Supplies sent by ferry to Ocracoke to aid in Hurricane Dorian relief

[BLANK_AUDIO] Ferry service is always
important to Ocracoke but it’s never more important
than it is today. Ocracoke received devastating
flooding from Hurricane Dorian. Cars are destroyed, homes are flooded,
businesses are flooded, schools are flooded. We are bringing them supplies. We are bringing them state, local,
and federal resources, water, food, fuel, communications. Everything they need to get started with
their recovery process is on board those ferries when they leave. This will be only for residents, for
emergency workers, for supplies. Hyde county emergency management
is providing some helicopters. To take people directly from
Ocracoke to a shelter in Plymouth. We are also helping with that people
who are able to get on the ferry and come back. They’ll either have their own vehicles if
their vehicles are operable or Hyde County will also have a van here to take them
directly to that shelter in Plymouth. People that are there
need all of these things. They need help. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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