Treksta Women’s ADT Mid 201 Hiking Boot

Offering lightweight support and stability
on the trail, the Treksta Women’s ADT Mid 201 boot has a unique last. It has got features
that make it really comfortable and really supportive. We will take a look at all of
those features. The first thing to talk about with any Treksta
shoe is the NestFit design. So NestFit is basically the last that these are built on.
Treksta has come out with a lot of innovations that actually mirror the human foot, not just
the footprint and the bottom of the foot, but over top, on the sides and up into the
ankle as well. So every piece of this shoe is designed to mirror the human foot. You
can see that NestFit design more prominently from the top. So if I take a look at the top
of the shoe here, there is shaping that you don’t see on many other shoes. There is
room here for your little toe. And unlike some shoes that have a re-ally wide toe box,
these do have a wide toe box, but they taper in where they need to and they come out and
give you more room where it needs to. There is enough room in your big toe area
and not just room back and forth, but you have room above your big toe as well. So it
definitely allows for your toes and your foot to splay. There is also an asymmetrical design.
So if you look at a human foot it is not symmetrical on both sides. So the lacing system here allows
for that movement or that curve in your foot. And so not only underneath of your foot, around
and overtop of your foot there is lots of shaping here that, again, you don’t see
on a lot of other shoes. This isn’t just in the upper part of the
shoe. This goes down into the insole, the midsole and even the outsole of the shoe.
So following with that NestFit design I want to show the insole that they include here. There is shaping that you don’t see, again,
on any other insoles. You have got areas for your big toe there. Underneath of your toes
there is even a little bit of space here that comes up in the insole. You can feel that
when you try the shoes on. So the first time you put these on you are really going to feel
a difference with the NestFit design. And this insole, again, is really breathable.
If your feet begin to sweat there is some mesh here on the top. It is going to be able
to help your foot breathe. And this design also goes into the mid sole and the outsole
of the shoe. The materials in the upper part of the shoe,
this is a fully waterproof shoe. You have got Gore-Tex Surround. And the important thing
to know about Gore-Tex Surround is it is not just a fabric that is sewn in to the upper
part of the shoe. The Gore-Tex actually surrounds your whole foot so you have complete waterproof
protection. And with that Gore-Tex it is also breathable. So as your feet begin to sweat
it is going to wick away that sweat. It is also going to protect your feet from the outside
to keep you nice and dry. There is nubuck leather and split leather
here on the upper. There is overlays on top of that leather that give you more durability.
And then there is certain sections here that have a little bit of mesh. So that helps with
breathability. But, again, with the underneath of that mesh you do have the Gore-Tex liner. Here in the front of the shoe there is a really
durable, nice toe kick here that is going to protect from rocks and that is going to
really protect your toes on the front of the shoe. And on the back you have a nice heel
counter. So as you break in the shoes you are not going to have a lot of movement in
your heel. It is going to keep your heel exactly where it needs to be. That is going to cut
down on blisters and really keep your feet comfortable. And then here on the eyelets you have a mixture
of some fabric and some metal eyelets. So they keep the weight down, but they also have
durability here and the metal eyelets on the top. And the tongue, again, the tongue is asymmetrical.
So as you tighten down the laces it is going to conform to your foot and it is going to
be really comfortable around your ankle. And the Gore-Tex comes all the way up, most of
the way to the top of the shoe. So you are going to have full waterproof protection there. There is a nice cushioned midsole in the shoe
that gives you comfort and also provides support. There is a TPU heel counter in there in the
heel and that is going to provide torsional support. So as you are hiking on trails and
rocks, as your boots are going from side to side, you are definitely going to have a lot
of support there. And that is not only going to protect your feet, but that is going to
protect your ankles as well. So really great support there and cushioning.
And, just like we talked about with the in-sole and that nest fit design that mirrors the
bottom of your foot, the midsole also mirrors the bottom of a human foot. And, again, you
can feel that as soon as you try them on. Going to the outsole you have got a hyper
grip outsole. There is nice lugs here so this is going to provide traction on both wet and
dry terrain, on rocky or slabby terrain. This is going to be really great. Down at the bottom you have got braking lugs.
And moving up to the top you just have really good support and really good traction on trail. With all the different high quality features
here, the Gore-Tex surround, the NestFit design and that mirroring of the human foot, you
are going to be very comfortable on your next hike with the Treksta ADT Mid 201 women’s

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