Super Bowl Recap!

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel it-it, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ ♪ How-How-How-How you doin’ ♪ Now, here’s Wendy. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) (audience whoops) (Wendy laughs) ♪ How you doin’ ♪ (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Wow. Hi. (laughs) (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) The mint of it all. Thank you for watching the show. Say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) I love you Wendy. How you doin’? How you doin’? Thank God for Monday to rescue me from the weekend. (audience laughs) Sinful. (audience laughs) Let’s get started. It’s time for… Hot Topics. Come on. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) (deep bass music) So the Super Bowl was this weekend in Miami and that means that DJ Boof was traveling again. So who did I call in to help us out today? Suss One. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Yo. Wendy, what’s up? Hi Suss. How are 105.1 New York? Yes, yes, thank you for havin’ me back. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) I appreciate you. Come ‘ere. Walk the runway. I wanna see it all. No, no, no, forget the shoe cam. Just do the whole walk. Shoe cam first? Oh, shoe cam first, okay, fine. (twinkling music) Oh. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Uh-huh. I don’t recognize. What is that, Suss? Ferragamos. Of course they are. Ferragamo swag. Okay. And I love your jacket. Come on out here. Thank you. Shout to my stylist, Looks By Lunden. Okay. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Do the fashion show? (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) (DJ Suss One laughs) Wendy, what’s up, what’s up, what’s up, what’s up? Thank you for having me back again. Wow. Ooh. What is that, velvet? The feature presentation. Yes. Yes. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Ooh. All right? Okay. Don’t look at me walkin’ back. (DJ Suss One laughs) Please. Where is Boof? Is he somewhere in the corner being jealous? (DJ Suss One laughs) Hi Boofy, you can come out too. Come out, Boof. Come out. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) (audience cheers louder) (DJ Suss One laughs)
(DJ Boof laughs) (Wendy laughs) (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) So the Super Bowl was last night and I was watching Sex and the City all day. Honestly, I didn’t get to anything else and I know, oh, the Kitten Bowl of course. (audience laughs) Yes. Me and Chitchat and Myway, we watched the Kitten Bowl. Aw. They finally learnt how to throw shade. Aw. Uh-huh. And so Chitchat took over my… Your Instagram. My Instagram. And talked smack about we didn’t know, we me and sister didn’t know what shade was until we met Mom. (audience laughs) But now I think I have it. What d’ya think? And those of you who replied gave her two thumbs up, and if you’re wondering where Myway was, fully shady, around the corner, up the stairs and whatever. Anyway, Shady Boots, right? Oh, oh, sorry. (audience laughs) Aw. Uh-huh. Anyway, I was watching Sex and the City all day. I’m such a girl, I just didn’t really, there’s no reason, but Demi Lovato did a great job with the National Anthem. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Uh-huh. And I thought her outfit was appropriate and the whole bit. A lotta people were saying she’s the next coming to Whitney Houston. Now, hold you, you all. (audience murmurs) No, you won’t. (audience laughs) She was good in her own space but no, you won’t. (audience laughs) And Beyonce and Jay-Z were getting slammed on social media for not standing up there with their girl, their daughter, Ivy. And thank you, TMZ Sports, for showing us the picture. Everyone was standing. This is only a picture. Of course, Khalid’s in it. (audience laughs) Why wouldn’t he be? But when they were performing, if you all saw the actual performance, people were standing up as the bombs burst in air. You put a hand over your heart. I don’t know about you, and our country might be in a bad way, but there’s no place I’d rather live than America. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Some of the first songs I learned in my life, even as a little girl, “America the Beautiful”, “O Say Can You See”, and all that other stuff. My mom and dad, trips would be to come to see the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building, and in Philadelphia, that Liberty Bell, and going to Washington and passing the White House. Stuff like that. You know what, Jay-Z and Beyonce, and Jay, you might be an NFL owner, and I get that and respect, but you don’t own all the NFL. You own this much. (audience murmurs) And Beyonce, I love my Ivy Park dress. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) (Wendy laughs) No, no, no, no. Because I had no idea that Willie had a bunch of Ivy Park stuff up in wardrobe for a few weeks now. And so he puts it on me today. He’s like “Are you gonna talk about Beyonce and Jay-Z?” I said, “Yes.” And he goes, “Well, change the dress.” I said, “No.” (audience laughs) I said “‘Cause I’ve already put it on “and I like the placement.” Because Suss One is here. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) (DJ Suss One laughs) But Jay-Z and Beyonce, you understand all eyes are on you and you shoulda stood up. If you don’t like our country, then… Move. (audience murmurs) Anyhoo, let’s move on. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Okay. So I saw Demi Lovato and I was quickly placing my hair and tryin’ to get to my social club where we were having a big party with chefs and good food and stuff. And we have a media room. So it’s like a movie theater but with no bedbugs and rats. (audience laughs) So I go outside and it’s snowing and raining at the same time. Remember yesterday in New York, if you’re from here, it was snowing and raining, and I hail a cab. (Wendy vocalizes the Sex and the City theme tune) (audience laughs) And I hail the cab and I go to the social club. And I talk to Nortmant (Norman laughs)
(audience laughs) as I’m on the way. And I say to him, “Oh my gosh, “it’s 7:45, am I missing?” And so then anyway, when I got there, it was just in time for Shakira. Hey. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Woo. Woo. Her hips don’t lie. (audience laughs) Okay? Now I walk in, right, all the media seats are taken up. I hear some “How you doing’s?” and “Hey Wendy”, and I’m just like look, leave me alone. (audience laughs) I’m here on business. And for a few, I wanted some sliders to eat, but sliders to go. And they had good… Let me tell you something about this weekend. Hold on, Shakira. Look. (audience laughs) I went to this French restaurant, right, and it was me, Jason Lee, who’s here later on with the Inside Scoop. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Along with Gio Benitez, do you know him from Good Morning America? (some audience cheers)
(some audience applauds) Okay? And his husband, Tommy. They’ve been married for four years. Aw. No, no, no. Not aw. Not aw. (audience murmurs) We had some good, old side-eye talk. (audience murmurs) The four of us, right? And so I ordered, I had escargot, which, yes, Brendan, whose wife can’t handle brown juice. No. (audience laughs) Brendan, let me tell you somethin’ about your girl. Yes. Okay? Okay. Yep. So earlier in the weekend, sorry, there’s stories within stories. I told you, this show is a sitcom, a movie, a romantic novel, and it’s– (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) I invited some senior people from around here to my apartment, which I don’t normally do. When I was in old life, and I had a family way, that just wasn’t, like really? Get out. Don’t even come in. Don’t even ask. But in new life, Wendy in the city, by myself, empty-nester, things happen. So I wanna know how to keep this show goin’ ’cause it’s our 11th season. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) I want more. So I like to ask my people outside of here ’cause it’s so studio and so work-related. And I said all right, maybe I’ll take them out for dinner. I said no, because then there might be some how you doin’ moments, or like somethin’ weird goin’ on in the restaurant. I said all right, I’ll invite them over to my bachelorette pad. (audience murmurs) Okay. It was me and five people, who happen to be all women. Suzanne was one of them. Brendan, she got home early though. We were done by 7:30. She was home by like 9:30. By 9:30, she was home. Well, then it took her two hours too late. (audience laughs) She mighta slid by– She went a random back to Queens. Okay, okay. Brendan? Yeah. You all, let me tell you somethin’, I had crudites and the chicken wings with the hair on them, you know where I get them from. And my assistant, the Chief, packed a bag of stuff, but in the bottom of the bag was a bottle of brown. (audience murmurs) (Wendy hums) (audience laughs)
(Wendy laughs) (audience applauds) (Norman laughs) “When the Henny’s in the system,” what? “Ain’t no tellin’.” (audience murmurs) (Norman laughs) “Pimp by blood, not relation.” (audience murmurs) Come on now. (audience murmurs) Uh. (audience laughs) (Norman laughs) Suzanne never had brown. (audience murmurs) She also doesn’t know how to pour. Brendan, you know your wife doesn’t know how to pour? She does not, no, no. (audience laughs) Okay, the girls didn’t want white wine. Immediately ’cause it was a hectic week at Wendy as usual. The girls come in. We’re all like guys, right? All I wanna do is take off my clothes, put on a robe and then come back down and see the girls. When I get downstairs, your wife bust open the bottle of the brown. She found the glasses and it wasn’t two fingers. A proper pour is two fingers, right? Suzanne had four… (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Then, my manager, Bernie, had to come over ’cause I had to do a little bit of business with him. Literally lasts for five seconds, literally open the door, sign a couple of things and then send him on his way. The concierge calls upstairs and I tell all the girls. I’m like, “Okay, everybody straighten up “’cause Bernie’s here. “You can either straighten, “well, Bernie knows me so I don’t care, “but if you all wanna straight up, fine, “but Bernie’s on his way up. “And he’s only gonna be at the front door. “I’m gonna get up, I’m gonna go to the door. “Just everybody calm down, right?” I have a doorbell so ding and dong. Your wife, by the way, everybody’s shoes are off. We’re curled up in like a yoga stance on the couches, right? Chitchat and Myway are upstairs sayin’ Mom’s havin’ company, sounds like she’s havin’ fun. (audience laughs) Let’s stay up here until they leave ’cause mm. So ding and dong. Suzanne springs off the couch, runs to the door. Mind you, with a bottle of the brown in her hand. (audience laughs) And opens the door to Bernie, who, he’s a man of a particular age. He’s been around brown all the way downtown. (audience laughs) Bernie came in and at one particular point, he goes, “I guess this makes me one of the girls.” I said, “Yep.” Anyway, but your wife is not here today. No, she’s not here today. What the hell’s goin’ on? Is she okay? (audience applauds) I don’t think the brown agreed with her. What can brown do for you? Well, that was a few days ago. Exactly. I was up by eight o’clock in the morning the next day. She’s still not well. She’d better learn to be a pro. She’s not well. (audience laughs) (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Okay. I’m kinda delaying, I don’t wanna fight with you, but you fight with me all the time and I don’t care. I guess we’re already fighting about the Beyonce beehive. Are we fighting already, Nortmant? No, not yet, but maybe, soon. (laughs) Jennifer won. You think so, over Shakira? Here’s why. (some audience cheers)
(some audience applauds) Okay. I have a couple of categories, all right? So I get to my social club and I’m watchin’ it and there were no seats and I’m standin’ up against a wall, literally standing with my bag in the crook, right? But I’m watching, and Shakira, I dig her look and her moves better, ’cause she was born to do it. Yeah. Okay? (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) And I liked her hair better because it was all, like no hairspray. Just like hair. And her makeup, I know she has makeup on but it looks more natural. Do you know what I’m saying? And I dig that in, I don’t know, I think people wear too much makeup these days. And I’m out here in the streets now and I know what guys like. (audience laughs) (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) And then the stage lit on fire and they passed her around and the crowd. I was gasping. I almost choked on a mini burger. (audience laughs) Oh my gosh, how talented? And she’s doing it and she looks natural. And this is what guys like. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) However, when you hit the stage with, we might not wanna wear it but a little more makeup and a little more glossy hair, and then you hit that, you know my song is “Waiting For Tonight”. Let me tell you somethin’. (some audience cheers)
(some audience applauds) She did, uh-huh, and let her, come on now. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Come on. You know this is as, who’s our makeup friend, gorjois? She’s coming here. Millie, I mean not Millie. Who? Mally, Mally Roncal would say gorjois. (audience laughs) She’ll be here I think this week or somethin’. Hi Mally. Anyway, when you hit “Waiting For Tonight”. I’ve loved that song since it came out. I’ve loved that song since the shrimp fell on the floor at the wedding for Will and Grace. And then she does it. She grasped that pole with her thighs and slid down. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) In all, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, excuse me, and then she brings out her daughter, Emme, I don’t know about you. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Norman, I caught a tear. Me too. You did? I did. It was this, it was the daughter, and it was all the other little Latina girls singing “Born In The USA”. Yes. They were all in cages in a political statement. This is what Beyonce and Jay-Z and Blue Ivy don’t understand. Yeah. Be proud. (Norman laughs) (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Bitter Norman, you caught a tear? I did. And my soul is made of steel but I did. (laughs) We know. I caught a tear. It was just a lot going on and they were so good and then she was pole dancing and… Aw. So good. So who won? I’m gonna say Jennifer Lopez. Yeah, sorry. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) But they were both really good. They were both really good. And then I’m sittin’ there right after halftime show, I’m like okay, I’m going back home because I have to be here with you today, and I’m sittin’ in the social club. ‘Cause I love art, I love to paint, I appreciate art. The stupidest stuff, the big stuff, and in between. And I’m sittin’ and I’m havin’ a face off with Norman, like who did it best at the halftime and I said shut the hell up. (Norman laughs)
(audience laughs) Look at the art I’m sitting in front of and I sent you the picture of, oh, cinder blocks painted in neo glow. Is that art? (audience murmurs)
(audience laughs) Let me tell you something, you all, if you’re thinking about restyling your place, just understand, this is at the club. Look, look, Rambo? I lie to you not, Rambo. You see it right here. One, two, three, four, five. John Anderson could get me five cinder blocks and I could spray paint them and call them art and sell them for millions. Right. (audience applauds) Wait, no. Before we say no, wait, I had that thing of that kid. Yes. Okay, no, no. There’s a lot goin’ on in the prompter. All right, now look, all right. (audience laughs) Well, I had more for you all but apparently, Hot Topics is over. Oh. (audience applauds) Up next, my friend Jason Lee and his messy mouth are here. Both of them. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) The messy mouth and Jason. We’re gonna talk about Terry Crews and Gabrielle Union. So grab a snack and come on back. (dance music) (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) (audience whoops) ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel it-it ♪ ♪ Woo ♪

100 thoughts on “Super Bowl Recap!

  1. Bye dude…he would love a place where you can live the life of another gender😏Lopez and the pole could have been skipped. I've never saluted a flag or false idol and the Carters can move wherever they'd like.

  2. Wendy you were way out of pocket with that comment referring to them not standing however to my understanding it was not in protest although they have the right to protest if that would have been the issue Can you recall all the protesting blacks had to do and still to day are you aware of the sitting at the lunch counters are you aware of segregation Wendy Should those protesters have left the country if so you would not have a show today you were dead wrong for that one

  3. we can easily compare to black women but it’s a problem to compare two Latin women? I’m sorry Shakira should have did the whole show Jlo sucked and I love her of course Latino people will love it

  4. why the comparison? Two divas One stage thats it! And cero diva drama!!!!!!!!! no one beat anyone cuz that show wasnt a competition, was a COLABORATION ! u.u


  5. I disagree with Wendy. My ancestors been in this country long before white people called it America. We don't have to respect the things that came from white domination. We simply have to live here and obey the laws. Its complete brainwash to bow and stand at the flag. And just because you disagree with the country's ways doesn't mean you don't belong here.

  6. Is not competition , don’t be absurd !!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Shakira is more artistic , she is a musician , she alone entertainment, play instruments , write her songs …..
    JLo is more performer …..
    both was amazing !!!!! Different
    That’s it

    Like: "Shakira Good, Jlo Good, but i like Jlo more" that is what wendy meant. It's ok, it's all about someone's preference, PEACE Y'ALL! 😘

  8. This is the only time I AGREE WITH WENDY 😂😂😂 whos the other GURL AGAIN aside from SHAKIRA?

  9. Ok but shakira played guitar, drums, sang while crowd surfing, sang while dancing. But wearing more makeup makes you more talented and better … ok lol

  10. Disgusting, vile Wendy..trying to show her fake snatch…..acting like a drunk ..nasty…boring..pole dancer wannabe….go retire..plz…ur show stinks !!!

  11. Girl !!! HIP PADS!! Your hips died !! Or never existed…. and that’s no lie … but really you need some cushion to off set those fake boobs and that mug ..

  12. How to keep the show going? Give is 5mins of your life and the rest Hot Topics. Your life is cool but too much of it gets boring. 😬

  13. Girl , c’mon you weren’t born with that ambre blond hair …it’s not even yours … just like Beyoncé’s …and that is a fact … and you look like you can be Jay-zs twin. YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR SHOW IS ? .. and hailed a cab ? Wtf !!! and then you went to the Deli , but the clean one that doesn’t have roaches and rats …. stfu your a BUST!

  14. Who cares what you think !!! Makeup ? At least that’s Shakira’s natural hair … Norman doesn’t care about what you think either poor guy .. Wendy put a bagel 🥯 in it ! I used to kinda like you too! Wtf happened

  15. Why are you trying to pit them against each other? They were both fantastic, JLo was more glam, but Shakira's songs aged better.

  16. Poor Wendy,she is boring,Shakira is number 1 LATINA!Jennifer is great,but she is not latina!I remember last time she was talking very bad about Shakira,she is not professional at all,now she changed or…Anyway,comparing is stupid,they are totally different!

  17. Is nobody going to talk about how rude wendy was towords Suzan? What she said to her husband was really crinch and if I was them I would feel very attacked, especially because she did it on live televison. I have been a fan of the Wendy show for a couple of years now but I am not anymore.

  18. So sorry, not Sorry actually Wendy but this time is not for comparing is about understand the message of each one, Shakira represents a group of people and JLo another one and they are uniques and talent and queens on their own kingdoms. This time wendy you re Wrong.
    Investigate more about what Shakira did on Stage.

  19. I didn’t know what topics she was covering and she’d go off topic about herself. I can’t even understand what she’s saying most of the time. Also stop putting them as a competition, shakira herself said the show was to show Latinos that we are all united, that we all care no matter what. I also don’t think Beyoncé or Jay-Z hate America, I believe they are just standing up to some injustices that are seen, especially towards your race Wendy and the Latino community. Have some sense! Be open-minded and stick up for what’s right !Do you write your own stuff? 🙈😳😒

  20. All I heard was “Shakira” and “JLO”…everything else sounded like “bla bla bla”. Latinos stand up! It’s not a coincidence that this episode got the most views. 🇨🇴🇵🇷

  21. Whores and Hypocrisy
    How fitting.

    Kids in cages during halftime?

    Obama’s cages were called enclosures .


    And you hate Trump ?

    You are Trump

  22. Wendy, you Okra and Fail are getting on my last nerve. I haven’t stood for the so-called national anthem since the 70s. If you were intelligent enough to know what the words to the song mean, you wouldn’t stand either. Anyone who doesn’t wish to stand has the right to do so.

  23. Only Wendy Williams would try and read Jay Z and Beyonce while wearing Bey's Ivy Park clothing and then turn around and rap Jay Z lyrics.

  24. 1. Don’t really know who you are, but Idc about your cats or that mans wive. Which btw I found disrespectful.
    2. You know what guys like? then you Madam must’ve dated every single guy in the universe to know. “Some ppl wear too much makeup” Yes I agree and you are one of them, all that botox must’ve left you face off cuz everything about you seems forced. Careful.
    3. It was not a competition, if you don’t know anything about the music industry then lady respectfully stfu. I prefer variety more than just a flashy performance. Not saying JLo was bad, but I expected more from her. They were both good. And Clearly you didn’t get the whole Born in the USA performance , your comments made you sound & look ignorant and just “sick”. You don’t get to tell Beyonce & Jay-Z what to do or how to feel.
    4. Whoever told you to change your dress, they knew what they were saying. Its not bc you’re old & stuff. But that dress with those shoes didn’t look good with that face & that body. Next time do your audience a favor & look yourself in a mirror before the show.

  25. This wasn’t a competition, they brought the house down while lifting each other up in a beautiful culturally woke performance. 🇵🇷❤️🇨🇴

  26. yall talking bout "wendys high" the F*CK? she been high! i thought we knew this!! i just learned to accept that this is wendy! yall are just mad at her because you think shes gotten too comfortable! but this is the wendy yall been said you love and praise. you wanted this for 11 seasons, deal with it.

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