The Carbonaro Effect: Inside Carbonaro – Secure Piggy Bank | truTV

Now, the rapidly
multiplying bunnies weren’t the only
animal-themed trick that day, but it was so long
and elaborate that we didn’t have time in the
episode to air this next clip. [ Air horns toots ] -What was that?
-The piggy bank. It does that
on its own? Yeah, it has
an alarm on it. Oh. You’re not saving
enough, so… You never saw this before,
the secure piggy banks, the extra-secure ones? No! Oh, they’re really cool. No. I don’t know why.
I think it’s ’cause I didn’t set the thing right
on the bottom. It’s like
one of those old — Here, take your glasses off,
and you can really see the… Wow, yeah. See how it’s like porcelain? Yeah, yeah.
Wow. It has the little sound
in there? Yeah. I mean, it’s just
a regular bank, right? But it has, like,
if we put a coin in it… Here, drop
a coin in there. [ Coin jingling ] So that’ll stay because
it’s set for more money. But the bottom has,
like, this — this little
computer chip in it. You see that thing?
Yeah. So, if you set this thing, it has, like,
settings on it for — Here, take the…
You take the coin out. So that was only set
for 25 cents, but if we
set that for more… Did someone make this?
Yeah. This was handmade
by my uncle’s — my uncle’s brother,
who is also my uncle. He made this in tech college
back in the ’80s. So if I lower that down, if I set it as low
as 25 cents… Here, let me
see the quarter. Yeah. But if you
put it in now… because it’s set for 25 cents,
now it will seal. What?
Yeah. ‘Cause it’s set so low. See, there’s that,
and then… Both of them will seal up
to whatever you have it set for. Wait a minute. Are my eyes
playing tricks on me? No, no. People would
set it for, like, however much
you want to save up to. That is such
a wise idea. Yeah. So, now it’s
set so you can’t… Oh, my gosh. You won’t
be able to take it out. Yeah.
That is so cool. My son’s
gonna be like… I never set as low, so…
I can change the setting… Oh, wait. Wait.
Now I can’t… How would we get
to the setting now? I have no idea. Do you have
to put more money in it? How? There’s no hole
in it now. I might have instructions
in the back. Hold on. Will you hang on
for one second? I have a…
Just hang on one second. ♪♪

37 thoughts on “The Carbonaro Effect: Inside Carbonaro – Secure Piggy Bank | truTV

  1. I wish these videos went for longer so we can see peoples reactions! This show isn't on in Australia so i dont get to watch it, only clips like this on youtube

  2. I get a kick out of how “technical” Michael gets. Such e.g. 0:34 “Idk why. I think it’s because I didn’t set the thing right on the bottom.” 😂 😂
    And, of course, when he says stuff like, “This was hand made by my uncles brother, who’s also my uncle”. 🤣🤣

  3. You guys need a title these better so he gets more views I know you guys just posted it for hours from now from when I saw it but still

  4. @TruTV guys love the show but the yellow stickers remove my attention to the main focus, the magic trick!! Which is a shame.

  5. My uncle’s brother, who is also my uncle, sometimes I call him uncle , sometimes I call him uncle’s brother, and he’s also my mom’s sister, who is also my father’s sister.

  6. Michael can give a run for their money to the best of improv actors!
    "made by my uncles brother………. who is also my uncle"… Lolzz

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