Surveillance: What to do if you think you’re being followed on foot!!

RUN!! Unless they have a GPS tracker on you… or in your car. ..especially a jealous spouse whom will recoup all the money they spend on PI’s… in the divorce settlement. Also… pay attention to their SHOES………. shoes are sometimes a “dead giveaway,” since MOST PI’s don’t change their shoes while “tailing” a subject. Did the person following you make “eye contact” with “signal” somebody else? THIS is how I caught an International MOVIE STAR cheating on his wife. Pretending I was on Google Maps… all the while taking photos with my smartphone.

34 thoughts on “Surveillance: What to do if you think you’re being followed on foot!!

  1. Im being followed by two men and they are getting bolder even showing up at Starbucks and parking next to me

  2. I was followed by one guy when I was in high school once when I was walking my dog. I thought nothing of it first till I kept walking so I stopped and turned around and I found him on his bike sitting 5 maybe 10 feet away from me then I continued to walk then I stopped again and when I stopped he stopped. So I don't know if I did the right thing back then but what I did was I called my mom from my cell phone and I told her that someone was following me and asked if she could come get me and my dog and she said to stay there and she would be there as fast as she can. So when I got off the phone with my mom and by the time she showed up to get me and my dog he was gone.

  3. I've noticed its best to allow the person to pass you, if you pull into a gas station pick a spot right near an entrance if you walk in a store stay close to the entrance

  4. your advise was really great sir very professional n when I Said entrance I meant stay close to the gas station parking lot entrance/exit

  5. What about looking at shoes? Even with constant changing of clothing, shoes would be the hardest to carry and change into.

  6. I believe I was followed tonight via car.  Went with instinct, and did the turn left four times thing.  Called 911 when I knew something was way off.  drove to the police station while calling the police, and they didn't follow into the parking lot.  Turned around and got their plate number.   However, I didn't have enough details about the car they were driving, and the cops said there wasn't anything they could do to help me.   Now I'm kinda scared to sleep without a weapon next to me,

  7. On the note of busting would it be a bad idea to ask them a question? Like ask them for directions for a place you don't plan on going so they know that you've seen them and will know if they keep showing up where you are?

  8. Thank you so much dude, I'm freaked out by some people who are making me paranoid but I can tell you know what you're talking about

  9. Well Mr Security solutions, I've tried every trick and when you're a targeted individual,,,, you can't get away from the perps. They work with the most sophisticated equipment, and there is no getting away from them. Thanks though: )

  10. I opened my door this morning and found a white van sitting across the street at my apartment.

    I was going to take their license number down but they took off before I could get out the front door.

  11. A woman came and sat with uggs next to me at the beach. It was so pathetic and so obvious she was spying on me. Thanks for the tips!

  12. Hahahahahahha I love how he's blurred his fucking face out. Jesus fuck what a queer. This reminds me off all those "seals" who took and oath of secrecy then go right books and sign movie deals

  13. T.L Just one question not to be funny or rude. Why do you have a blur on your face when I can easily spot you if I saw you? I can see your face features clear unlike other blurs so why use one at all?

  14. Do like Bobby Hill from King of the Hill. Scream let go of my purse and kick them in the crotch… If you're a guy not carrying a purse even better it may confuse them enough for a clear nut shot.

  15. It's a jungle i have to be at work 6 im walking 3:30 morning i love me so i protect me 100% its scary hard like fight for your life

  16. A majority of this is pretty good information but i kind of thought it was universal that you dont want to CATCH the person tailing you thats literally asking for trouble

  17. Helicopters and planes always directly over me and they always come back multiple times, 24/7, plus multiple stalkers that act every 30 minutes like a different person with a different partner, car, clothes and so on, but it happens 24/7. No idea why. I asked police but police had also no idea. Plus I get multiple attacks on internet. Strangers know on internet my phone number and adress. Its just unbelivable whats going on around me.

  18. Had somebody follow me home after I was riding their ass because they turned infront of me and almost cause an accident while driving. They were infront of me so I thought nothing of it. Pulled in my driveway and got out and saw them drive by. They had to have turned around to follow me. But I lost them when they turned the corner but I got back in my car and drove down every street in my neighborhood to make sure they weren’t posted up waiting for somebody else to show up. Any advice?

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