motionless victim, repeatedly kicking him in the head. The attack, which took place after a night
out in mid-December, left the victim with extensive cuts to his face and head, along
with bruises on his body. Police have described the incident as absolutely
horrendous, with the victim having personally appealed for any eye witnesses to come forward
and assist with the investigation.

44 thoughts on “Violent CCTV footage: Man knocked unconscious and kicked in head on Birmingham street

  1. The human species is going down the drain in a speed train… You can see these king of walking human garbage all over the world.
    Cowards & not worth the air they breathe; they should be executed on spot. 

  2. Shame on all the fucking cars passing by while a guy is laying unconscious literally getting his head kicked in. What a fucked up world we live in!

  3. Absolutely fucking disgusting seeing so many cars simply drive past without a care in the world. Some people need to look themselves in the mirror and sort their priorities out. I genuinely don't understand how any human being could see something like that and not even think to intervene… that could have cost the man his life! 

  4. The people commenting would stop, alone, to possibly get shot in the head? My suggestion is never walk alone in the night.

  5. Isn't is about time every CCTV camera came with a poisioned dart or some device that is fired at attackers without them knowing so then the police could track them down. So many attacks are captured on CCTV. For feck sake we can put a man on the Moon, send robots to Mars and even recreate the Big Bang, so surely it's not beyond us, is it? If it could be done, crime rates would fall dramatically overnight.

  6. I.R.A. style kneecaping is what scum like this need, no more kicking in the head while your on the ground defenseless, no better still to save the taxpayer money shoot them dead.21/1/2014.Irish time 1:57am.Tuesday.

  7. what lovely world we live in where people sit in their cars and keep driving on as this man gets his head kicked in. some people. I remember seeing some idiot do this to a young man as i was crossing the road fist thing i did was get the attackers out the way and then get him off the road and put him in the recovery position. then waiting for an ambulance to come for him. Its not too hard to do being human help those around you because you never know when they might be there to help you one day.

  8. Sadly we've reached the stage where going to the aid of someone in such a situation as this could very likely result in being stabbed or shot & that's the reality.Maybe if this incident had been a one-on-one then someone may have stopped to try to help.But given that,as is usual with cowards,this was a group against one individual & the risk involved it's no surprise that no-one went to this man's aid.Also,assuming these sub-humans ARE identified,charged & convicted what'll happen to them? A slap on the wrist & a suspended sentence no doubt.

  9. bastards were not content in taking he's items. They had to nearly kill him.Poor guy hope he recovers soon.And them 2 fucks get what the deserve.

  10. What a great country this has become, all those passing cars and no one having the decency to stop and confront those thugs with a few punches, where about taking responsibility? imagine that was someone from your family.

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