100 thoughts on “US soldiers help Iraqi troops secure Mosul

  1. alpha, bravo, charlie, delta, echo, foxtrot, golf, helio, ____, since all of yal claim to know so much fill in the blank….. no googling or cheating cause I'll know

  2. here's another what is 0600 hr 01600hr 1200 hrs witch of these doesn't belong?? fucken know it alls

  3. Don't go into the comments. Everyone there is either a terrorist sympathizer or a pretend military expert.

  4. I wish the next president and congress are just like "Alright fuck it. Everyone hates us. We're leaving the middle east. We'll keep in contact with those we trade with. But we're gonna be separationests again. We'll live some shit behind (shit being weapons) anyone can have it."

  5. I love how people pick out little things to deem a video is fake. That person is looking left? FAKE. That Person isn't bleeding? FAKE. LOL wow, idoicy is the biggest epidemic we have. -.- How about YOU show proof that it is fake by going into these countries and filming them in the act huh? Didn't think so.

  6. "Fake News" lmao, yeah, sure. Not like these soldiers are in the middle of the Iraqi desert or anything.

  7. Guys like it or not these are SEALS basing off of their gear. No it's not Marpat it's AOR1 (Area of responsibility) with some lbt 6094a plate carriers. Do your research before you put out a cocky comment.

  8. Forget.  I think I am KGB and Julit of Iarga.  Julit is a woman of Iarga who make the ISIS soldiers.  I think I am part Punjabi.

  9. I think ISIS soldiers should end the Mosul War.  They should colonize Nepal and Kenya.  They should use Chinese soldiers and Moroccan soldiers.

  10. can we just call them American soldiers and not get angry about if their marines are navy seals


  12. CNN's Senior International Correspondent Blah Blahahahaha reports on progress
    Syrian and their Russian partners are making in their battle against
    ISIS in Aleppo.

  13. US created that mess in the first place, and now we have endless wars, american weapon lobbyists r happy, but as a taxpayer i'm not

  14. The liberated Iraqi forces, not the US military, steal the victories and sacrifices of our forces for the benefit of your army.
    We have forces to fear death, but the US government does not hand over heavy weapons. They are afraid of handing over weapons to the Iraqi army. They are only handing over weapons to Saudi Arabia

  15. Fuck the American soldier hiding in the back not shooting and letting the Iraqi soldiers fight when your snipers are just relaxing like wtf go fight if you guys are really trying to help or are you trying to take over the Middle East when both sides has injuries dumbass trump

  16. This is just like Nam, the US Forces didn't engaged the enemy at first, they're supplying their allies and offering advice, providing air strikes and bombing the wrong people (yeah, I'm talking about the Syrian Army), but just like Nam, they'll end up fighting this war with boots on the ground, just like Nam.
    Mark my words.

  17. My respect to all the soldiers who serve to protect God bless them and fill them with blessings as they are a hero thanks to all the soldiers, marines and naval

  18. God of Moses destroying the American government and the Iraqi army's and the us Army's God of Moses destroying America and all Arbic government and the British government Ameen

  19. Rassian government behind the Evil Assad government still in power Assad government the American government are losing war in Syria

  20. ah fuck this and whoever belives this bullshit……. ooooh if US with their idiotic army who always killing civils in there doing this then Russia and Iran what are doing there???? fuck us and their fool alies ( slaves) Iran and Russia are in charge there not kitten U.S Trumpets you know what??? whole world saw that isis was a child of US and Saudi Arabia and everyone else saw that US always fails in fighting against Terrorism why?? because they support terrorists….. they brought Taliban to deal with Soviet Union back in Afghanistan….. US supported Saddam to fight with Iran but it failed lol…….. this video is a nice propaganda for trump'n western brain washed-up people……. NICE JOOOOOB BOOOOHOOOO YOU DESERVE A MEDAL
    Trump from Congress lol

  21. They r not helping they came her for other benifit like getting some terrorist to build other group of islamic terrorists or make their agents or who's belong to US escaping or supplying terrorists with information to control Iraqi troops and make them pay spirts and money

  22. If they want to end isis its enough to command them to vanish but this allies and troups came for US benefit only and if u don't know albaghdadi trained in US base in jordan and payed from saudis and qatari

  23. these are not Marines these are not soldiers.

    These are SEALs.

    that is not desert marpat, it's AOR1 (you can Google the differences). the weapons, plate carriers, and helmets they are running are not issued to marines.

    I understand they look like a marine you saw in a video game but as someone who knows a thing or two, trust me, they aren't marines.

  24. Us soldiers are so much more professional then Iraq ones, although USA spends hundreds of billions on there military…

  25. They are U.S. Naval Special Warfare Operators of U.S. Navy SEAL Team-10 from Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek Virginia. They are not soldiers! The U.S. Army Special Forces, Army Rangers, and Delta Operators are Soldiers! SEALs are from the Navy and that's what these guys are!! Good old Frogmen!! Hooyah!!

  26. Thanks Trump for actually allowing our military to clean up bush and obama and hillary stupidity with allowing Isis to become strong .

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