This Trick Keeps Your Bike Secure – Softride Bike Racks and Accessories

This is a great trick we’ve figured out
when attempting to drive at highway speeds for extended amounts of time with one bike
on the back of a bike rack. We’re going to use a bike bumper and the
supplied SoftWrap to tether the crank arm to the bike rack. That provides a strong third point of contact. And when it’s really windy, or you’re
driving really fast (which you should not do!), this really quiets down the movement
of the bike on the back of your bike rack. So, check that out, try it out, bike bumper
in use with a SoftWrap. Here we’ll use a SoftWrap and wrap it around
the mast of the bike rack, then thread it through the pedal, to attach the pedal to
the mast of the bike rack. This will keep things from moving at high
rates of speed when only one bike is installed on the bike rack. Here’s another view from the other side. You can see that when you pass the strap through
the pedal, it allows us to secure the pedal, and ultimately the crank arm, to the bicycle
rack, without having any contact between the bicycle and the bicycle rack. This will stop all movement at high rates
of speed, especially on small vehicles with large wind profiles on the back of the vehicle. To see more video content, visit

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