The Best Home Security Cameras of 2020

Gabe Turner: Hey, folks. This is Gabe at Security Baron. Today, I’m going to show you the best home
security cameras. [background music] Gabe: In today’s video on the best home security
cameras, I’m going to be giving you my favorite cameras in a number of categories, spanning
from best for apartments, to best wireless, to best budget cameras, so that you have all
the information you need to pick the right camera for you. We have reviews for each one of these cameras
at Head on over there to get full details on
how each one of these cameras performs, along with comparisons of the various categories. Along with that, you’ll get tips on how to
use each device and even guides on where you should place your home security cameras in
your home. For all that information and more, head on
over to [music] Gabe: The first category in our best home
security cameras video is best for apartments. Here we are going with the Nest Cam Indoor
because it is incredibly flexible. I mean that in a literal sense. Not only can it be placed just about anywhere
with the mounting harbor that it comes with, the magnetization that it can do or even the
fact that you can just set it on shelve, but it’s flexible literally. You can essentially get into any angle and
position to watch wherever you’d like inside of your home. On top of that, it’s esthetically pleasing
and petite so it’s going to fit in just about anywhere. In fact, our only design gripe is that the
white cord is a bit dissidence with the gun metal exterior. With that being said, I found it to really
reflect well on the rest of my colorful home. The video quality on the Nest Cam Indoor is
solid. It boasts 1080p high definition video along
with the 130-degree field of view. It’s capturing everything well and it has
that eight times digital zoom so you can really go in and see exactly what’s taking place. When it comes to night vision, it has eight
infrared LEDs to make sure that you’re capturing everything that’s happening in the darkness. If you see me moving around this room in the
darkness, you’ll note that I’m within 10 feet but it’s capturing my features well and it’s
just got solid video quality. Now, to save and share all this day and night
clips that you’ve been taking with the Nest Cam Indoor, you’re going to want to sign up
for Nest Aware which is a subscription that you can pay for either monthly or annually. This gives you not only 30 days of cloud storage,
but also 24/7 continuous recording. You can go back in history, over the course
of a few days, and see absolutely everything that has transpired within the view of your
camera. Now, it can be a bit spendy, this Nest Aware
program, but Nest says that they are completely revamping the program in January 2020, to
make it much more affordable. Now, additionally, with Nest Aware, you have
the ability to set up and customize your own activity zones and person alerts. You can get all the notifications that you
care about directly to your mobile device. When it comes to the integration of your Nest
Cam Indoor with your Google Assistant, it’s useful because you can throw that video feed
directly to your Google Chromecast or a Google Nest Hub Max, just using your voice. Overall, if you’re somewhat living in an apartment,
the feature set and functionality of the Nest Cam Indoor is probably right for you. [music] Gabe: Hold on. I hope you’re enjoying today’s video on the
best home security cameras, to be kept up to date on the newest in, home security cameras,
smart home security, cybersecurity, and more, subscribe to our channel Security Baron. We’re dropping new content weekly. All right let’s get back to the video. [music] Gabe: The next category in our best home security
cameras list is the best wireless camera, and here we’re going with the Arlo Pro 3. Now not only does the Arlo report that the
Arlo Pro 3 will work for a number of months on a single charge, but it’s also really easy
to charge. You simply take the Arlo Pro 3 off of its
magnetic mount and use the magnetic charging cable that comes with it. They connect via CNC very easily. You let it charge for a few hours and boom,
you’re ready to go for another few months. Now when it comes to video quality, the Arlo
Pro 3 does not disappoint. It can record motion alerts up to 2K resolution,
so things are coming through nice and clearly. It has HDR capacity. When it comes to night vision, it’s bringing
not only an impressive infrared night vision but also the ability to use a spotlight that
comes at the top of the device to give you color night vision. If you want to look at something very closely,
any particular element in any frame, you can use the 12 times digital zoom to ensure that
you’re capturing that exact moment, at the level you want it to be. Now, on top of that impressive video quality,
it has solid two-way audio quality as well. You can have a nice conversation with someone
on the other side of the camera. Recorded Voice: I can hear you. It sounds good. Sounds good. Gabe: If talking is an element of the relationship
you want to have with your Arlo Pro 3, you can talk to it using Amazon and Google’s virtual
assistant. In fact, it can even talk back to you when
it comes to the Apple Watch, which I use to let it send me notifications on what it has
seen. Arlo gives you multiple options for saving
the clips you get from your Arlo Pro 3. You can of course use the cloud storage option. You have various ones delivered by the Arlo
smart plan or you can use the local SD card, that you can place inside of your Arlo base
station. Which allows you to record things directly
to that device. You can see for a number of reasons, the Arlo
Pro 3 takes the cake as our top wireless camera. [music] Gabe: The next category in our list of best
home security cameras is best indoor camera. Here we’re going with the Nest IQ Indoor,
because it’s artificial intelligent, smart platform integration, and video quality simply
put it a cut above the rest. Now, with the Nest Cam IQ indoor, the first
thing that’s going to grab your attention are the artificial intelligence capabilities. Things like supersite, which is the ability
of the Nest IQ Indoor to follow a human being in space as they walk around, or the familiar
face library where it can begin to recognize those people, who are consistently around
your home. It can make sure that it doesn’t notify you
when it’s those people in space, and only when it’s someone like a stranger, along with
just person detection. Where it can distinguish between human beings
and other moving objects. That intelligence extends to the very device
itself. When we’re talking about smart platform integrations,
where the Nest IQ Indoor has a Google Assistant built in. What does that mean? It means I can talk directly to the device,
and I can hear it well with the very loudspeaker that’s built in. If I have any questions, I don’t have to walk
to another room to my Google Nest Hub Max or my Google Home Mini or Google Nest Mini. I can speak directly to the Nest Cam IQ Indoor. Finally, when it comes to video quality, it’s
delivering as you’d expect from a high-end Nest product. It has a 4K sensor that gives you crisp 1080p
high definition video or 130-degree field of view and 12 times digital zoom. If you are worried about the darkness, you
shouldn’t be. It has numerous infrared LED sensors to make
sure it’s capturing everything that’s taking place in the dark. Overall, does a pretty solid job when it comes
to video. All in all, with this premium feature set
of artificial intelligence, smart platform integration and stellar video quality, we’re
giving the Nest Cam Indoor our top pick for best indoor camera. [music] Gabe: The next category on our list of best
home security cameras, is best wireless indoor camera. Here we’re going with the Ring Stick Up Cam
Battery. Now, if you want a great affordable camera
that doesn’t require you to run a wire to an inconvenient location, the Ring Stick Up
Cam Battery is the camera for you. The device is a sense to set up and connect
to the rest of your ring ecosystem. Despite its portability and battery life,
the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery is not skimping on video quality. Where it has 1080p high definition video and
a 130-degree field of view. You can see me roaming around the room well,
and that applies equally for the night vision board. It has powerful infrared LEDs to ensure that
you’re capturing what’s happening in the dark. Along with that great vision you want to have
great audio quality and that is the case with the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery. Which has improved upon its predecessor the
Ring Stick Up Cam, by including noise cancellation features, that help minimize background noise
and improve the quality of two-way conversation. Maybe what is most impressive about the Ring
Stick Up Cam Battery, is the value of the device itself. It’s not only affordable in the hardware sense,
but even that ring protect plan is $3 a month with 60 days of cloud storage. I can save and share my video clips to my
heart’s content. You can see why the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery
holds our top spot for best wireless indoor cam. [music] Gabe: Next category in our best home security
cameras list is best for outdoor, and here it is unquestionably the Nest IQ Outdoor,
because it brings unparalleled features and functionality outside of your home. When it comes to durability, hardiness, how
tough it is, the Nest IQ Outdoor is more than a pretty exterior. It’s going to handle rain, sleet, snow, sun,
and do all that while hitting you back with some nice visuals. It has a 4K sensor providing 1080p, high definition
video, HDR so it can capture things when it’s sunny. A 130-degree field of view and digital zoom
and tracking capabilities. It’s really a cut above the rest, when it
comes to video quality. That extends to night vision where it has
16 infrared LEDs, to make sure that there’s not a thing happening in the dark that this
cam is missing. With the Nest Aware subscription, you’re going
to get cloud storage 24/7 continuous recordings. You can go back and see any moment of time
exactly as it transpired. Even used a very fun time-lapse feature to
watch just the trees moving over time, the sun positioning itself across the sky. These are all fun useful elements with the
Nest IQ Outdoor. Nest Aware also gives you access to an advanced
feature set like person alerts, familiar face detection, and supersite which is essentially
your Nest IQ Outdoor following an individual around as they move in space. It’s fun and useful for trying to see exactly
what someone was doing in your front yard, last night. The Nest IQ Outdoor has Google Assistant built
in, so it can function as a Google Nest Mini even outside. It should be easy to see why the Nest IQ Outdoor
with its number of features and level of functionality, is our best outdoor home security camera. [music] Gabe: The next category in our list is the
best home security camera for pet owners, and here we’re going with the Ring Indoor
Cam. The Ring Indoor Cam is great for pet owners
because it gives you the ability to constantly monitor your pet. Along with that set a specific zone so you
can know exactly what’s going on in the spaces that are important to you within your home. When it comes to seeing your pups in these
zones, don’t worry. It has an impressive 1080p high definition
video, 115-degree field of view and digital zoom. There’s not a moment of mischief that you’re
going to be missing with your favorite animal. Beyond that if you would like to be checking
in on things from a different room, and you want to send that video feed to another device,
you can use the Google and Amazon virtual assistant to watch what’s happening in front
of your Ring Indoor Cam on a different device. When it comes to installing your Ring Indoor
Cam, fortunately it’s a really easy project. It takes you about five minutes. Using the mobile application and the setup
process. You don’t miss many glasses being pushed off
the ledge by your kitten. I really enjoyed the mobile application experience
as well. I find it easy to navigate. I want to go watch or share clips from my
Ring Indoor Cam that entire process is intuitive and straightforward. You can understand why we’ve picked the Ring
Indoor Cam as our best cam for pets. [music] Gabe: The next category on our best home security
cameras list, is most affordable and here we’re going with the Wyze Cam v2. The Wyze Cam v2 is just $20 yet it’s bringing
you a number of useful features. Let’s begin with its video quality. The Wyze Cam v2 is bringing you 1080p, high
definition video, digital zoom and a 110-degree field of view. You can know as I walk around the room that
the color is pretty vivid. Things are coming in pretty nicely, especially
if you think about how much you’re spending per pixel. It’s a really impressive device. When it goes into night vision, I can still
see things rather well with this infrared LED capability. What might be even more impressive about the
Wyze Cam, is that you have multiple ways in which you can save your footage. You get 14 days of free cloud storage, so
you can access it anywhere in the world. It’s really easy, but you also have a local
storage option in gigabytes upon gigabytes of local storage available to you. You place that micro SD card directly in the
Wyze Cam itself. From there, you can actually do continuous
recording, which means that you can just have a long stream of uninterrupted footage, when
it comes to your Wyze Cam. Another impressive element with the Wyze Cam,
is the fact that is bringing some pretty advanced features, that you’d expect from much more
expensive counterparts. Features like customizable motion zones where
you can really dial in exactly where you’re going to be detecting motion with the Wyze
Cam for your home’s security. Even elements like beautiful time lapses. For time lapses, I like to watch things like
flowers blooming. In my chance I like to watch my plants after
I’ve watered them in my home. You can capture all of that with this Wyze
Cam and you only paying $20 for all that capacity. This is why it’s very easily our top pick
for best home security cameras, when it comes to affordability. [music] Gabe: The final category in today’s list of
best home security cameras is the best affordable camera with artificial intelligence. Here we’re going with the Tend Indoor 2. Coming in at $60. The Tend Indoor 2 brings you superior artificial
intelligence, especially when it comes to facial recognition technology. How does it work? You simply put in the name of each person,
as they come into your space. It could be you, your spouse, your friend. You’re going to put in your name, and over
time the Tend Indoor 2 will begin to recognize the faces. Building out that library no matter what angle
you’re looking at the camera from. That’s useful because then it can lean on
people it does not recognize, are coming into the space. Even timestamp the moment that they walk in
which is useful for those of us who like to know exactly what’s taking place in our home. The video quality itself on the Tend Indoor
2 is pretty nice. It’s coming through with that 1080p, high
definition video, 125-degree field of view, and things look pretty good. You see me walking around the room, you can
definitely make me out pretty well. It also does a pretty admirable job when it
comes to night vision with its infrared LED capabilities. Another great element of the Tend Indoor 2,
is the fact that it comes with seven days of free cloud storage. When you buy the device, you get for the rest
of your life, seven days of cloud storage. The Tend Indoor 2 is useful in this regard
because of intuitiveness of the mobile application. When I go to my clips, I want to download
them or share them or just view the clips. It’s all very intuitive, very easy to navigate,
because of that mobile application experience and how clearly things are laid out. This is why it’s clear to us that the Tend
Indoor 2 is the best afford Artificial Intelligence home security camera. [music] Gabe: All right, we’ve gone over a lot of
our best home security cameras list. Let’s go ahead and give you a quick recap
on each category. The best home security camera for your apartment
is the Nest Cam indoor. Not only is it an impressive feature set,
but also flexible and versatile enough to go anywhere in your apartment. The best home security camera that is wireless
is the Arlo Pro 3. Not only does it last for a number of months
off of a single charge, but that charging process is quite easy with the magnetic connectors,
that allow for it to be charged. On top of that, it’s going to give you amazing
video quality. When it comes to the best indoor home security
cameras, we’re going with the Nest IQ Indoor. Of course, it has 1080p, high definition video,
but it really takes the cake with the fact that it is essentially a Google Nest Mini
built directly into the camera with the Google Assistant integration allowing you to speak
directly to the camera and getting the answers you need. When it comes to the best wireless indoor
camera, we’re going with the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery. It brings a number of impressive features
like video quality. We’re talking 1080p, 130-degree field of view,
and that wireless capability that allows it to be placed in inconvenient locations around
your home. When it comes to the best home security camera
outside, we’re going with the Nest IQ Outdoor, which is not only bringing it when it comes
to that 4K sensor and 1080p high definition video, but the artificial intelligence capabilities
like supersight, allowing you to be tracked and zoomed as you walk around a space, and
the impressive familiar face detection are all the elements you need for your outdoor
camera. When it comes to the best home security camera
for pet owners, we’re going with the Ring Indoor Cam. It really helps you to keep tabs on your pet,
so you know exactly what’s going on. You can even dial in specific motion detection
zones where you know your cat likes to party. When it comes to the best affordable home
security camera, we got to go with the Wyze Cam. It only costs $20, and it’s bringing you 1080p
high-definition video, 14 days of free cloud storage, and a host of other features like
time lapses that really make this particular product unique. When it comes to affordable artificial intelligence,
the best home security camera is the Tend Indoor 2. It’s coming in at just $60. It has that facial recognition technology,
so you can start to build up your facial recognition technology directly in the mobile application,
so it can recognize who is coming in and out of your home. [background music] Gabe: That’s our look at the best home security
cameras. Let us know below what your thoughts are on
our picks. If you appreciate today’s video, give us a
like and hit that subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. [snaps fingers] Be secure. [music]

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  1. I think wyze would be pretty good, nest is just really expensive and also has a subscription. Nest looks really good but its just too expensive (i dont have either cuz i just have 1 room)

  2. I see Nest Cam Indoor took the "Best cam for apartments" title 2019 and 2020. Nest is in the lead. Although the ring stick up cam is apartment friendly being wireless with the battery pack and its affordable 馃憖. Gabe I think Nest is your favorite.

  3. I've been looking at the Arlo wireless cameras for my outdoor security….I just wish is was a little more affordable

  4. Interesting that the Vivint Outdoor Pro camera didn鈥檛 make this list after your review. Can you expand on why it didn鈥檛?

  5. Tough call for me honestly. I have a fairly large house and will need 2-3 outdoor cameras. I was originally between Ring vs Arlo. I do like the Arlo 3 but I heard the app isn't all too great. Nest looks great, but I don't have any accessible outlets outside for them, so not really sure what to do there. Any suggestions? Might seem like the Arlo 3 is the best bet?

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