The Iron Spider Mistake – Spider-Man: Far From Home

this video is sponsored by tab for a cause spoilers for spider-man far from home I like this movie I liked Peter I'd liked mr. e oh I liked MJ Ned flash Betty and the rest of the kids I liked happy in May I liked the action I liked the effects and I liked this score I liked it however I very much did not like Edith the AI that Tony gives Peter in the form of a pair of glasses I think Edith is all kinds of dumb and okay how about this I'm gonna take 30 seconds to nitpick Edith to death right now and then we can be done with it I have some questions when did Tony make Edith why didn't Tony use the drones during the battle against Thanos widen Tony use the drones during the time heist are there no Edith fail-safes does the etus have no problem attacking the bus it is on could Peter transfer Edith to anyone even someone with maybe a different name but the same faces a disgruntled former Stark employee and of course why did Tony levitus – Peter instead of any of these more qualified characters pepper Rhodey happy old man cap banner Clint – chalice Cherie Sam Nick Fury Maria Hill Doctor Strange Scott Carole Harley his original surrogate son Morgan when she grows up or just nobody and worst of all eva is completely unnecessary the movie already has a built-in mechanic that can drive the plot the same way that Edith does without all the nonsense so if I could make one small change to spider-man far from home it would be this Tony would not give Peter Edith he wouldn't give eateth to anyone Edith would not exist so I'm gonna walk you through what a version of far from home without Edith would look like and explain why I believe that version of the movie is not only less dumb but is also just a more interesting spider-man story start where the original movie does Peter is fighting crime in New York City definitely keep that fight against the mobsters in the movie we could use it to set up heaters big problem Peter is beating the mobsters but it's clear that the iron spider suit is doing most of the work Peter doesn't think being spider-man is enough anymore so he's not all that acrobatic the suits legs are knocking the goons out and the automatic webbing is tying them down and this is because an eye and not believe this never came up and far from home as far as Peter is concerned he died eight months ago Peter is still recovering from the biggest failure in human history probably the history of the universe he was not able to prevent the snap and half of all life in the universe disintegrated and the other half of the universe suffered for five years Peter specifically almost had the gauntlet off of Thanos he could have saved everyone but he didn't and that's really weighing on him like I'm not saying that you can't have a happy-go-lucky tone in a spider-man movie like this or that because this movie immediately follows endgame means it has to be this somber funeral for Ironman no but I do think this is the perfect time to explore a very interesting concept and we have a movie starring the character who is the most interesting character to explore that concept so let's have that factor into this movie he's just letting the suit do all his work because Peter has lost his mojo he still has the powers but he doesn't feel like they're enough anymore he's just they're depressed not having fun or making jokes joylessly stopping crime he's basically letting the suit save the day and then going home Peter is literally a shell of his former self and that comes at a big cost since the suit is doing all the spider Manning Peters powers have atrophied specifically Peter spider sense is more or less gone he doesn't need it because the suit can sense danger around it and even if it can't it's bulletproof so what can happen and spider sense is going to be the clear stand-in in this movie for peter's confidence in himself the may banana Peter tingle scene isn't just a joke this is going to demonstrate that the spider sense is gone so may sense Peter on this trip to Europe doesn't really want to go but she wants him to get his mind off the snap and she thinks the trip will help I don't have a huge opinion on the main knowing Peters identity thing yeah more traditional spider-man story would have may worried about Peter but you could do interesting things with me encouraging Peter to be spider-man after all Mae knows he's got it in him Peter's gonna be a hero whether she wants him to or not might as well be encouraging so I don't mind if Mae packs the suit but in this ver she doesn't because she does not need to and here's the big change May does not need to pack the red and blue suit because Peter is bringing the suit with him a suit and since he's this new depressed nearly powerless Peter he's packing the iron spider suit that's gonna be the Edith standed instead of being a cryptic Wizard of Oz last gift the last thing Tony gave Peter is going to be the actual last thing Tony gave him the iron spider suit as far as Peter is concerned this suit already represents Tony's legacy so beginning of the trip is pretty similar Peter's interested in MJ but as an extension of the theme he lacks the confidence to really do anything about it Ned wants him to try but Peter doesn't think mjo go for him then we get the hydro man fight in Venice this can be a fun way to reveal some things about Peter Peter doesn't have the iron spider suit on him but he still wants to fight Hydra man oh and in case you're wondering how does Peter get the iron spider suit to Europe if he has to take it on a plane through a metal detector the answer is magic nanotechnology so he doesn't have the iron spider suit on him but he still wants to stop hydro-man so he is forced to do it without the powers of the suit and this will be the first time we see how rusty Peter really is he's sticking to walls but barely he's jumping and landing clumsily and he's getting blasted with auto from all directions because Peter isn't getting any spidey sense warnings but Peter manages to keep a building together long enough for Mysterio to safely destroy hydro-man that night Mysterio meets up with Peter the same way Nick Fury does in the original movie okay so second small change Nick Fury serves no purpose in this movie besides delivering eateth to Peter and antagonizing Peter and he's an idiot throughout the movie and I know what you're gonna say well that wasn't really Nick Fury that was Talos well a Talos isn't an idiot either and B that still doesn't help the fact that the Nick Fury in this movie didn't work he's just there to awkwardly guilt Peter into doing things that it would be way more interesting if Mysterio or Peter guilted Peter into doing on his own and see fury chose to leave Talos in charge which means let's say Mysterio wasn't lying and elemental villains were really here to destroy the planet like Talos and fury assume they almost did like he's still on the hook for taluses mistake what happens if this whole confrontation goes the other way molten man's a real guy in the earth is destroyed way to go fury let's just take everything fury does in this movie and give it to misty Rio Plus that makes it a lot more believable Mysterio isn't fooling superspy Nick Fury Mysterio is just fooling Peter a young impressionable 16 year old Mysterio recruits Peter to go to Prague Peter refuses again but this time he doesn't think he'll be helpful he just doesn't believe in himself and since we're getting rid of the Edith Buster own thing which I found pretty awkward we have some time for Peter and Ned to talk about Mysterio we can get some insight into what Peter thinks is gonna happen we can also have some time where Peter and Beck talk like that scene on the rooftop and that could be when Beck learns about the suit maybe Peter very casually mentions oh yeah this is nanotech that mr. stark gave me and I don't even think I'm worthy of it anymore Mysterio gets an idea we all start turning and then they have the fight in Prague then we have that scene in the bar but this time Peter gives Mysterio the suit says this technology is really advanced you seem like a smart guy Beck all I'm doing with it is failing to help people but I think you can use it to do something great this is what mr. stark would have wanted so Peter gives Mysterio the suit and Peter leaves and we have that same scene where Mysterio talks to all his dudes including box of scraps guy the greatest non Justin Hammer character in any of these movies now and that's where Mysterio reveals his plan and how it has changed so I don't want it to be about Tony Stark he can have worked for Tony Stark because that's where all the super geniuses end up working in these movies but he's not motivated by a hate of Tony Stark he's just a smart guy who wants to be a superhero he wants credit he's Willy Loman attention must be paid so not too dissimilar from his original motivation but originally this plan had nothing to do with spider-man this was all just going to be Mysterio versus the elementals and then Peter showed up made it difficult but then Mysterio realized something because and not to nitpick except I can't not nitpick here not unlike my podcasts mostly nitpicking Mysterio's plan and spider-man far from home makes no sense his plan is to fight for fake monsters that are actually Holograms the cause real damage but they themselves don't exist Mysterio destroys them he gets all this attention from the public he's a big hero then he fights an even bigger monster made up of these super drones that he already seems to have some of anyway so he doesn't really need eateth this plan can work pretty much the same way if Beck just robs banks over a long period of time and then uses that money to build more drones he's in the same spot without Edith and hey maybe he could use the monster fights as a way to secretly rob banks I think that's a different movie but that could be fun but okay so let's say Beck's plan works he fights Zephyr he fights Sandman he fights hydro man he fights molten man they cause a lot of destruction he saves the day as a public figure then he fights The Tempest monster on the London Bridge Nick Fury says this guy is a true hero he invites back to join the Avengers and then what he still doesn't have superpowers what happens when he has to shake hands with Carol midair what happens when an actual threat like Kang or Annihilus shows up with an army when the villain is not a projection plan by Mysterio Mysterio's whole thing falls apart unless he's going to do what another character from another show I don't want to spoil does and just be and conveniently far away from every fight so he can't be part of it I don't see a way that this goes past the end of this movie especially since there's characters like dr. strange who you would assume would just see through what he's doing anyway with magic but the suit changes things Mysterio can give his speech originally we were just gonna use this to get attention staged some fights pretend to be a hero but this kid in this nanotechnology we can use this to be a real hero we can give Mysterio superpowers and then we won't have to pretend anymore with the help of box of scraps guy we can reverse-engineer this nanotechnology and use it to create an actual Mysterio suit with actual powers and then everyone will have to listen to us ah ha ha ha something like that because now the plan has a blodgett endgame get the suit from Peter and use the suit to make your own super powers Mysterio goes from pretending to be a fake superhero to pretending to be a real superhero and and Peter realizes that Mysterio is using illusions I think the way they get there in the movie is a little convenient but whatever MJ finds the projector Peter realizes what's going on and Peter goes to tell fury so fury can still be in this movie in some capacity but he isn't organizing this whole thing Peter gets the warehouse starts fighting Mysterio we have the Hall of Mirrors snow globe head fight but in this version Mysterio has not yet reverse engineered the Nanosuit so there still aren't any real Mysterio's that can hit spider-man and do any damage so Peter gets beaten hit by a train happy finds him Peter realizes he needs to get his spider sense back if he's gonna stop back so Peter gets his spider sense back he gets his mojo back he makes the new suit and he fights Mysterio but now Mysterio does have powers so we get a Hall of Mirrors kind of fight we get another shot at this none of this is real fight where spider-man is kind of stumbling through some fake environment but one of the Mysterio's in this version is real one of them is Beck knocking out spider-man and then at the end of the fight the suit is destroyed which means there's not really much nanotechnology left in the world Tony's dead his suit is destroyed peppers didn't seem to use all that much nanotech she had a physical helmet although it does pull back that one time maybe she still has it but Tony didn't mass-produce it in the five years between infinity war and endgame so when the iron spider suit is destroyed it's more or less gone from the world which is good spider-man needs to get back to normal the iron spider suit is fun but only for a little the fun of spider-man is that he's a regular guy swinging around New York City in a suit with web-shooters but in a normal suit he can get beat up he can get shot so he has to dodge it and by taking the iron spider suit away from Peter at the very end of the movie Peter is going to be forced to go back to basics I know that's kind of similar to what homecoming did but I don't think it was that deliberate because in homecoming spider-man loses his suit because he's irresponsible but Peter having a suit would have almost certainly made things better he would have won the first fight against tombs in the warehouse and even if he didn't the plain situation probably wouldn't have been such a disaster because of some of the fancy things in the stark suit like say a communicator and a beacon so that he could be tracked but in this situation the suit is actively hurting Peters ability to fight Mysterio because it's become this crutch that's stopping Peter from tapping into his real abilities like his spider sense so taking the suit away here is not only a metaphorically significant move but in the world it's the right thing for spider-man to do at that time and we're kind of resetting the character now by destroying the suit so that's the change look what we have now instead of a weird set of glasses creating drones that Mysterio doesn't really need that wouldn't really solve this problem anyway Peter is taking the last thing Tony Stark gave him that is hampering his abilities to be spider-man giving that to Quentin Beck and Quentin Beck is able to use that gift as a way to not only hurt Peter and manipulate him emotionally but make his plan make more sense in the long term and Beck thinks that by taking the iron spider suit away from Peter he is weakening Peter and Peter isn't going to be a threat anymore and Peter thinks this too because up until this point in the movie Peter has forgotten what makes spider-man spider-man so by taking Peter to rock bottom taking this fancy suit away from him and forcing Peter to get back up not only will we have a more interesting finale in this movie but the MCU going forward will have a more fun Spider Man who is faithful to what's important about the character and if you like Peter wants to do something to give back I would highly recommend this video sponsor tab for a Cause tab for a Cause is a Chrome extension where every time you open up a new tab it donates a small amount of money to charity and you even get a say in which charities actually get the donations they work with so many like action against hunger Conservation International just by using this Chrome extension people have raised more than seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars for charity it is so easy to get started all you need to do go to the link in this video description add the browser extension it takes like a minute of your time and you can help out some really worthy causes as always I have to thank everyone who continues to support the channel on patreon you guys are the best you want to see your name up here get access to videos early other cool stuff throw in literally any amount of money slash Mandovi movies you have no idea how much I appreciate it I also got some interesting messages from the patrons after I put this video up ik patrons had things to say that I didn't have time to work into the video itself but would have been worth mentioning so one is William mentioned it's worth noting that Black Panther still has nanotech – yes however and as a Yuen replied that nanotech seems to rely on vibranium which isn't something that the whole world has access to not even something really that Peter has access to so that's why I 'pn till this point I've set the stark nanotech separate from me Wakanda nanotech either one I really really like this one's from Edwin he's saying this would also be a nod to the Civil War comics as the original iron spider suit was made so stark could figure out how to beat Peter spider sense should he ever go rogue Tony wanted to learn how spider sense worked which was part of what the iron spider suit was supposed to do it would also throw like red herrings and false positives at Peter so that Peters spider sense wouldn't even work that well so it is kind of a throwback to how Tony did that in Civil War even though you know it's funny because when Mysterio does it it's just kind of something that happens right it's not his plan to use spider sense against spider-man mostly because nobody knows about it really in that universe but in civil war Iron Man did that intentionally so Civil War Ironman is worse than movie Mysterio I also want to highlight the Nando V movie subreddit where a redditor named William Frantz wrote a post it was a small change to spider-man far from home it's kind of similar to this although on most significant of podcast where every week we pick apart a piece of pop culture I ought line this idea of myself so it's just like little parallel thinking but what I'm actually had a cool idea that I really liked which is the idea that while Mysterio is fighting Peter at the end he's trying to manipulate Peter and he makes the iron spider suit that's just nanotechnology at that point turn into Iron Man so not only does Peter have to fight and destroy this gift that his former mentor gave him but that gift also has become an effigy of that mentor so that could be a really dramatic scene think that's a really cool idea and last thing follow me on Twitter slash Nando view movies is where I post updates on videos and podcasts and twitch streams and all kinds of other cool stuff like that that's all I got I'll see you next time

22 thoughts on “The Iron Spider Mistake – Spider-Man: Far From Home

  1. I’m just saying, the fact that you could write something significantly better than what was made, just goes to show, they don’t get Spider-Man. And the best part about your version is that it would still leave him in the same place he is now, just make the movie actually do something to the character’s psyche. Instead the real movie is just bad.

  2. E.D.I.T.H. does represent Iron Man's legacy and is important for the MCU and Spider-Man specifically. It represents Iron Man finally creating a successful version of Ultron. I think Iron Man created or at least started to think up ideas for it during the 5 years between killing Thanos and Avengers: Endgame but he knew it wasn't read to face Thanos at that time because Iron Man actually mentions the "suit of armour around the world" referring to Ultron. And Iron Man gives E.D.I.T.H. to Spider-Man because unlike Harley from Iron Man 3 who randomly met one day and had some bonding time with before he stopped Aldrich Killian, Spider-Man was specifically chosen by Iron Man to be his last true contingency plan for protecting Earth. That being a new younger superhero who he can train and can live up to the role that Iron Man had played throughout his superhero careet, E.D.I.T.H. is the last part of that contingency plan, practically force Spider-Man to be even better then he was before. Spider-Man: Homecoming did a similar thing by having Iron Man take the Homecoming suit away from him after a fight with the Vulture and putting people in danger but I think that the Homemade suit, Homecoming suit and Far From Home suit were meant to be a deliberate parallel to Iron Man creating new suits, this is supported by the image Spider-Man deigning the Far From Home suit just like Iron Man before defeating Mysterio

  3. Edith ties in to the biggest nitpick I have with the entirety of MCU movies. Tony Stark is all the time sitting on a techmonopol capable to hold the entire world hostage. In retrospective, that made his stand in civil war very hypocrate. Iron Man is the american military industrial complex in person.

  4. My major objection to this is that you're proposing that Mysterio should put up a real fight with Spider-man. The fact Mysterio was defeated by one punch in the movie was honestly amazing because that's how it's always been and how it always should be. In all seriousness, though, I agree with why you proposed the change and it probably would improve things – but when I saw Far From Home for the first time I was genuinely holding my breathe for the final fight scene with the iconic one-punch and when it actually happened I was so happy.

  5. The way Mysterio would help is he’d just use the drone as a projection of himself! The drones do damage, so he’d just hologram himself

  6. oooof. sorry, this is really bad. i get the "fixing" is your schtick, I started watching after your "one marvelous scene", but ever since, each video just comes off as a long-winded CinemaSins.

  7. Once again I am struck by the notion that screenwriters/directors should run their stories by the super fans and Nando. Those nitpicky details that studios often ignore can often unfurl into elegant solutions and better storytelling. Also, studio execs shouldn't lean on CGI so much. When you can wave a magic wand to solve all your problems it is far too tempting to use it, even when a better option presents itself or the practical work has already been done eg the superstache and the Thing remake.

  8. 10:03 someone tell me what character from which show he's talking about 🤣

    Don't open the replies to this comment if you don't want spoilers 🤐

  9. Great video as always, but this rewrite seems like it’s a little close to a rehash of the Spider-Man homecoming issue of “who are you without the suit”

  10. So Peter makes his own suit, then gets a new suit, then loses the new suit, then fights with the suit he made, then gets a newer suit, then loses his newer suit, then fights with a newer suit he makes. Kinda seems like a rehash but great video as always

  11. The movie has problems but i dont think your way solves them.
    But yeah EDITH is a plothole for endgame and its own movie and make Tony look like a huge hypocrite for the events of civil war, unless it was built on the 5-year skip and yet is a plothole.
    And yet i love the movie.

  12. Eh this is the first rewrite of yours that I'm not a fan of. I can agree with removing the drone attack on the bus though.

  13. Everytime I watch ur channel I realise what could have been and it always just makes me want u to work for marvel. Great Video!👍

  14. I hate that I'm forced to agree with a guy on YouTube critiquing a billion dollar movie with professional writers behind it. If Nando can think up something more fun, logical AND meaningful… Why can't these writers.

  15. how does this make Beck a villain? he is then actually becoming a real vigilante, which doesn't seem like a bad thing at all, definitely not something Peter would need to stop. Edith was integral to the reason Beck was an actual antagonist because he got access essentially to a device that could cause genocide of Beck really wanted to, and he wanted the drones to cause ACTUAL casualties. If he actually has the suit, he would be able to be an actual hero and wouldn't need to fake anything. The reason the fight at the end HAS to be faked and not just a fake villain vs a real hero is because it's made out of drones, something that doesn't fit the narrative if you physically fight it. Edith is essential to make the Beck plan work because the reason he needs to stage fake fights with actual casualties is because he DOESN'T have powers or the ability to actually do anything. Your plan really is just Beck tricking Peter into giving him nanotech and then Beck harmlessly becoming an actual superhero and Peter maybe having a talk with Beck where Beck goes "I just want to be a real superhero, man. Now I can finally do that." he doesn't even need a team anymore at that point. he just becomes the hero he was pretending to be. I like how you use the Iron Spider suit in a thematic sense, but it totally ruins Mysterio becoming the main antagonist.

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