Top 20 Buys for Black Friday!!

Hey guys! Welcome to Techtimony! It’s a little bit of a different video today. We are going to look at twenty great bargain
items to check out this Black Friday. Anyway, let’s get started! (Intro)
The first item on the list is an elephant phone stand and pencil holder by Coolbros. You save $18.80 for a total cost of $11.19. The second item is the Anker AA batteries
24 pack. While not being on a major sale, its super
cheap, and they’re amazing. They’re leakproof, have amazing capacity,
and Adaptive Power. The price has gone down $2.10 coming in at
$11.89. The third item is the Fire TV Stick. Coming in at $19.99. It’s a full $20.00 off and is cool. It can also interact with the Fire blaster,
and you can of course have it interact with A_L_E_X_A. So, while this fire doesn’t roast chestnuts,
for $20.00 and its compact size, this is a great stocking stuffer for your favorite techaphile. If you want a holiday mouse that does more
than just stir, the fourth device will interest you. It is the Logitech M720 mouse. This is a mouse where you can connect up to
3 devices simultaneously. Just click a button and you can go to a pc. Then a second PC then another PC, Or Mac. Pretty cool. The fifth device is for people who enjoy cuddling
up next to a warm fire-it’s the Fire 7 tablet. This is a budget tablet with only 16GB, but
it’s more than just a book reader. I have a Fire 6 and there’s a way to install
the app store and google apps. Coming in at $29.99 and $20.00 off overall,
it’s Interesting that they make such a cheap device. The sixth Item is also from Amazon. It’s called the echo dot. This is a super compact A_L_E_X_A device meaning
it’s a smart speaker. This is a super strong speaker, and from what
I’ve heard it’s amazing. I think this deal is good, and it doesn’t
only have a deal on black Friday it’s always on sale. With $15.00 off at $34.99 this speaker is
a great item for listening to your favorite holiday hits. The seventh item is the MSI Z390-A PRO LGA1151
motherboard. This is an all-around good motherboard it
supports USB 3.1 gen 2 with 5 gigabit speed (Expect a video soon about this spec), M.2,
Wi-Fi, Display Port, HDMI, and overclocking. With $50.00 off, this ninety-nine-dollar motherboard
won’t make you latkas, but this is a great Deal! The eighth gadget is the Kindle Paperwhite. While you can’t fold it into a snowflake,
this is a waterproof kindle with a blacklight. This bundle also includes a case, charger,
cable, and the kindle itself. This kindle is not only waterproof; it also
has Cellular, but expect to pay a premium for that. The first 3G kindle still has connection today,
and that’s great. With a price tag of $124.99 including a discount
of $64.98 this is an amazing offer. The ninth item is the Ring video doorbell
2. This is a doorbell that has a security camera
and has motion detection so you can track down that package stealing thief. Overall this is a cool item. Coming in at $129.00 with a discount of $70.00,
this might have a high upfront cost but it’s amazing. Number ten is the Fitbit versa 2. This is a smartwatch that has A-L-E-X-A, apps,
Starbucks, Fitbit pay, and of course fitness tracking for working off those holiday treats. This is one of the only cheap smart watches,
so with a price of $148.99 and a reduction from the original price by $50.96. This is the best offer yet. The eleventh device is the Acer Chromebook
11 N7. This laptop includes a Celeron N3060, 11.6″
HD Display, 4GB LPDDR3 Ram, 32GB eMMC, and Google Chrome. While not being very powerful, this is still
great for schoolwork or homework which hopefully you won’t have over winter break. With a price of $149.99 and a sale of $50.00. This is cool. Number twelve’s a little different, it’s
a 43-inch 4K HDR TV, and it has a fire stick built-in. With a reduction of $100 and a final price
of $229.99 this is a great deal, and I’m excited to see how well this performs while
I watch Elf for the 10th time, because Elf. Thirteen is the Samsung Galaxy A50. You might have heard about this phone, but
most haven’t because it’s not their main series. This is their top end budget phone with a
ultrawide camera, infinity edge display, and 64GB of expandable storage. With a price of $274.99 and a reduction of
$75.00 from the original price this is a great gift for any stars who light up your life. The fourteenth item is the iPad 10.2-inch
edition. This is one of newest iPad models. This is the iPad with the Wi-Fi and 32GB of
storage. This is a great iPad for work. Its $49.01 off with a price of $279.99 and
a sweet gift for the apple of your eye. Coming in at fifteen is the Garmin Forerunner
935. This is a fitness tracker by Garmin with a
beautiful screen. You have notifications, GPS, and advanced
running and multisport features. With a reduction of $100.00 and a price of
$399.99 its pretty pricy. But it’s cool. The sixteenth item is the Google pixel 4. While it didn’t get a good response from
tech youtubers, this is an amazing phone. While only having 2 cameras, it shines in
this field and the pictures are amazing. Coming with a $200.00 reduction and a price
of $599.00, this is a nice product. The seventeenth device is the Samsung QN55Q60RAFXZA
Flat 55-Inch QLED 4K Q60 Series Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility. That name pretty much sums it up because its
an amazing tv. I barley have seen 4K myself. And this product is amazing. Lowering the price by $500.00 you get $697.99
Pretty expensive, but great for watching Elf for the eleventh time, because Elf. The eighteenth device is the MacBook air (2015
edition) This is an older computer hence its name, but it still packs a punch in 2019 like
a crisp winter breeze. This model has 8GB of ram and 128GB of storage. With a reduction of $300.00 and a price of
$699.00 The nineteenth item is the Galaxy S10 With
the Galaxy buds. This is a somewhat new phone that has amazing
speed and the Galaxy buds are outstanding headphones. This is a super cool phone. And with a $329.99 price drop and a $699.99
price tag you’ll be sending holiday group texts in style. The last device in our top twenty countdown
is the New apple MacBook Air is similar to the 2015 one it’s still fast, has an SSD,
and it’s super thin. Lowered by $199.01 and with a price of $899.99. Thanks for watching. This took me 7HRS to script. And I hope you loved it Bye (outro)

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