TMI vs. TID vs. TDA TAG l #TDANovember.

hey what’s up hello my name is Emma and today I am doing the TMI bursty idea and now verse TDA tag if you’ve missed my last few videos it is t da November we are getting ready for the release of Queen emeritus the final instalment in the dark artifice of Ceres so I am just feeding you guys all the Shadowhunter content I could possibly muster in celebration today we are doing the TMI versus T ID tag which was originally created by it Samantha’s books as a way to compare to of Sandra Clare’s series from the Shadowhunter Chronicles but as we are coming up on the final instalment in the third I decided to include it in this video and do a comprehensive analysis of all three I actually have done me TMI verse div tag not once but twice a channel already the first time I did it you could say I was just like a bit biased Mortal Instruments 9.5 points be afraid vices 0.5 points and the second time was definitely more fair the Mortal Instruments with 6.5 points and the Infernal Devices with 3.5 points also I don’t know if this video is going to be a spoiler E for any of these series I would assume if you clicked on this video you have like a mild understanding of what happens in these series or at least what they’re about but if at any point I do go into some but spoil e territory I will give you a spoiler warning and you can just come back to it when that warning goes away so you know let’s just keep remaking content we’ve been making for the past four years and jump on it into it first question who is the better main character at Clary Tessa or Emma for this one I am kind of torn between Tessa and Emma also I just noticed this look at the difference in size of these first books in each series originally I of course said Clary because the Mortal Instruments will always be my favorite but I do feel compared to Tessa and Emma Cleary does follow a storyline that we’ve seen a lot in literature the girl in fantasy who thinks that she’s a normal person but finds out that she’s a part of the supernatural world we’re at Tessa and Emma I feel have a bit more nuance to each of their stories we have Tessa who is battling with her identity and not knowing who or even really what she is and we have Emma who is a product of trauma and pain and war at this point in the story and she has been leaving a lot of her adolescence searching for revenge from her parents death and being an orphan so I just feel that these two ladies just have a bit more put into their development at the start of the story and that really helps them carry along the rest of the plot fair warning I’m incredibly indecisive so there will probably be a lot of answers where I pick two out of three so this question is actually spoilery but my answer won’t be it is question number two who is the best Herondale Jace will and now kit yall already know my answer I’m of course going with Jace I will always have a soft spot for J’s that no other fictional character can fail like you’ve just been through so much with Jace in terms of his struggle with family and love and his identity I know a lot of people don’t like Jace they just view him as this arrogant asshole who treats the people around him like trash but as someone who has been such a lover of this series from the start and has read it so many times Jace really goes through such strong at character development I especially feel like literally so privileged to be able to watch him grow as an adult even just past being a teen in the Mortal Instruments series because he appears in the dark artifice of series and it is just so wonderful to see him not only have changed so much and grown up over the past few years but have so much of the core of who is still be present as an adult listen I won’t lie to you he is a fucking asshole but he’s also caring and courageous and passionate and he has so much love to give to the world and I just love him with all of my heart at one point where the Mortal Instruments question number three we have the best love triangle now I’m not gonna make this question spoilery I’m not gonna tell you who ends up with who but you should be aware of the different characters involved in these love triangles but we have Clary Jason Simon will Tessa and Jem and Emma Julia and Mark now my mind who is just tired of love triangles wants to say Emma mark because it is but we were referring to the best meaning the highest quality and best developed love triangle and I of course have to go with Heron grace tears now you all know my journey with the Infernal Devices series I don’t need to reiterate that for you oh my god that pissed me off but especially after my most recent reread of this series I have just truly fall in love with Jem Tessa and will as a group as opposed to picking one love interest over the other I just feel they have this understanding of equity in relationships that normal people like us don’t have when you really experience the love story between Tessa Jem and will it is so much more than which side do you choose who is better for one person because they just grow so much not only in couples and groups but also individually because of the impact each person has had on their lives the relationship between these characters is so unique I do not think you could find a similar book that really captures their dynamic it is just truly magical and inspiring and so pleasant and heartbreaking my heart just fills with joy when I think about the three of them together and how much they all love each other so there could be no other answer for this question in my opinion the Infernal Devices series is taking the lead wow I never thought I would say that in my entire life another spoilery question but not a spoilery answer who is the best villain now there’s honestly a lot of villains in the Shadowhunter Chronicles and there’s different ones I could fit for each series but I’m going to choose between Sebastian Morgenstern Axl mortmain and Annabelle black Thorin I think this is another easy one for you to guess but I of course going to go with Sebastian we’re concerned from the world instrument series I have his bracelet tattooed on my arm was there ever a doubt that I would choose Sebastian for this question there’s so many layers to Sebastian’s character I could literally spend hours talking about that and I know for experience because I have I want to be clear that Sebastian is a bad person who did bad things and in my personal opinion how we know him as a villain he does not warrant a Redemption arc because everything he with a conscious decision to cause pain and destruction because he wanted it but I think when we go beyond just observing the choices he made and we start to examine the ability to make those choices freely or the lack thereof there is so much more to be discussed then what is black and white I love Sebastien because he is just an all-around great villain he is so fantastic at being evil and it makes for a really compelling storyline but I also love that he’s not just evil for being evil and there is this whole other side to his character that we don’t even really get to fully delve into in the Mortal Instruments series and we probably never will and I think that’s really clever and wonderful and I just think that he is such a fabulous fabulous villain that I don’t think any other fictional character could ever fulfill for me question number five is originally better army because it was between the dark army of Sebastian and the clockwork army of mortmain but I’m going to shift this and say what is the better threat of this story to include the looming parabatai curse that we don’t even really know the full extent of at the end of Lord shadows I’m going to utilize my freedom to choose two books for this question I’m gonna give half points to both the Mortal Instruments series and the dark artificer series I just think the dark army was the most contrived out of the three threats in these series it is just like very stereotypically evil like there’s bad things that want to do bad things and are controlled by a bad person and that’s really the extent of it the way they are formed and like the way the animate ons are animated is really interesting and clever I feel but I just don’t think the overall threat is as high as these other two the dark army is fueled by loved ones it is created entirely of Shadowhunters who have families and relationships and children and all of these connections to these normal Shadowhunters working under the angel but they are shifted and turned into something completely new that is entirely irreversible I think the severity of the dark army is really summed up at the fact that during the battle at the Citadel there is a shadow hunter who has to kill his own parabatai who was turned to be a dark shadow enter and then he ends his own life because he feels such guilt like that is you wait the dark army and I find that so terrifying part of the reason things went as far as they did when Sebastian was in power is because the Shadowhunters just could not conceive a world where their own were no longer living under their same rules and it created so many problems so that’s why I think the dark army is so fantastic because it plays on our deepest insecurities as humans that our loved ones will turn on us that we don’t really want to accept and that made for a really really heavy threat and with the dark artifice is the parapet Icarus is scary because we literally don’t know what the fuck is going on why is it that a pair of at I fall in love they are consumed with this power and magic that ends up hurting those around them and themselves what causes it and like what does it really mean we’ve only seen two very small snippets of the magic created by the pair of attackers but at the end of alert shadows we still haven’t seen the extent of it and the fact that we like still don’t know is so terrifying to me the tagline of a queen of air and our kiss is like everything it changes like the parabatai curse literally has the ability to change the Shadowhunter worlds forever and it’s going to I am very confident it is going to but we just don’t know the extent of it yet and so you know possibly the fact that we don’t have all the answers yet is playing into my answer for this question but I just think the fact that these power that Cheddar’s actually created could get so out of hand to the point where they physically do not have power over it anymore is really fascinating to me question number six better first book City of Bones Clockwork Angel or Lady midnight listen as much as I love the Mortal Instruments series we all know the answer to this is not City of Bones I am 100% going to go with Lady midnight you know they say size doesn’t matter but in my opinion Lady midnight is a really phenomenal first installment I know a lot of people that didn’t actually like it despite liking Cassandra Clare’s previous books because it is so much bigger and longer and it does take a much longer time to jump into whereas like City of Bones starts immediately as I totally get why people would disagree with me but I just feel about Lady midnight really reached a new level of sophistication for Cassandra Clare’s writing that we hadn’t fully seen from her before I personally believe that Cassandra Clare is one of those writers who truly improves with every single book she puts out and it’s very evident to see in her works for a buck with such a large cast I feel that the characters are incredibly developed for it being a series set in a world that has already been greatly developed with two other series I think it did a fantastic job of expanding upon that world and still keeping it new and fresh honestly Doug came home and I lost my train of thought so I don’t even know where I wasn’t discussing how great live eben Knight is but like to sum it up City of Bones and Clockwork Angel could never point 40d a question number seven was originally a favorite female sidekick but I personally have a doctor the idea that I don’t like the term sidekick when referring to characters in books I just feel that it really trivializes their input into the story so I’m going to rename this question favorite female supporting lead and that was going to be between Isabelle Lightwood Cecily Herondale and Kristina Rosales and my answer is all of them I am giving all of them one full point because that is just how important all of these girls are they are all so badass but yet so authentic and raw I love each and every one of them so so much they really are so much more than just side cakes and they all have their own important storylines they all contribute to the forwarding of this story and they have so much to give and I just I love my female supporting leads so much also sophie is totally included in this she’s in the series for even longer and then Cecily despite Cecily probably being more recognized because a few family she comes from but Sophie is also so freaking awesome and I I just love them I love them so much I have no idea who’s in the lead right now question number eight is better setting the New York Institute the London Institute or the Los Angeles Institute as I am a New Yorker I may be a little biased but I am going to of course use the New York Institute the New York Institute will always be special to me not just because it is first location where I experienced the Shadowhunter world for the first time but also because like it’s my home if you did not know each of the behavior back editions of the Mortal Instruments name for all devices and the dark artifice it has a map of either New York London or Los Angeles and different points on it that represents different locations in the story I actually went on a tour of all of these different locations and I filmed it it’s a video if you want to check it out down below the unofficial City of Bones tour but it was so cool to actually go around New York City and find some of the places that actually exist in the Mortal Instruments series and just imagine where something that would be it was such a cool experience so yes it’s special to me because New York is my home but I also personally feel like there is a greater integration of the New York mundane world as well as the New York down world as compared to the other series I feel like the Infernal Devices spends a lot more time at the actual London Institute as opposed to exploring London and the same with Lady midnight I mean in the second book they aren’t even in Los and it was for a lot of it so I really enjoyed the fact that like the characters of it City of Bones in the Mortal Instruments series actually get to go out and explore Manhattan and Brooklyn and Queens and stuff with all of these different magical things implemented into it so I just personally prefer the setting now the last two questions on this tag are referring to the final book in each of these series and obviously as I am filming this video in preparation for quitting very in darkness queen of air and our canoes is not out yet so unfortunately the dark writer business has to be disqualified or from these questions but I feel that because I have done this tag so many times that it’s fair for me to speculate if you know the dark artifice is going to you actually be a contender here like this isn’t an actual like analysis of which series is better okay don’t take it too seriously question number 9 is better a last book city of heavenly fire clockwork prince or queen of arendelle ness now out of the two I’ve read my answer is actually going to be a clockwork princess if you have been following along with my reread of the Shadowhunter Chronicles you would know that I am like shocked with how much I love my reread of the umbrella Devices and I just have such a greater appreciation for this series and that really holds true for clockwork Prince and clockwork princess which are two books I didn’t like very much previously I just think clockwork princess did such a great job of wrapping up a truly fantastic story and it’s funny because I had this experience when I was watching clockwork princess when like a lot of stuff went down it’s probably like the climax of the book but I realized I’m like oh my god you still have like over a hundred and fifty page just left like there is so much content in that last book in all of it was equally valuable and important and exciting I do think that’s a definitely fire is like a fair contender for best final book in the Shadowhunter Chronicles but just personally with my specifically last reread I was a little bored reading today my only fire for the first time ever um and I was just way more invested in the story of copper princess so that’s why I like at this point in my life I would say clockwork princess but like you could ask me in two weeks and I would say say definitely fire because I just think all of these are so great but I’m still gonna give half a point to Queen Emma and Arnaz even though it’s not out yet don’t take it too seriously listen I have so much faith in Cassandra Clare like at this point I have surrendered and like all of my desires for the series and I’m just like just right when you want Cassie and I will love it wholeheartedly that’s how I feel I am so confident that Queen Emma and darkness is going to be amazing and I know I just know it’s going to change the shadow wandering world forever and I don’t really think that there is any way for it to be this explosive conclusion without it being the best final book that we have so far we never a darkness is like eight hundred and eighty pages and it’s just going to be a packed full of action and heartbreak and Wonder and I cannot wait for it I know it’s gonna be amazing and question number ten is best final epilogue Sandra Claire is quite known for her heartbreaking and somewhat heartwarming but mostly heartbreaking epilogue so of course we have to compare City family fire clock or princess and queen of arrow darkness which I’m actually going to eliminate from this question because I have no idea what’s gonna happen in the FO huh now despite the fact that I currently think that clockwork princess is the better finale and I have said previously that the epilogue of clockwork princess is better but this time I’m gonna go with city of heavenly fire what I love about the epilogue of city hungry Fire is that it’s not just to the end of a story or the end of a series it really is this start of something new so perfectly sets up not only tales from the Shadowhunter Academy but also the dark artifice which takes place five years later and I just love the fact that there is definitely still some heartbreak to it but I also do like that it is still heartwarming and hopeful and things have ended well but there is still more to be explored the epilogue of City heavenly fire is not just like wrapped up in a tiny little bow like I know some of us really do like at some points there are endings that are great because they are perfectly happy and everything has worked out and there are other endings that are great because it’s just terrible and everything is in shambles and it’s like the worst thing I could ever happen but it’s the right fit for that story and that’s why it’s great and so I feel City family fire is a great combination of that it has it’s heavy terribly sad moments but it also has these uplifting moments where we have something to look forward to and that’s personally why I think it’s the better epilogue alrighty the tag is over and I have to add up my points because I stopped keeping track one hour later so I am back I have done my math probably pretty poorly because I’m 22 and I still can’t do basic arithmetic I’m also 22 and I don’t even know if I used arithmetic properly in that sentence but we have our final results we have the Mortal Instruments series with 5 0.5 points the Infernal Devices series with 3 points and the dark art it is a series with 3.5 points so as I’m sure all of you assumed myself included the Mortal Instruments one I will always unapologetically have a special special place in my heart for the Mortal Instruments series it is my favorite series of all time and I really don’t predict there will ever be a series that could fail was given to me but the Infernal Devices in the dark artifice is basically tied and it was a really close game like I’m fully impressed that I went from like the Umbrella devices having 0.5 points and the Mortal Instruments having 9.5 to this I think that is character development yes that is it or the TMI verse tid verse TD a tag I always have so much fun making this video I can’t wait till it is the future and I can do with the TMI verse tid verse TDI embers TL h tag and then the TMI verse tid verse t da risk TL age verse t WP tag oh my god the Shadowhunter Chronicles is ending in less than 10 years speaking of endings queen of air and our keenest comes out in a less than a month of December 4th is upon us and I just cannot wait in the comments below if you decided to play along let me know what your answers would be because I would love love love to know but that’s it for this video of thinking guys so much for watching and I will see you soon for more t da in November videos bye [Music] [Music] [Music]

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  1. my answers are:
    1) Emma
    2) I love all of them huh, I honestly cannot pick, they own my heart
    3) I’m gonna go with Mark, Kieran and Cristina, I know you didn’t mention them, but damn hot faerie threesome, i live for it
    4) Sebastian
    5) Parabatai curse
    6) Lady Midnight
    7) A L L
    8) New York
    9) half point to QOAAD bc it’s killing me rn with only some samples, as full point to Clockwork Princess
    10) Clockwork Princess
    so… TDA has 6,5 point, TMI has 4 and TID has 4 as well… i’m not surprised

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  14. Who is the best villain? Hmm im gonna go with NEITHER of them. Ik thats a bit anticlimactic but here me out. Throughout the shadowhunters chronicles i feel like there has been one ‘villain’ that has been most prevalent and never fail to really piss me off and thats the shadowhunters COUNCIL! Like seriously tho i have never cheered so much when that guy in TID that led the council ( lol cant even remember his name) was Decapitated and the cohort in TDA??!! Like need i say more…

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  16. Ok, I try without cheating, let's see how it goes…
    1: Definitely Emma. Not just because she's great but also because both Clary and Tessa annoyed me when I was re-reading the books (which really surprised me in Tessa's case because I adore her as an adult).
    2: Kit!
    3: If only given these options, I'd choose Herongraystairs. But I wouldn't choose Emma, Julian, Mark as a love triange for TDA but Mark, Kieran, Cristina because the first one isn't a real love triange, neither is Emma into Mark nor Mark into Emma and even their pretended relationship is short. Kierarktina is my favourtite love triangle of all time, not just in TSC!
    4: Sebastian, he's so tragic and cruel and arghhhh…
    5: The Dark Army
    6: Lady Midnight without doubt. Partially because it's just so amazing and partially because it's the most diverse out of the three.
    7: I wouldn't choose Cecily as the option for TID but Sophie. Cecily is only present in the very last book, I wouldn't count that as a supporting lead at all. But you're right, they're all important and wonderful. Still, I'd choose Isabelle, I have a major crush on her and I love her so much. Of course, I also love Cristina and Sophie dearly.
    8: London Institute
    9: I suppose QoAaD will probably be the best but since I haven't read it yet, I choose City of Heavenly Fire.
    10: City of Heavenly Fire.

    So TMI technically wins but I'm certain that'll change in a month and TDA will be in the lead. As much as TMI has a special place in my heart and I also love TID, TDA has taken my heart by storm. I wonder what series will be my favourite at the very end. I have a feeling it'll be TLH, even though I haven't read it yet.

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  34. 1Tessa
    2Jace or Will
    3Will, Tessa, Jem(I'm more Wessa😂)
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