Synology Surveillance Station Event Detection Setup

Hello in this video I want to talk about setting up event detection on a an IP camera on a Synology Surveillance station. So in previous videos, I installed surveillance station. I set up an IP camera and now I want to set up the Event detection so it can detect motion So I’ve logged into the surveillance station and I’ll open up the IP camera here and you’ll see my cameras listed I’ll hit edit and edit and We see the camera here if we go to event detection I’ll change this detection sourced from by camera to by surveillance station and You can change the sensitivity in the threshold To try to eliminate some false positives like if you have leaves blowing or things like that You can also edit the detection area where you remove certain parts So if you have like a tree branch that waves around and sets it off you can exclude that from the motion detection area and then So I’ll save this and then for audio you can do audio related things I don’t like to record audio. It can be illegal in certain areas. I certainly have to have at least one party consent where I live, but I don’t like to even mess with that so I’ll disable the audio and Most of my cameras I use don’t have audio actually, so it doesn’t really matter and then tampering would Detect if like the camera’s unplugged or something it would Detect that event so I’ll save all of these and then we’ll go to recording settings and we’ll hit schedule here and this is a 7-day 24 by 24 hour schedule and it’s set to continuous right now, but I’m going to set this to motion detection So what you might want to do here is like if you’re at a store and you had a camera Focused on the cash register you might want continuous recording throughout the day, but then off hours You may just want to you motion detection. So it’s not recording in the middle of the night when there’s no activity And it will record if there is activity. There’s all sorts of options here. So I’ll hit save here So now we’ve set up the motion detection I’ll close this out and it’s activating Okay, so it’s activated now So I have this Interface on the camera here. I’ll actually trigger some movement in the camera here and We’ll see if that shows up as event detection Okay. I had to check a few things here and I went down in front of the camera and I moved my hand around so if we go to this recording here It noticed that I was doing it and started recording And you’ll see here they I turned the light on so you’ll see the light adjust and then Because it had night vision on now, it’s not using the night vision I placed my hand in front of the camera and I move it around so I paused the video because I didn’t receive an email from this but I remember wise because during some of my testing I Received an email and it was within 30 minutes of the last email because it will only email me once every 30 minutes. So I’ve So the event detection is working and I do have an email I can show you I just had it So this is an email that it’s sent it it’s a DS718 camera mobile camera has detected motion and it has a message here and then it shows a picture of the motion and It doesn’t look very good because this is not an ideal situation So if this was a Like say you had this in your store pointing toward the front door Someone walked in it would snap a picture of them and send it to your phone. This only sends you one frame though So it’s not perfect Sometimes it gets a good picture and sometimes it doesn’t you really need to check in the app to see the actual video from the recording so Let me get back into this so that’s that’s the basics of event detection and You know, you can play around those settings to change the sensitivity and stuff on it But once you know how to set it up you can start messing with the parameters So well, if you have any questions, please leave those in the comments If you like this video, please click like if you haven’t subscribed in my channel, I would really appreciate it and thanks for watching. Goodbye

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  1. been trying to set recording settings to motion detection for a few days now. didn't know i had to paint the schedule as well. it's working for me now. thanks!

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