21 thoughts on “VIDEO: Violent Gunpoint Robbery In Oakland Caught On Home Surveillance Camera

  1. Thank God they didnt hurt him. Really sucks when you cant be out in front of your house in broad daylight without being victimized. Newsome is soft on crime.

  2. Hey, let's make that man's house is a Gun-Free zone those criminals surely will read the sign and send back off πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Why would they assume someone washing his car had something in his pockets worth stealing πŸ€”.
    This one looks a bit suspicious. They left the car and the man's personal items in the driveway? The uncle is probably unaware of his nephew's extra daily activities. The neighbor interviewed said she walks her dog there often and has never seen such a thing πŸ€”I.
    hope I'm wrong. Why didn't the nephew speak on camera? I don't know about this one…

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