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Can you believe that Fixies are such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified it’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal, so small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please, don’t let their secret out! The Alarm Clock It didn’t ring again! Nolik, let’s go fix the alarm clock. Simka, wake Tom Thomas up. Tom Thomas! Get up! Tom Thomas! Hey! You’ll be late for school! Tom Thomas! Get up already! This is really something! And where is the battery in here? No, this is an old mechanical alarm clock. It doesn’t work with a battery. It uses a spring. How’s that work? People wind up the spring tightly and then as it slowly unwinds it turns the gears which turn the hands of the clock. What? The alarm clock broke! Let’s hurry and get you washed up! Tom Thomas, are you just getting up? Dad, the alarm clock didn’t go off. It’s broken! Here is the problem: it won’t turn because the feather’s stuck in the gears! Nolik, help me! Papus, what is going on? It looks like it’s an earthquake! It really is broken. It’s about time to throw out this old piece of junk. – Tom Thomas, I’m off to work. Don’t be late for school!
– I won’t! Where are we? In the trashcan! And what’s gonna happen to us? Well, you see, Nolik… People throw out broken things without a second thought. Even appliances that can still be fixed end up in the trash all the time. And the trash is taken to a horrible deadly place called the dump. If a Fixie happens to be inside a broken appliance he will come face to face with great danger. Once my uncle got thrown into the dump buried inside an old TV. He barely managed to jump out of the bulldozer’s path. And it was a miracle he didn’t end up in the incinerator. After that he just roamed around the huge dump trying to fix anything. He became totally crazed. Good thing the Fixie Rescue Squad managed to find him and bring him back home. I don’t want to scare you, but we might be taken to the dump my boy. Papus, I’m scared. Where is the alarm clock? Maybe my dad took it to get fixed. But Nolik and Papus are in there! Now, just a little bit further! I don’t want to go to the dump! No tears! There’s only one way out of here! We need to fix the clock and make it ring! But how? Inside the clock there is the main spring and there’s also a second spring. The second spring is held still by a brake and so it waits. When the little hand reaches the time the alarm was set to go off, the spring jumps off the brake and the gears are free to start turning. That makes a little hammer beat the cup of a bell very, very quickly. And that’s how an alarm clock rings! So this feather is stopping the gears and not letting the hammer strike the bell. Exactly! I’ll start rocking the gear back and forth and you tug it. And… one! And… two! And… three! Tideesh! Simka, I think I can hear my alarm ringing! Run to the sound! Quickly! Someone turned the alarm off! And here comes that earthquake again! Nolik! Nolik! I’m here! Nolik… – We fixed the alarm clock!
– So what was wrong with it? A feather got jammed in the gears. And how could a feather get in a clock? It’s probably from when I put the alarm clock under my pillow – so it wouldn’t wake me up. So you mean – because somebody doesn’t like to get up in the morning, we almost ended up at the dump? By the way, if that somebody doesn’t hurry off to his school soon he’ll be late! You’re right! Fixies go to Fixie schools and study to be masters. There’s so much they need to learn to save us from disasters! There isn’t one appliance that they don’t know about. But if you meet a Fixie, please, don’t let their secret out. The Talking Doll Mama Well then, now you know what you need to do to fix it. Professor! Professor! Our lesson is over. I’m sorry to be a bother. No problem, Professor Eugenius, our lesson is over. I’ve got an urgent matter. You see? Mama, konichiwa! – You’ve got yourself a talking doll!
– Yes, only she speaks Japanese. The problem is I’ve been asked to get her to talk in English. – We’ll teach her.
– It’s a new technology. I’m puzzled. Don’t you worry. We’ll figure it out, Professor. Thank you, my colleague. You’re always there when I need it. What would I do without you? Professor! Can you tell us how toys talk? Not now, children. We’ll learn about the doll tomorrow. Now it’s time to go home. I already know everything about that doll. You do? Changing her voice is so easy that anyone can do it. How? Here, come. I’ll show you. Early talking dolls used to work with a noise maker inside. When the doll was turned over, air inside the noise maker got pushed through a squeaker at the end of it, making a noise that sounded like the word “mama”. Funny. Today the noises are recorded onto an electronic chip that’s part of a little player inside of the doll. Just press a button, and the sounds start playing. So now dolls can say much more than just “mommy” or “daddy”, they can say anything at all! Well, here’s the chip. This is where the recording of the doll’s voice is. That’s awesome! Can you rerecord the voice on there? Well, yeah. OK, I gotta go. See you. Wait, Nolik! I thought of a really funny joke to pull! Uh-huh! Well now, as I promised yesterday, I’m going to tell you all about talking dolls. Some start talking when you rock them while others react to noise. And for this little lady you need to press a button to get her to talk. Who wants to? – Toola!
– Me? Well, OK? I can do it. Go ahead! And you’ll hear her say, “Hi there, Mama.” But in Japanese for now. Toola! Toola? Is that Japanese for, “Hi there”? Toola, why are you hiding a picture of Digit in the pack-o-mat? How could she ever know that? Maybe you’re in love? That doll is alive! They call that joking? I just thought of a better joke that we can play! Yeah! What? Toola, don’t cry. She’s not alive. She is alive! I’ll tell you who did this horrible thing. It was Fire and Nolik. It’s true. But now the joke will be on them. How? The smartest fixie in our class is Digit! Sometimes I think that he knows everything about everything. Professor Grandpus has a lot of respect for him. Digit is always in thought whenever you see him and he doesn’t like when anyone distracts him. He just has no time for fooling around with the other boys. Digit prefers to solve problems using his brains and not his muscles. That’s why he can have a tough time at gym class. But he’s so sweet that it makes you wanna help him. To tell you the truth, Digit isn’t always great fixing things with his own hands, but no one understands technology better than he does. If something breaks, Digit can always figure out exactly what’s wrong with it and the very best way to fix it. – We are going to make it even funnier this time!
– Uh-huh! – You came back?! You trouble makers!
– Masiya! Now I’ll show you what happens to bad boys who hurt girls’ feelings! Oh, you got scared! Who’s crying now, huh? They probably thought that the doll came to life! You know what, Digit, I just started thinking that it might be better if she WERE alive. You know, Toola, you sure are hard to please!

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