The Veo CCTV From Reinecker, Demonstrated by Tom Perski

(An upbeat jazz piano tune plays, fading when the speaker appears) Man: Hello, I’m Tom Perski from The Chicago Lighthouse and I’m going to highlight today the new Veo CCTV. Veo, V E O, means ‘to see’ and this unit by Reinecker of Germany, or Reinecker USA is one that has a lot of great features and I want to go over some of the special features that this machine has. The way the machine is structured is something new where you actually can choose different screen sizes, which come in, this one is 19″ and they also make a 22″ and a 24″ LCD flat panel. All the cameras are high-definition, but you can actually choose a high-definition or a super high-definition camera. As well as the button configuration, there’s a one button control system and a three button control system, which I’ll go over today. The overall unit is 24 pounds, which is very light compared to many CCTV’s and I like the capability and it looks very space age from the side, and so this unit can be actually carried from room to room pretty easily. A I mentioned it is 24 pounds. Most CCTV’s are well over 30 or 35 pounds and so this space age design and the light weight is kind of appealing. Also the tray, they’ve done an excellent job on this tray which is a black matte finish with an ergonomic design that folds down at the front. Then there are two very easily move-able levers which would control the ability to stop the tray either from the horizontal or vertical positions. Placing your reading material on the tray allows you a full range from both side to side and front to back. Probably more than any CCTV on the market. So even if you were to unfold, this is our local neighborhood paper, you can see that I can go all the way from the left side of the page all the way to the right side which is excellent. The quality of the picture is really natural color and looks really well. What we’re using here is our control with just one button so the button range goes from about 3x to very, very large levels of magnification. If I push the button in you can then select different contrast levels. White letters on black, green on black, yellow on black, also blue on yellow and then back to the natural color again. One of the unique features of the control is that it’s magnetized and will actually come off of the system. So that someone that has maybe difficulty or tires easily from reaching up, can actually place this down right on the tray where they’re reading, and then begin to use it without having to lift their hand to make those controls or to push it down to make those changes in the contrast where it’s conveniently right down near your hands when you’re reading. There’s also an ability on the side of the tray to take the button configuration and magnetize it right to the side of the tray, so that it’s not right on the face of your tray while you’re reading. So it’s again right here by your hand on the right side, which allows you to move that up and down while you’re reading without having that button in the way, but without having to reach up. The screen does tilt forward and backward if you want to minimize the reflection and of course it will go up and down and any of those configurations that we like to see in a CCTV. One of the other features of the one button remote and the three button remote, is a nice one that I like especially because I’m usually reading with very large print on the screen. By holding the button in you get a target which will then lower the magnification and help you orient to the screen or to the next article of what you want to read. Then, when you let go, it remembers the size that you were reading at. That really helps in orientation and going from one article to another. I’m going to reach over and grab the three button control, which looks similar and works somewhat similarly in that it magnetizes right to the bottom of the screen and gives me the ability with that middle button again to give the control that I need for size. There’s another button to the side which now would give us those contrast settings, similar to the ones on the one button controller, but these give you a knob that would point to the 5 different configurations. Then, many people like the ability to turn the brightness up or down on the illumination of the screen, and this is an important feature for many people with eye conditions who are photophobic or just like to be able to turn some of the brightness down. If it’s a bright picture or if it’s a dark picture, to actually boost the illumination, especially when you’re looking at photographs of people’s faces, to make it more natural. Another illumination feature is underneath the unit, you can actually tap these buttons and do a lower level of illumination, or completely turn it off, and then turn it back on again to the full level of illumination. Again, this gives a lot of people with photophobia just a lot more ability to choose the illumination that they like. One of the advanced features of the Veo is the capability to go into the unit where there are special software built into this CCTV, which many CCTVs don’t have all of these capabilities. So, by bringing up this menu I might be able to customize it for my vision. I can select other things as well, like line markers or a mask or window to go over the text. I can do many things through this menu and just by using the remote, choosing the ones that are important to me. Also there are other advanced settings that I can go into, color saturation and doing the white balance. Or, if I get confused I can actually go to a factory reset. So these menus would guide a person into the ones that are best. It’s probably good to have an expert to work with you at first before you go into lots of these settings, but it’s important for you to know that those are in there and have these special high-tech capabilities in the Veo. So thank you for tuning in today, again it’s the Veo CCTV by Reinecker and call us if you have more questions, we’re always available at 1-800-919-3375. You can go to our website directly and check out the prices, the Veo starts at $2, 395, which for a high-definition CCTV with all these features is one of the lowest in the marketplace, so we really like that. Our website is Thank you again, I’m Tom Perski, thanks for tuning in.

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