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Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Magnet Well, it looks like we need a pack-o-mat. Hm. Where did this screw come from? Ouch! Papus isn’t in there either. It’s awful! He’s probably disappeared forever. It’s already been five days! Don’t worry about it, we’re going to find him for sure! Yeah, we’ll find him for sure! Let’s go take another look in the kitchen. But we already looked in there. We’ll look better this time. Let’s go take a look in there! We looked so many times already! Simka, Nolik! What are you keep searching for in here? It’s not a “what” it’s a “who”! Our Papus is missing.
We’ve been looking for him everywhere. Oh no! He’s probably already turned into a screw. Cause he doesn’t have enough energy. Maybe I could help? Surely! Let’s start with you picking us up. We’re just exhausted from running. In a dangerous situation
a Fixie can choose to turn into a screw, but sometimes it happens all by itself, for example when a fixie doesn’t have enough energy. When this happens the Fixie grows weak, gets sluggish, and then goes into hibernation, turning into a screw. This bad luck happens when a Fixie
doesn’t get charged up from being inside of a device. That’s why Fixies always work inside of machines – so they can stay charged up with energy. Sometimes a Fixie that has grown weak
and turned into a screw can get lucky. If a human happens to find him
and screws him into an appliance, then the Fixie will be able to get energized
and come back to life. Then he’ll unscrew himself and run away, leaving the human wondering:
“Where did that screw go?” “I know I screwed it in!” So, where should we look first? What are you looking for in here, Tom Thomas? Well…ah… And what do you have there in your hand? Well, just some screws of mine. I just found a screw not too long ago.
Maybe it is one of yours. Probably. Where is it now? Here, take it and don’t leave them lying around. Should I turn myself around now
so your Papus can turn back into himself? He’s been lying in there for a week already. He doesn’t have the energy to turn back into himself! Then what’s next? We have to screw him into some device, you know? So he will get his energy back. OK. But which one’s Papus? All of these screws in here look like Papus. We’ll use a magnet! How come? All of the screws
will just get lifted up together. First off all, not every. Not every kind of metal is attracted by a magnet. It’s an easy thing to see for yourself. Just get a magnet! You probably have one in your house on the refrigerator. Try moving it close to different metal objects
you have around the house like a spoon, or nails, or coins. You’ll notice that some of the metal objects
are pulled very strongly by the magnet while some of the metals are pulled a bit less. And then there will be some metal things
that aren’t attracted to the magnet at all. Got it. And the second thing? Well the second thing – we Fixies, aren’t attracted
to that magnet one bit when we turn into screws. Let’s give it a try. Here! I found him! And now we’ll screw him in. I wonder, are there any other Fixies in here? We’re not enough for you or something? Not at all, I just wonder. Nothing. Oh! And the screw went away! How about that! He already got charged up
and unscrewed himself. Why don’t you take a little rest
after such a big adventure? No thanks, I had plenty of rest! Anyway, it’s something I wanted to do
for a very long time already! They take care of our machines,
Irons, phones, and toasters, MP3s and TV screens,
Even rollercoasters! Without them clocks stop ticking;
Without them lights go out! But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Doorbell Nolik! Nolik, what are you doing here? Just whistling a tune. Are you’re gonna whistle that tune
the whole time Tom Thomas is away?! He just left with his parents for a week, and we’ve got guests coming, remember?! What guests? I invited everybody! The class? Yes! Class! Are they sleeping in there or what? First they invite us and now they don’t wanna let us in! I’ll share the present with you then. Fire, maybe you’ll get it to work now. When they get here, they’ll ring the bell. How come? Why don’t they just do what they always do
and climb through the keyhole? No way! It’s not that simple, Nolik.
Today they are our guests. Ah… The guests ring the bell,
and the hosts let them in the house. It doesn’t ring. You think the doorbell’s broken? I say we go fix it! Before we fix anything we need to know
what went wrong with it. First we’ll fix and then we’ll know what it was! Back in the olden days, people would hang a bell
over their doors with a string, and guests would tug on it to make it ring. Today doorbells are electric and they make all sorts of different sounds: some buzz, some ring, and some even chirp like birds. The sound comes from a box inside the house
called a chime. To make the chime ring,
you push a button that’s located outside. The button works just like a light switch, but instead of turning on light it turns on sound! Verda, will you join me? I gotta think about this. Yeah. Simka! You think your guests are going to come at all? Simka! Toola? Hey! The doorbell doesn’t work! It must be broken. That’s odd. We heard it ring this morning. Nolik, let’s go! First we’ll examine the contacts. Yep! Good and tight. OK, let’s check the speaker. The speaker’s fine. Maybe the electronics are the problem? And what if we disconect these wires and switch them? – What will that do?
– We’ll know soon enough. You know what?! Why don’t we connect the wires straight together? Isn’t that dangerous? We’ll find out. Don’t worry. Nothing happened yet! Fire – he is the engine of our class. He is the fastest, the nimblest, and the bravest. Fire never sits still for a second
and he’s always looking for adventure. New ideas just burn in his head! And that’s why his name is Fire! But not all of his ideas are very good, so he’s constantly getting bumps and bruises. He just can’t help getting carried away. If he’s burning with an idea,
he can even forget about his classes at school. Grandpus punishes him for that. But it doesn’t seem to bother Fire, because some new plan
will pop into his head the very next second. To be honest, Fire’s my favorite
out of all the boys in our class. It’s sure never boring when he’s around! Hey, you down there! I figured out why it’s not working. So what’s the reason? There’s no electricity in the whole house. So that’s why the bell isn’t working. And what? We can’t visit like real guests do
until the electricity comes back? And when will it work again? Don’t know. It could possibly take hours, guys. Oh! It’s working again! Enough ringing! Hey, Fire! Quit fooling around! He’s not fooling around! It’s not me, see? Then who’s ringing it? I don’t know! Well, I know. The doorbell’s ringing because Fire
connected the wires together. True. But I’ll fix that right now. Your guests sure are noisy! Yeah. Thank goodness the humans aren’t home right now. Hello! Hello there dear guests! Let yourself in to our home through the keyhole! So, should we go in? – Go where?
– Go inside. No, that’s not how guests act. So what do we do? Real guest always ring the bell. Ok! Hold me tight! Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Cartoon Yeah. Like that. Yeah. Tom Thomas, aren’t you done yet? Yeah! Show us your surprise and quit drawing! But this IS the surprise! So, make yourselves comfortable! Quiet on the set! And… action! Great crash! You should put a huge bump on his head! It’s just like a cartoon that you drew on there! He did draw us a real cartoon there. Oh, right! Real cartoons? They only show them on television. But they make them exactly the same way. Animation is made
with many-many pictures called frames. Each one of the frames is a little bit different
from the one that comes right before it. For example, a character
can lift his arm up a little bit at a time. And then, if you watch the frames very quickly
one right after the other, it looks like the character is really moving. And that’s how cartoons are made. And you know what,
to make one minute of a cartoon you might have to draw
more than a thousand frames! Oh wow! I’m not patient enough for that. It’s no big deal that your cartoon is short. Especially since it’s funny. Yeah, it’s so funny! Tom Thomas, who is this kooky guy you drew here? You’re just joking, Nolik! You don’t recognize yourself? So this is suppose to be me on here? Did you already forget
what happen to you this morning? Simka, you’re it! You can’t catch me! I’m too fast for you! You’re weren’t too fast for the pole. Simka! You didn’t have to tell him about that! Real sisters don’t treat their brothers like that! And your cartoon’s not funny at all! Nolik, don’t go! It’s OK, he just needs to sulk for a while. While he’s gone
there’s something I wanna show you. Do you have a cartoon you can put on the TV? I have plenty! What should I do? Let’s watch it again, but now I wanna show you
the same cartoon a frame at a time. Here. Take a look. This… is a frame. and here’s… another, and another. Isn’t that cool? Uh-huh! So cool! And then, back at regular speed, there’s 25 frames every second! What should I do? It’s magical! Simka, you know… I feel awful for Nolik. Yeah. I feel awful too. There are many different ways
of making animation. Hand-drawn-animation is,
of course, drawn by hand. And stop-motion is made like this: The animators pose the model
and take a picture of it. Then they move the model a little bit
and take another picture. And they do it again, and again, and again, until there are enough frames
to make the characters look like they’re moving
very smoothly across the screen. Another popular style of animation
is clay animation. In these films everything is built
and rebuilt out of modeling clay. But today most of the cartoons
are made on a computer. At first they make
a computer model of a character, a sort of digital puppet. After the models are built there’re colored
and animated to move. This is the kind of animation
that’s used in The Fixies cartoons! Tom Thomas, what are you doing? Are drawing a new cartoon? Nah. I started fixing the old one, so Nolik will stop being angry. Good! Keep drawing. And I’ll go and get him. Nolik! I’m not here! Nolik, forgive me! Please don’t be so mad. There’s a cartoon to watch! I’ve already seen your stupid cartoon! So what did you do now?
Put a huge bump on my head? Not a chance! I did it all over again! I’m sure you’ll love it! You sure of that? Alright, go ahead! Show me your cartoon! Quiet on the set! And… action! There you go! Now that cartoon I really liked! Good! Because I’m all out of paper. Well, I think that the first cartoon was funnier. Woah! But this one’s much better of course! Yeah! Fixies have a special sign
I happened to discover. They hold three fingers in the air
And flash it to each other. They send their greetings to you
They sing them and they shout, But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Alarm Hey there! I’m back. Yoo-hoo! Wait! My chocolate bunny!
It was standing right here. What’s this? A dog? Not that one, another one. I had two bunnies! I just got them as a present. You had two bunnies? Are you sure of that? Of course! You think I don’t know
my ones from my two’s?! Then someone stole one! Unless, ah… Unless… You went and ate it yourself! Me?! How come I don’t remember anything about it? Maybe you’re a sleepwalker! What is a sleepwalker? Someone who get’s up from his bed at night
without waking up. He crosses the room, eats one of his chocolate bunnies, and doesn’t remember a thing in the morning. But in the morning the bunny was still here! Yeah? Huh. How about… Your mother! Could she have taken it? She doesn’t like when
you’re eating too much candy. No, she doesn’t. She says that candy’s terrible for my teeth. And so, to save your teeth from these sweets, she snuck quietly into your room, snatched one of the rabbits, and ate it! But Mom’s the one
who gave them to me as a present! And so why would she take it? Yeah? Then I just don’t know. Well, I do! I think it was your father! He wouldn’t steel it!
We know he’s allergic to chocolate. Next he’ll tell us how the fish took it! You know… I always thought there was
something fishy about those fish. No doubt about it! They stole the bunny! Uh-huh! And then they hid it in their aquarium. Oh, Nolik, that’s funny! You know what, Tom Thomas! You need to protect
that other chocolate hare! Exactly! It has to be eaten right away. Now, before it disappears. Just wait a little. You don’t have to eat it. Let’s think of something else. Of course! We need a security alarm! Need what? The alarm was invented to keep houses,
cars and other valuable things safe and secure. The simplest alarm is a siren or light bulb that is connected by wires to a door or window. When someone tries to open a door
that has an alarm on it, the alarm goes off, making the siren howl and the light flash. Alarms can also be set up
to call the police if they go off. Super! But where can we get ourselves a security alarm? You have an electronic
construction kit! Remember? You’re right! Then bring it over here. Nolik, help me! – Tideesh!
-Tideesh! Tideesh is the Fixies’ victory call. When a job is well done,
and we Fixies are proud of our work, we exclaim “Tideesh!” and raise up our hand with our thumb
and first two fingers sticking out. You want to know what it means? It’s very simple. Fixies love solving problems
and fixing things that are broken. And do you know what you need to do
to solve a problem? First, you need to find out what’s broken. Second – understand why it broke. And third – repair what’s broken
so it works again. So do what the Fixies do and: First – find it, Second –
understand it, and Third – fix it. Tideesh! It really is a great word! And it sounds funny. But we Fixies surely like it a lot! Well, Tom Thomas, turn on the alarm. You sure the alarm will work? I’m sure. Without a doubt! You’re under arrest! – Freeze!
– Freeze! Chewsocka? Why are you stealing my chocolate? Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Scale Chewsocka! That’s enough already! But what if it’s something important? Come on, she’s just a dog! They say that cats and dogs
have a sixth sense that we don’t have. What’s that? Well, they feel all sorts of things
that we humans don’t! I better let her in. “Mom and I will be home before dinner.” “Please remember to give Chewsocka her food.” “Love, Dad.” How could I have forgotten this.
I just can’t believe it! You believe in a sixth sense now, don’t you! Uh-huh! Only it looks like for Chewsocka
it’s a sense of hunger! How much food should I give her? Look, it’s all written on that chart. For each kilogram of the dog’s weight serve one leveled scoop at every feeding. I got it. How many scoops is Chewsocka? Oops! I mean how many kilograms? I don’t know! Then what should we do? You don’t know? We’ll weigh Chewsocka,
that’s what we’ll do! With what? With a scale! There’s one standing in your dad’s office. You’re right! Let’s go. I was wondering, does it bother your mom that only your dad
has his own office, and not her? No. Mom says she’s got her own office. It’s called the kitchen. Hey look! There’s the scale. Did you know that humans
have had scales like this for more than seven thousand years? If we want to find out
how much something weighs, we need to compare it with something
that we already know the weight of. Let’s say you need to weigh a watermelon. You put it on the scale’s pan
and it drops down. Now you keep adding weights to the other side
until the two sides balance. Well, this one is too heavy. But this one is just right. Since the weight is 10 kilograms, it means that the watermelon weighs 10 kilos. And that’s just how simply a scale works. Well, should we start? Chewsocka! Right, like she’s going to come running! How are you going to get her
away from that bag? I know how to get her! Here! Hold this little piece of food
while I weigh her! This maybe little, but it’s way too heavy! Just hang on! Please, hurry up! Come on! Hurry up! Done. Her weight is two kilograms. OK, now we can feed Chewsocka. Chewsocka weighs two kilograms, so two cups will be just right then. Do you think that you can feed
your pets any kind of food at all? Oh no! For them to be healthy, pets, just like humans,
need to have a nutritious diet. Today, there are special pet foods for birds, fish,
dogs, cats, and all sorts of other pets. These foods are made with everything
your pets need to stay healthy. Like meat, fish, fruits, grains,
vegetables, and vitamins! These kinds of foods
give pets a well-balanced diet. And there’s no need to cook them. They are ready to eat. Just pour them in a bowl
and your dog well be happy. And so will your cat, and your bird, and your fish too! Just be careful not to mix them up! Because what’s good for a fish
isn’t good for a dog! Each animal needs its own special food. Stop! What’s wrong? What’s wrong? You have to take out a piece! She ate one already! Alright. So, that sixth sense,
you still think it’s true, right? What did you bring that for? Oh! Mom is calling! No way! How could she know it would ring? I knew that Chewsocka had it! Hello! It was the sixth sense, wasn’t it? Fixies have a special sign
I happened to discover: They hold three fingers in the air
And flash it to each other. They send their greetings to you,
They sing them and they shout, But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Mirror Hi there, Tom Thomas! Why has this mirror been standing here
in the hallway for the whole week already? My dad can’t seem to find any time
to hang it on the wall. Are you sure it won’t fall? It hasn’t fallen so far. So Nolik, do I look like Spiderman? Nope. You don’t look like him at all. You can’t climb on walls like Spiderman! Yeah, I’m sure you can do it! I can do it. Just give your chewing gum to me. See that? Like in the movie! Oh, like that’s really hard! Just keep watching. That’s hard! Feast your eyes and see what the only
Spider-fixie in the whole wide world can do! – Catch me!
– I got you! The mirror! Long ago the only way humans could see
their reflection was to look into water. The very first mirrors appeared
about five thousand years ago. They were made out of silver or bronze. Legend has it that
the Greek scientist Archimedes once burned down an entire enemy fleet
with the help of mirrors like these. But humans only became able
to see their reflections well after they started making
mirrors out of glass. And we still use glass mirrors today. But of course mirrors are not only used
for looking at our reflections. They are also used in telescopes
to collect the light of distant stars. And humans also use mirrors
inside of automobile headlights so they will shine even brighter. Just look at all the things
mirrors can do for you! Looks like it didn’t break. Help me lift it so we can lean it
back up on the wall. Tom Thomas! I’ve got no reflection in the mirror! That’s impossible. Because only vampire
can’t see their reflections. Or ghosts. But I’m not in there! So then, I guess… you’ve become a ghost! No, not a ghost! I don’t like them! Hey, what’s all the racket? Did you guys get yourself into trouble again? Simka! Me and Tom Thomas were playing Spiderman, and I… I turned into a ghost
for some reason. Yeah, a ghost! That’s silly. They don’t even exist! Oh, you don’t have any reflection either! Simka! You’re a ghost just like I am! That’s just goofy! Look! Just look, here I am! Well, hi there. But why couldn’t I see myself over here? It’s probably because the mirror
is scratched on the back. Tom Thomas, do you think
you can rotate the mirror? It’s just like I said! Some of the special coating
got scraped off of the back. A mirror is not just a piece of plain glass. Plain glass lets light pass through it, but a mirror reflects light. To turn a piece of glass into a mirror, people spray a special shiny coating
on one of its sides that reflects everything. And then to protect the shiny coating, an extra layer of paint
is put on top of it. But even with that protection,
you still have to handle mirrors carefully, because mirrors can easily
scratch or even break. And do you think that this one
is possible to fix? Yeah, we can do it! It’s a good thing you have
a pack-o-mat with you. I thought we might need it
after you started screaming over here. Don’t tell me you’ve got
paint in there for a mirror! A pack-o-mat’s got everything
you’ll ever need! It’s all ready! My dad’s coming! Tom Thomas? What are you doing here? Checking if you hung it. Yeah, right. I’ll definitely hang that mirror
on the wall soon. Like… tomorrow! Or next week! Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Level TomThomas, I’m really sorry. The movie this weekend… I have to cancel. You do? I need to go to Africa for work. I leave tomorrow. Oh, cool! You think I could go with you? To Africa? Can you even find it on the map? Africa… Here we go! No, you’re still too little. When you grow as tall as… the top of Africa! Then I’ll take you with me. Here. There. Tom Thomas! What are you doing down there? I want to know if I’m
as tall as the top of Africa or not. Well, do you know your height? Eh-uh. OK, then let’s measure you
and mark how tall you are. You just need to hold the book, alright? Simka, how do we measure what’s higher – the top of Africa or this line over here? It’s a tough one. We need a piece of flexible clear tubing. I can get for you! I know where it is! And we’ll build a simple tool
to find out the answer. It’s called a water level. Let’s do an experiment. First we’ll pour water into two bottles. A little bit more into one
and a little less into the other. Now we’ll connect them with a tube
so that the water can flow between them. You see? The water flows and flows, and then it stops. It stops when there’s the same
amount of water inside of both bottles. And if we do this with a simple tube, it becomes a useful tool called a water level, in which the water on both sides
is always the same height. I’m gonna watch the water level
on this end, alright? Be careful how you lift it
or the water can get out! Nolik! What’s going on? The water inside the tube is even with the line! There you go, Tom Thomas. Where the water is right now is how tall you are. And? Well, it looks like Tom Thomas
isn’t quite tall enough for Africa. What if we hold the tube a little higher? You can try if you want
but the water’s gonna stay where it is. See? The water level on your side
always stays the same as on the other side. I’m not getting that tall for a while yet. And what if we just lower the map a little? That wouldn’t be honest! But it would be clever! There are a lot of great proverbs, but my favorite one is,
“Measure twice, cut once.” And to measure things right
you need measuring tools. The simplest one is a ruler. With its help we can find out
the length of an object. A watch can tell us
how much time has passed. A speedometer shows us
how fast we are moving, like in a car or on a bike. An electric meter keeps track
of how much electricity we are using. A decibel meter can tell us
who is screaming or stomping louder. And a beam compass is used to
accurately measure the size of a coin or a hole. We couldn’t get by without wonderful tools like these! If we didn’t measure the things
we are building carefully, everything around us would just
come loose and fall apart. Dad! Dad!! Look, Dad! That’s strange.
Looks like you ARE a little taller. Does that mean you’ll take me with you? Yeah… Are you ready? Yay!!!!! But everyone who goes to Africa
has to get vaccinated. You’re OK with that, aren’t you? I need vaccinations to go? Are you sure? Yeah. There’s one against malaria, tsetse fly, crocodile bites… All together there are ten shots. Ten shots?! Yeah, ten! Dad, you know… I was joking. After you left the room,
I moved the map down. OK, I see. And I was joking about
all those shots you need. What? You mean you don’t need to get shots? You’ve got to, just not ten. So how many? Nine of them! There’s no vaccination anywhere to stop a crocodile from biting you! Fixies have a special sign
I happened to discover. They hold three fingers in the air
And flash it to each other. They send their greetings to you,
They sing them and they shout, But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Camera Stop right there, and let me see how pretty you look today. Well, just don’t tell that to the elevator. Bye-bye! Check it out, Nolik! Class, huh? You’re not going to get
in trouble for doing that? No. My dad gave me permission
to take a few pictures with his camera. No, I mean the picture. You sure that your mom and dad will like that you
took it without asking for permission? But look, what a good picture! You know what, Tom Thomas?
You’re like a regular paparazzi or something! Paparazzi? They’re the ones that take one photo
and get millions, aren’t they? You’re right. And don’t care about anyone
except their photoapparazzis! Did you ever wonder
how a photo camera works? Let’s say you want
o take a picture of nature. The light that’s outside
goes into the camera’s lens – that’s the glass eye
on the front of the camera. The lens takes the light
from the scene outside the camera and turns it into a tiny picture
that’s inside the camera. Then the picture is recorded
onto a special electronic sensor, called a matrix, that’s sensitive to light. Click – and there’s your photo! What a great idea! Now I know! I’m going to be a paparazzi! Hey! What about your promise?! What promise? To never take a picture of us! We’re a secret! Stop! Hey, relax! I’ll delete them all later. Tom Thomas, stop this right now! I won’t until I get a photo of you! Nolik, let’s run! You can’t run from me! Chewsocka?! Ah-huh! I’ve got you! The story of the century! The Monster and its Prey! Tom Thomas! Help! No, he won’t help, because he’s a paparazzi! Yes! I got it! That’s my best photo yet! What’s all this noise about?! Awesome shot! The first cameras were invented
almost 200 years ago. But they worked very slowly. If you wanted to have your portrait taken, you’d have to sit still for a whole hour! After film was invented
cameras got much faster and it became possible to take
about ten pictures a minute. On a piece of film
everything appears to be backwards. black parts of the picture
are white and the white is black. It doesn’t look normal until the picture is transferred from the film
to a piece of photographic paper. Now people shoot pictures
with digital cameras that work without any film at all. You can look at what you shot
instantly on a screen to see if you like it. And if you don’t like it,
you can try shooting another one. And today you don’t even need
a separate camera to take pictures, almost every mobile phone has one! Simka, Nolik, are you in there?! Hey! Come out! I’ll stop shooting photos of you. Aren’t we friends? I’m sorry, guys. Well, your friends were almost
eaten alive by a dog! Please forgive me. Do you want to look at the photos I took? Sure, go on, show us what you got. We’re not in that shot. We’re not there either! Well done there, Paparazzi! Hang on a sec! I still got another one and you’re in it. I know for sure! Look! I’f zooming in. It’s impossible! – I don’t believe it!
– It’s possible. But when did you have time
to turn into screws? The same time you were pushing the button. When we’re scared we can change
faster than the blink of an eye! You lost, paparazzi! And what are you going to do
with your millions, Mr. Paparazzi? Would you please stop calling me that? You got it. After every one
of those photos is thrown away. Alright, I’ll delete them. And do I have to delete this one too? No, keep it. It’s a great shot. I never even saw you take it. Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Ship in a Bottle Simka! Nolik! Here, take a look at this! Oh wow! Awesome! Where did you get this from? From one of the shelves in Dad’s office.
He’s got lots of cool stuff in there. That’s cool! I’ll be the captain! This is like a totally real sailing ship
with masts, cordage and everything! And how can it all get in there through such a little hole? A ship in a bottle is a real miracle! Do you want me to tell you the secret
of how it gets inside? It’s like so. All of the ship’s masts are collapsible. Before the boat is put into the bottle, the masts are folded down
and pressed against the ship’s body, so it’s small enough to fit through the bottle’s neck. And once the ship is inside the bottle, the masts and sails are opened back up
by pulling on a thread. Hands on deck! There’s a giant octopus starboard! I’m an octopus? Oh, look out! Brave sailors like us, we’re not afraid of storms! Tom Thomas, be careful! Hey! Did it break? No. It’s all tideesh! It’s not close to tideesh! Take a look how this mast broke! What have I done! Don’t worry. We can fix it. Get some glue, OK? Here’s some superglue I found. This is the kind that will keep things stuck forever. Nolik! Come and help! This stuff is so stinky! Tideesh! That’s better. Thank you guys! We sailors never let a friend down. Nolik, you gotta get out! You’ll get sick from that stinky air! I can’t get loose. I… I got stuck! Hello there, Tom Thomas! What are you doing with the ship
from my collection in here? I just… wanted to give it some air. Tom Thomas, you know that taking things
out of my office just not allowed. Hey, look! What an interesting cabin boy. I never noticed him before. I’ll take it, Dad, and put it back on the shelf! OK? Who just sneezed? I did! Ahchoo! Well, alright then. Do your homework and please
don’t set foot in my office again! Simka, where are you going? To save Nolik! I’ll come with you. You’re not allowed inside that office!
Your father said no! Sweetheart, your soup is getting cold! I’m coming! Nolik! Where are you? Simka, why is everything turning? Because you inhaled the fumes from that stinky glue! Everybody knows how strong the smell of paints,
cleaning fluids and glues can be. But the nasty smell is not where the real danger lies. Breathing in the fumes from paint or glue
can give you a terrible headache. Or even worse, it can make you faint! That’s why when the Fixies
need to paint or glue something, they are supposed to put on
a safety mask called a respirator. And humans need to remember to wear masks
just like Fixies when they working with fumes. And never forget that the fumes from glue and paint
can be flammable. It only takes one spark and – kaboom!
There can be an explosion! So, always remember to have plenty of clean air moving through any room
where you are gluing or painting anything. Simka! Hurry up! Hang in there, Nolik! I’ll get you out of there. Nolik! Oh no! Is he OK? Nolik! Nolik! Nolik! You’re alive! Turning starboard. Turning port. Piasters! Piasters! Whatever. He’s going to be fine. Nolik, do you know who I am? A giant octopus? They take care of our machines,
Irons, phones, and toasters, MP3s and TV screens,
Even rollercoasters! Without them clocks stop ticking;
Without them lights go out! But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The String Lights We’re almost all done. Yeah! Now Santa Claus is going to come over. He will say: “One, two, three, lights light up the tree!” Then we’ll get our presents. The real Santa Claus?! Yeah, for sure! The real Santa Claus will come to you? You’ll see for yourself. He comes to me every year. Ok, so let’s practice. One, two, three, lights light up the tree! Oh! The string lights burned out. And we don’t have another one! Tom Thomas! Santa Claus is almost here. Is the tree ready? No! Not quite yet. Oh no! Oh no! What are we going to do? I’ll be right back! Tom Thomas, what do you think, will Santa Claus give you any presents
if there aren’t any lights on the tree? No, way. It’s not right without the light! It just wouldn’t be magical! Papus! Masiya! Santa Claus is about to come to Tom Thomas, but the string lights on the tree, they all burned out! They all burned out? Really? The bulbs in a string light
are connected together like a chain, with a piece of wire between each bulb. When you turn on a string light, electricity flows through the wire
lighting up each of the bulbs along its way. t if any one of the bulbs gets burned out,
the circuit will be broken and the electricity will stop flowing. That means one bad bulb
will make all of the lights go out. So, if you want to fix a string light with a bad bulb, the answer is really simple. Just find the bad one and put a new one in. So, do we have a spare bulb around here? I’ll get it for you! I know where it is. Tom Thomas! Hold up Santa Claus for a while! We need a little time to find and replace
that bad light for you. I’ll try to! Tom Thomas, Santa Claus is already here! Ho ho ho! I got one thing to do! So, let’s find the bad bulb! Ok, Papus, let’s go! This one’s working. Maybe this one burned out? Nope. And that? It lights fine. – Santa Claus is getting very hot out here!
– Hold on! Simka, what’s up? We checked all of the bulbs
but couldn’t find the bad one. I guess this year it won’t be magical. OK, Mom, just come on in! Ho ho ho! Hello there Tom Thomas! So tell me now, have you been good all year? Huh! Why aren’t the lights on the tree burning? So, let’s say it together: One, two, three! Ouch! Papus! I found one more bulb! Here’s the one that’s not working! One, two, three! Lights light up the tree! Now we need to replace this bulb with a new one. So where is Masiya? Show your light, o tree! Hurray! That was really hard! I see you already got it shining! But where did you manage to find a new bulb? We got Papus to act as the bulb. Tideesh! Tideesh! Ah, what a hero! Pull me up so we can put this bulb in. On Christmas Eve, On Christmas Eve, On Christmas Eve Our spirit’s lighter. And on the tree, And on the tree, On Christmas Eve Nice box! The lights burn brighter. Every year when no one is expecting From some place that no one could conceive Appears a little miracle before us Every year on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, On Christmas Eve, The clock it seems Is ticking slower, Then suddenly A miracle No one believes Comes out of nowhere. Every year when no one is expecting From some place that no one could conceive Appears a little miracle before us Every year on Christmas Eve.

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