Tips for Just Dance with the PlayStation Camera

13k hi guys you don’t know me my name is
Brittany I just want to make this video to help anybody who is using the ps4
camera and maybe having some struggles or just needs some tips or something to
direct them to how to score better or even just have your camera see you at
all that’s what this video is for of course remember that this is just for
the ps4 camera not for the Kinect or the move or anything or the Switch
none of that it’s ps4 camera only so this is the
PlayStation 4 camera so if you’re working with this thing then watch this
video and I hope that it will help you the best way for me to describe the
PlayStation camera is easily distracted it gets distracted by anything and
everything the first thing I want to talk about is the height of your camera
and also the distance you want to be from your camera so I do think that it
depends on your height as a dancer so personally I’m 5 foot 8 my camera I have
at about my ribcage chest area but it might be different for you and I
strongly strongly advise you to play with your camera see what works so have
it low and see how that does put it higher see how that does I had somebody tell me
that they keep their camera at their face level and point it down and that’s
what works for them so maybe that’ll work for you I don’t know you just have
to try it play with it and see what happens also make sure that when you set
up your camera and you step back your camera is seeing your full body so I
usually dance at about 7 feet from my camera and that’s the best way for it to
see my entire body you don’t want to be cutting off your legs or cutting off
your head or your arms and the best way to see
where how your camera is seeing you is after you do a song look at the playback
and see if it shows your full body in there I’ve also found that if I am
standing back too far that’s when the camera will stop seeing me it just drops
you as a player so make sure you’re not too far back if your camera is dropping
you a lot step a little bit closer but not too
close if you step too close your whole body’s not gonna be seen so just be
aware of that second let’s talk about the objects that are in your room okay
so for me as you can see I have a lot of stuff behind me that’s because I’m a
streamer as you can see I’m a streamer on Twitch if I’m trying to score well
all of this gets removed there’s no cat tree none of this none none
these lights are very bad everything here is bad it’s all a distraction so if
you have like a couch behind you that’s probably the worst scenario I used to
dance with the couch behind me and it always picked up the couch as part of my
body if you have anything else in sight it’s gonna see it it’ll stop seeing you
it’ll see it as you it’ll pick up a second thing it’s it just happens that’s
what it does and it’s frustrating so just make sure you get everything out of
your room everything nothing should be there if you have a picture on the wall
remove it now of course this is just if you want to score well or if you don’t
want your camera to pick up other objects if you don’t really care that
much then leave the picture on the wall that’s fine I’m just trying to help you
to score better or have more fun not get frustrated all right let’s talk about
lighting lighting is extremely important so important it’s probably one of the
most important things actually for this so for me I have a ring light behind my
computer this ring lights also behind my playstation camera it’s very very
important that if you’re gonna put a light there it’s behind your camera if
there are any lights in front of your camera your camera’s gonna see that
light and it’s not gonna see you so if you have if you have a window in
your play space it’s gonna mess things up your camera’s probably not gonna see
you anymore which you might have noticed if it’s happen to you before it’s a
thing also like a ceiling light or something any sort of light is going to
pull from the camera so just be aware of that
so what I had I have a ring light I cranked it up real high I also have two
lights on the side of my desk the one here and one here this is the lights
that I have next to my desk you can get them on Amazon so clearly as you can see
I have these two lights behind me I only have this there for my streaming so
and you definitely if you have a light like this behind you get rid of it I
just like it cuz it’s pretty it’s also important to point out that your camera
will probably pick up your shadow so if you’re casting a big shadow on the wall
change that try to not have a giant shadow on the wall however you can I
know it can be hard when you have all these lights shining on you but if it’s
possible it’s for the best and also remember that if you’re in a tight
little area and you don’t have a full room like this where you’re able to
dance the camera is probably just not going to work for you unfortunately and
I know that we all love to have the full body tracking but it’s just not going to
work in certain spaces but luckily we have other options
there’s the PlayStation Move if you have a Switch you can use the Switch
there’s different things you could do you can even use your cell phone so
maybe try out different options if you don’t have the space for the PlayStation
camera and lastly just remember that it’s a game so try to have as much fun
as you can and I know that we like to score well also but please please just
have fun it’s so important well I think that that’s pretty much all I have to
cover if there was anything you wanted to add please put it in the comments for
other people to see if this video helped you please let me know in the comments I
would love to hear it and if you have anything to add please also put that in
the comments for other people to see do you guys have any questions I have a
link below from my twitch you can ask me live about anything with the camera or
if you want to see the way it works for me live even though it’s not going to be
amazing you can check it out there but thank you for watching hope you guys
have a great day and happy dancing thank you

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