VIGIL3 voice alarm

VIGIL3 from Baldwin Boxall offers the
most flexible voice alarm system for any application. Built on decades of
experience VIGIL3 is simple to design, quick to install, scalable and secure.
From a single rack to large distributed systems with hundreds of outputs. Use
wall mount or rack mount in any combination.
With a fault tolerant
Ethernet backbone no Ethernet switches are required and there are no license
fees. Combine modules together exactly as you need them Using contact amplification resulting in
less equipment.
Network using copper, multimode fiber, or single mode fiber in
any combination sixty-four simultaneous audio channels
with up to 400 inputs 800 outputs and 254 messages all in one system.
Systems have never been simpler to assemble Configure from one point with log
reporting and message upload use the large-format touchscreen
microphone. Controlled access using NFC with background music and full voice along
control all from the microphone, where you can create, schedule and broadcast
announcements. Create your own graphical controls with the easy-to-use interface
with monitoring for all types of loudspeaker circuit. EN54 certified with
power supply included. With one solution for all buildings integrators can train
on one system VIGIL3: Fast, powerful, flexible. The
new generation of voice alarm. Baldwin Boxall – leading the way to safety

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