Überwachungskamera auf Alexa zeigen – IP Kamera mit Monocle Skill einbinden

Alexa, show me the Camera in the Entrance.
“Okay.” In today’s video, I will show you how to connect your IP Camera with Alexa’s Monocle Sill. In this Video, we are using an Amazon Echo Show and as Surveillance Camera, we will use an “upCam Cyclone HD S+” Alternatively, you may also use an Echo Spot or a Fire TV Stick. You may also combine it with anoter upCam.
The main thing is that your Echo device Has a Screen (or an output for a screen).
In order to connect your IP Camera with Alexa, we will need and Account from Monocle.
Visit monoclecam.com and register. After this step, you will receive a registration email. After login, please click on
[+] Add camera feed Now you can enter the data as follows.
For “Name”, enter the name of your IP Camera. In this example, we will name it
“In The Entrance”
With this name, we can later call it, using Alexa.
The command syntax is “Alexa, show me camera xyz”
In order to get a proper grammar flow, I recommend you to call the surveillance camera something like “In The Entrance”
– instead of just “Entrance”. Therefore, the command will be:
“Alexa, show me the camera in the entrance” In the “Description” you may enter something like. – z.B. “Security Camera for my Entrance” Beside “Model” we will enter
the manufacturer’s model name. In our case, it’s an “upCam Cyclone HD S+”.
Beside the “Feed” you will need to enter the RTSP feed. To determine the Address and RTSP Port, you can easily find this if you have an upCam IP Camera. Just go to “Settings” and navigate to “Network” and “Port”.
As “Username” please enter the admin username of your IP Camera.
Below please enter the admin’s password. As “Resolution” you may pick HD.
And for the video codec, I recommend using H.264 For the audio codec I recommend G.711
(However this may vary, depending which manufacturer of IP Camera you are using!)
Keep the last two fields just empty. After completing the form, please hit “Save”.
Afterwards, please download the “Monocle Skill” in your Alexa App, using your smartphone. Therefore open your Alexa App,
tap on the bars on top left
and go to “Skills and Games”. Search for “Moncle”. Log in with your Monocle Account,
which was just created as shown before. Alexa will now search for devices and add them automatically. In the Alexa App, go to “Devices”
and tap on “All Devices”. Here you will see the camera which you have just added. Saying the command
“Alexa, show me the camera in the entrance” you will see the RTSP Stream of your IP Camera Same works if you have an Amazon Fire Stick or an Echo Spot. If you have any question about setting up your upCam IP Camera in your Alexa, then you may leave a comment under this video or just write an email to [email protected] You can also find more information about setting up IP Cameras in our Youtube-Channel.
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