Surveillance Video Playback on Mac Software from H.264 CCTV DVR

The DVR Viewer software for Mac that is included
with iDVR Pro CCTV DVRs lets users search through and play back recorded video surveillance
footage from remotely over the internet. Macintosh users can log into their DVR and search for
a video via a video timeline or by searching through events, such as motion detection that
are captured in the event log on the DVR. Watch this video to see how easy the software
makes it to play back video surveillance footage from a Macintosh PC.
Here’s the live view in the Mac software. In these tabs up top, you can switch from
live view to search and play back. I just switched to the search view. Then you can
see the calendar on the left to choose the day. Then I’m moving the time scrubber to
earlier this afternoon, around 1:15. Then I’m going to hit the play button. Here’s the
16-camera view playing back. If I collapse these 2 menus, you get a full-screen
view of all just cameras. I’ll switch to the 9-camera view. Next, I’ll switch to the 4-camera
view. I can bring those menus back up by just tapping on those arrows again. There’s the
DVR list and the calendar and the search window. Here’s a single-camera view playback and now
back to the 4-camera view. If I stop that, next thing I want to show
you is searching by event. I switched the DVR to motion detection recording a little
earlier. We’re going to search by motion detection event now. If I select this check box here
and then click search for today, there is a whole list of motion detection events by
camera. Then when I find something that I’m interested in, I can just double click on
it. Then the playback goes directly to the date
and time that that event occurred, so we’re back in playback again. I’m going to stop
that. The last thing I want to show you is the Mac software also has the ability to back
up video. I can select a start and end time and then check off which cameras that I want
to back up and then select a file path to save those files to.
I’m not actually going to run it, but what that does is that exports the video for that
time frame for each of those cameras into MPEG4 files that can be played back on Mac.
Then when I’m done with everything, I’m just going to disconnect from the DVR and we’re
done. The outstanding support for Mac is just one
of the reasons that I love the new iDVR Pro models. These DVRs can also be accessed remotely
from iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. Of course, remote viewing is also available
from Windows PCs. The user interface of the iDVR Pro is one of the most intuitive and
easy to use interfaces that I have ever tested on a standalone CCTV DVR.
If you would like to learn more about the iDVR Pro or would like to log into a demo
unit at CCTV Camera Pros’ warehouse using iOS, Android, Mac or Windows, please visit Thank you for watching.

3 thoughts on “Surveillance Video Playback on Mac Software from H.264 CCTV DVR

  1. Recorded Surveillance Video Playback on Mac DVR Viewer Software

    The Mac DVR viewer software for iDVR-PRO H.264 CCTV DVRs supports remote video search and playback.

    The Mac software interface supports two ways to search through recorded surveillance video footage. The first way is to use the date and timeline search. Users can select the date from a calendar, then use a timeline scrubber to search through the hours of the selected day to find a specific event visually.

    The second way is to search through the DVR's event log. Using the Mac software, users can search a date range for events / alarms that have been recorded by the DVR such as motion detection from a CCTV camera and alarms from external sensors that have been triggered (such as magnetic door sensors or PIR motion sensors).

    In addition to being able to access recorded video, the Mac DVR viewer software also supports live remote camera viewing and the ability to update the DVR's configuration settings.

    Mac users can also export segments of video to a MPEG4 files that can be played on Mac PCs via the QuickTime player.

    For more information about iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs and to request a demo to login from Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, please visit this page.

  2. Where can I download the software for my Mac? I have a H.264 4Ch Dvr and I can see it on all my devices (PC, iPhone with N_eye, etc), but not on my mac. . .please help. . . .thanks

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