– This thing right here
is one of the best things a camera company has made in a long time. Check this out. Need some ND filter? Boom, you got it. Less? More? It’s so good. It’s the adapter for the EOS
R so you can use EF lenses, and now you have a built-in
ND filter on your camera, which is incredible. Yeah, I really like this thing. Plus you can change out the filters. If you want a polarizer or something else, you can just take it in and out real quick and easy like that. Yeah, if you have an EOS
R, I highly recommend getting one of these. It is a little bit pricey, but it is worth it in my opinion. If you don’t have an EOS R, well then I guess we should talk about why I’ve stuck with this camera over all of the other cameras right now. The real reason that I’ve been using the Canon EOS R this whole time is because Canon is paying me 10 million dollars a year to use it. (laughs) Man, I wish they were paying me. I have, to this day, never
ever gotten paid at all, zero dollars from Canon. Yes I’ve gotten a free camera. I’ve gotten this one for free, and I think I got a Canon 6D
Mark II for free way back, but that’s about it. I have never, ever been paid by Canon. I’m proud to be able to say that. And this video is not
sponsored by Canon in any way. It’s actually sponsored by me. We’re doing a pre-summer sale. For the next two weeks, all of the stuff in the store is on sale. The motion graphics, I
think they’re 40% off. The luts, the presents,
all that is 50% off. The new audio presets,
which a lot of you guys have been enjoying, are 40% off. So yeah, this video is sponsored by me, my store, not by Canon. And as hard as I am on Canon, I really enjoy using their cameras. Right now I’m filming
on a Canon C300 Mark II, and this is an EOS R,
which I use all the time. And maybe that’s why I’m
so critical about them because I do like their cameras, and because I use them so often, I do see some things that could be better, just like a lot of you guys. And in 2017 I made a video about the most underrated camera of 2017, and that was, in my opinion,
the Canon 6D Mark II, and now I’m making the most
underrated camera of 2019 video, the Canon EOS R. And it’s really interesting because both of these cameras are, specs-wise they’re very underwhelming. The specs are not impressive at all. The 6D Mark II, when that came out, I immediately just threw out and said this is the worst camera there ever was, and then I ended up using
it and really liking it. And kinda the same thing
when I saw the EOS R. I was pretty disappointed. When the specs came out,
I was like, is that it? That’s it? That’s all we get? But then I gave it a go, just like I always
promise with all cameras, I’m gonna give them a try, see what they’re actually like using, and I really, really
enjoy using the EOS R. And since I got the EOS R, which was like, I think a little bit less than a year ago, I would say about 80% of my videos have been filmed on this camera. The remaining 20% is mostly the C300, a little bit of the 1DX II, and then a few videos with a Sony or Nikon or one of those cameras. The EOS R, specs-wise, seems
like just a terrible camera, but when you go to use it and you see the true capabilities of that camera and the real-world use,
there’s a lot of things that I think is really
good about the EOS R, and that’s why I think it is
the most underrated camera, because people look at the
specs and they’re like, “Oh, I don’t wanna buy that camera.” And they miss out on the fact that it is a really, really good camera to use in so many different ways. I guess the true strengths and weaknesses really come out after using
a camera for a few months, and you kinda forget about the specs and you just think about, what do I actually like and
what am I missing out on when I’m using a certain camera? Real world use over time always overshadows specs in my opinion. And it’s the experience with a camera that makes you think over time, I really enjoy this camera. I really like using this camera, or this camera is really good, or this camera sucks,
I don’t like using it. And it’s really interesting. I have a bunch of different cameras, but I always go to pick the EOS R. I have a 1DX II, I have a Sony A73, I have a Nikon Z6. I’ve had a ton of different
cameras, the GH5s, and I still end up going with the EOS R. If I pick any camera on
my shelf, I pick this one. And so I sat down and I thought about it. What are the real reasons why I think the Canon EOS R is the most
underrated camera of 2019, and why do I go back to
it every single time? I try different cameras, but I always go back
to the EOS R right now. And the first thing I think, probably the biggest thing is the image. The image is really, really nice, and that’s one of those things that’s it’s harder to quantify. There’s no specs saying
the Canon has a 98% image, and then the Sony has an 86, there’s no quantification of
what the image looks like. But there’s a few things at play. First of all, color science. We all know Canon has
really create color science, which makes your life a lot easier, especially when you’re filming in log. Everything gets compounded
when you’re filming in log. If the colors aren’t
good from the beginning, it gets really hard to color
grade with log footage. And I love using log because
of that extra dynamic range. Thank goodness the EOS
R has a log profile. I really like the Canon log. It’s not too, like there’s
different levels of log, and the Canon is like, it’s the log, but it’s not really heavy-duty log, so it’s easier to color grade. It’s not as flat. It has some contrast and some saturation, whereas like the Sony’s, for example, are very logged. They’re really pushing how
much a codec can handle. And one of the biggest
things that people miss is the bitrate of a camera. So the Canon EOS R does, in
1080, 180 megabits per second, and in 4K 480 megabits per second. Now, that might not mean anything to you. You might be like, “You’re
just saying numbers. “I might as well be in math class. “I don’t understand what
you’re talking about.” Well, to put that into perspective, the Sony cameras, for example a Sony A73, only do, even in 4K, up to
100 megabits per second, so that’s less data per frame of video than you’re getting in 1080 on the EOS R, not to mention the 4K, which is four time, almost five times the
amount of data as the Sony. So to help you understand
what this means is, have you ever had your
footage, it looks really great, and then you export it, and then it kinda looks not as good. It’s kinda fuzzy. It looks like it’s almost
blurry a little bit. There’s a lot of like
blocks of colors and stuff. And that has to do with the fact that you’re not exporting
at a high enough bitrate, so you’re not giving
your video enough data to make it high quality. So with the Canon EOS R,
they’re giving, even in 1080, a ton of data for every second of footage that you’re filming, and that means that every frame is gonna be
better quality on the EOS R than it is on something like the Sony A73, or most of the other cameras. And so what I’ve noticed, which is really, really interesting is I like to film in 1080 because the 4K has a crop on
this camera, which sucks, but I like to film in 1080. Because it’s such a high
bitrate, what I do is film in 1080, edit in 1080, but then I export a 4K video
file of the final product, and then we upload onto YouTube in 4K. And because YouTube, again,
gives a little bit more data for a 4K upload, the
footage looks incredible, even though it’s filmed in 1080. It looks like 4K footage. And you know, you get the
little 4K thing on the wheel, so people think it’s filmed in 4K, but it actually was filmed in 1080, just like, I talked about
in the differences between the 4K, 1080, and 720, and
you couldn’t really see, that’s what I’ve been
doing for all my videos now is filming in 1080 and then just exporting and uploading them in 4K. So pro tip right there. Even if you’re filming in 1080, make sure to just export and upload in 4K. Just like when you export a video, you need to give it enough
data so it’s high quality, YouTube needs to give it enough data so that’s why I do the 4K thing, so I get a little bit
more data for my videos. And also, because of this high bitrate, it’s way easier to color
grade the EOS R footage. It doesn’t start falling apart as quickly, and just the overall image
looks really, really good. Then another thing that I
just keep going back to, I love these flip LCD screens. There’s so many times where
I’m filming some low angle or I’m getting some
weird angle and I can’t, I wouldn’t be able to
see the screen normally, but because of this flip LCD screen, doesn’t matter where, how I’m filming, I can always see the monitor, and I don’t need to have
an external monitor on here to see what I’m filming. Flip LCD screens, in my opinion,
are still way underrated. There’s way too many
people that are saying, “I don’t need a flip LCD. “I don’t film myself. “I don’t vlog.” I don’t think that that’s the only thing that a flip LCD screen
is for, in my opinion. The auto focus, it’s the best. Canon has, by far, the best auto focus, and it is really underrated,
especially nowadays. I think all the camera
companies are claiming that they have great auto focus and video, and they don’t actually
have the best auto focus. And maybe you’re saying,
“I don’t use auto focus. “I don’t need auto focus.” Well, even if you film in manual, you get the little like cross hairs, so it shows you when you’re in focus, which is so handy when
you’re manual focusing because you have one extra tool to make sure that you’re in focus. And it’s really great, because if you’re filming a long take, let’s say you’re doing an interview, and you just want to make sure that the person is still in focus, instead of kind of like
hunting for the focus to make sure that it’s in focus, you can just move over the cross hairs to wherever the face is, and then just see are they lining up, are they green? And that’s when you know it’s in focus. And you can really, really rely on that way more than peaking
or any of those things. I fully rely on the cross hairs. When they show it’s in
focus, it’s in focus. And then you might be asking, why am I not using my 1DX II more? It’s a great camera. Well, a really big thing
is the size difference. Not only the camera body. It’s a big, look at the size difference. It’s massive. And not just that, also the
battery size difference, the charger size difference. I think the EOS R is the
best form factor body to hold in your hand. It’s not too small. Like, the Sonys I feel like
are a little bit weird to hold. They’re a little bit too small almost. And it’s not too big. It’s not a 1DX where it’s massive. And yeah, this camera, it’s
actually pretty nice to hold, but it is a little bit too big and a little bit too heavy a lot of times. Yeah, it’s just a bit of a pain. Especially putting on a gimbal, the weight adds up really, really quickly. Another thing that was worrying me is that there’s no IBIS in this camera, but again, as I’m using this, I’ve just been using the digital IS, so it crops in just a little bit, and the stabilization’s really great. I haven’t noticed any issues,
no warping or wobbling, except if you’re using it on a gimbal, you do need to turn it off. It kind of like tries to
correct some of the movements, and it adds shake to your footage when you’re using a gimbal. So that’s a little bit weird. Do not use the digital
IS if you’re on a gimbal. But other than that, when I’m vlogging or just running around, I’m
always using the digital IS, and that’s why you’re not seeing any of that little shake, which you get on the Canon 1DX, because there’s no IBIS
and no digital IS either. Also, I’m hoping that
the new 15-35 with IS will fix some of that,
because you would have image stabilization in the lens and it’s a wide lens already,
so it stays fairly stable. And then you would have the digital IS. So I think with that combo, it should be pretty good,
but we’ll have to see. It’s an amazing photography camera. No gripes at all when
it comes to photography. So it really is a great video camera and photography camera
so you don’t have to have a camera just for video and a
camera just for photography, which is something that
you do kind of need to do with other cameras. I won’t name any names. Obviously, it’s not perfect. I already mentioned the 4K. It’s not really that
great because of the crop. I was hoping that somebody would make like a speed booster which
would get rid of the crop, but I haven’t seen anything like that yet. The IBIS, that’s a negative, I think. I really do think it would
be great to have IBIS. No 120 frames per second. That’s probably been one of the biggest criticisms of this camera. But it’s funny, as I’m using this camera, there’s almost never a time
where I’m thinking to myself, man, I wish this camera just had IBIS, or man, I just wish this camera
had 120 frames per second. That rarely crosses, rarely
if ever crosses my mind while I’m actually using the Canon EOS R. And it’s funny, I have a
camera with no crop 4K, IBIS, 120 frames per second, log, I have all of those features
in a camera, the Sony A73, and I still don’t use
that camera very much. There’s just something to it that I don’t enjoy using it as much,
and I always end up gravitating towards the EOS R. I guess it comes down to whether the specs are needs or wants, and if I
really needed those things, if I truly needed those things, I would always use the Sony or the 1DX II and not the EOS R. And so I really do think those are more of wants than needs in the end. And it’s really interesting to see how many people are starting
to use the EOS R now. It’s almost like people have realized, like, oh, yeah, wait, specs
don’t make a camera great. You can gave great specs on paper and the camera can be absolute garbage. Well, not garbage. I’m sure it’s still fine. Or you can have very,
very underwhelming specs like the EOS R, and it can actually be a really great camera to use, and that’s, I think,
what’s finally happening. A lot of people have gotten over, you know, the initial buzz
and hate about all the specs, and they’ve over time seen
their friend using the EOS R or they’ve just picked
up an EOS R at the store, and they’re like, “Oh, this
is an interesting camera.” And then they end up
really liking using it, just like with me. I did not think that this would become kind of my daily driver camera. And the new lenses really excite me. That new 7200, it’s like tiny. I might actually carry around a 7200 now, because it’s going to be so small and it’s just gonna take
up like a normal lens spot instead of this massive brick that the other 7200, this guy
right here, that one is big. And then the best lens, I think, that I’m most excited
about is the 15-35 f/2.8 with image stabilization. Again, this lens, this is a 16-35. It makes it with adapter and the lens, it’s a pretty big setup for the lens. I like this lens a lot, but having it be a little bit smaller and having IS in the lens, yeah, I’m really, really
excited for that lens. Not to mention all the primes and all those that are coming out. So yeah, I’ve been really hard on Canon, and I just wanted to make this video because I truly do think that this is the most underrated camera of 2019. And if you haven’t used it yet, I recommend that you try it out. It’s not for everybody. It’s not gonna work for all people. But it is a really, really
great option right now. So thank you to everybody at Canon for working really hard
and putting a lot of effort into these cameras, these products. I really enjoy it. I just wanted to say thank you, and thank you to all the camera companies and all the filmmaking companies. Thank you for making amazing products that make our lives as
creatives a lot more easy and more fulfilling
when we can do just like really, it’s really great, it’s mind-boggling to
think how much you can get out of this little camera. I remember the very first time
I picked up a video camera, it was like recording onto tape and we were filming skate videos, and just, it looked horrible. If you look at the footage
now, it looks like garbage. And now this camera, which is
smaller than that handy cam does really, really
high-quality, incredible footage. So yeah. If you haven’t used the EOS
R, recommend checking it out. Check out the discounts on the store. If you’ve been looking
at any of my products, they will all be on sale
for the next two weeks. And let me know, what camera do you think is the most underrated camera
of 2019, and tell me why. I’m really curious to hear. I just love technology. I just posted on Twitter
the other day about, I don’t know what it is,
but I just get excited when new tech is announced. Even if it’s, it’s not
something that I want to buy or I’m ever gonna buy, but I just get excited when there’s these new innovations and
new technologies coming out. And that goes double for,
or triple, or quadruple for camera stuff, filmmaking stuff. I love when new technology
comes out for filmmaking. All right, that’s it for today. Canon EOS R, the most
underrated camera of 2019. See you guys. (mellow techno music)

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    Currently only shooting podcasts so idc at all about ibis and i always need to be depending on AF cause i'm a solo shooter and on the gh5, it's never in focus or always fucking up.

    THANKS for confirming my interogations!

  44. Hi Mattie thank you for such great and informative video. I just bought Eos R + Atomos ninja V and i have some questions. I know i can output 10bit 25p 4k. But when i try to do 1080p 25p out it wouldn’t let me it only outputs 1080 50p. So therefore the EOS R cannot output 1080 at 25fps to the Atomos is that correct? Thank you so much in advance. I have been trying to make it output 25p for hours and still couldn’t do it 🙏🏻

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