Surveillance DVR Remote Web Browser Viewing & Playback

Welcome to CCTV Camera Pros’ demo of our four-channel
iDVR. The iDVR is an H.264 standalone visual video recorder used for closed-circuit video
surveillance. The iDVR comes in a four, eight, and sixteen-channel model and is capable of
being remotely viewed from a desktop or laptop computer, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows
mobile phones. In this demo we’ll be accessing the DVR remotely
from Internet Explorer running on a Windows Vista desktop. We will do remote live viewing
as well as recorded playback. We start by opening our web browser and typing
in the IP address of the DVR. On the first screen we click on the web server link. The
initial screen that opens is a live view of the four security cameras that are connected
to our DVR. To play back recorded video, we click on the
Remote Search button. A time and date search screen opens, where we can pick the exact
date and time segment that we want to play back. After we select a time, we click on
the Play button, and the Remote Playback screen opens and begins to play back the recorded
video. These controls can be used to play the video in forward and reverse and at various
speeds. In addition to supporting remote access from
Internet Explorer, the iDVR also comes with CMS software, which stands for Central Monitoring
Software. This allows you to view and manage multiple DVRs at different locations from
one central screen. To return to the live video view, we click
on the Live button. The DVR settings can be changed remotely by clicking on the Setup
button. Things such as recording schedule, time and date settings, and camera color settings
can all be changed using this remote interface. Here we demonstrate changing the colors of
various cameras. In this area you can change the recording setup. We can return to the
live view by closing the Settings screen. We hope that you have found this video demonstration
useful. If you have any questions about CCTV Camera Pros’ iDVR or anything related to video
surveillance, please contact us on our website at For more information
and pricing on the iDVR seen in this demo, please visit Thank
you for watching.

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